Understanding Ofsted ‘Deep Dives’ and the Role of Subject and School Leaders

  • 3rd February 3rd Feb 13:00pm SOLD OUT
  • 3rd February 3rd Feb 14:00pm SOLD OUT
  • 4th February 4th Feb 13:00pm SOLD OUT
  • 10th February 10th Feb 13:00pm

This webinar will help subject leads, school leaders and governors to understand what to expect from an Ofsted ‘deep dive’ and how schools can best prepare themselves.

Governance and the new Ofsted EIF: The role of trustees and governors

  • 27th January 27th Jan 14:00pm SOLD OUT
  • 30th January 30th Jan 13:00pm

This webinar will help school leaders, governors and trustees to understand the new Ofsted EIF from a governance standpoint.

Effective Safeguarding Arrangements for Pupils with SEND (National Children’s Bureau)

  • 28th January 28th Jan 14:00pm

This webinar, in collaboration with the National Children’s Bureau, will help DSLs, Deputy DSLs, SENCOs and school leaders responsible for safeguarding to understand the legal framework around safeguarding pupils with SEND and identifying methods of best practice.

How Ofsted inspects Mental Health under the new EIF

  • 23rd January 23rd Jan 13:00pm

This webinar will help senior school leaders, DSLs, Deputy DSLs and mental health leads to understand how mental health is inspected under the new Ofsted EIF.

Parental Engagement and Management Concern: Relationships and Sex Education

  • 24th January 24th Jan 13:00pm SOLD OUT
  • 27th January 27th Jan 13:00pm

This webinar will help school leaders, governors and RSHE leads to understand how best to engage parents whilst implementing the statutory RSHE curriculum from September 2020.

Maximising your Pupil Premium and Understanding your Ofsted Accountability

  • 28th January 28th Jan 10:00am SOLD OUT
  • 31st January 31st Jan 13:00pm

This webinar will focus on how schools can get the most out of their pupil premium and develop, implement and sustain a strong, evidence-based pupil premium strategy, ensuring full transparency and meeting their requirements under Ofsted.

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