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DfE Announce EYFS Reforms Consultation: Understand What This Means for Your School

  • 29th November 13:00pm

This webinar will provide an expert overview of the reforms outlined in the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage Reforms’ consultation paper and what these changes could mean for children, schools, their staff and partner agencies they work with.

Maximising your Pupil Premium and Understanding your Ofsted Accountability

  • 26th November 13:00pmSOLD OUT
  • 27th November 13:00pm

This webinar will focus on how schools can get the most out of their pupil premium and develop, implement and sustain a strong, evidence-based pupil premium strategy, ensuring full transparency and meeting their requirements under Ofsted.

Adopting the Gatsby Benchmarks and Meeting Your Careers Guidance Statutory Duties

  • 15th November 13:00pm

This webinar is aimed at school governors, senior leads and careers advisors. It will cover each of the eight Gatsby Benchmarks in detail, helping schools to identify their key priorities and providing invaluable advice on how they can meet the benchmarks within the context of their statutory duties.

How To Reduce Your Data Burden: Practical Steps For Schools From A DfE And Ofsted Perspective

  • 14th November 13:00pm

This webinar will allow school leaders, teachers and reporting leads to make informed decisions about how best to approach data use and teacher workload in their own schools.

Better Schools for All: School Effectiveness and the Impact on Pupils

  • Available On Demand

This webinar will examine how school level traits change over time and which aspects of these traits appear most salient in improving outcomes for pupils. It will bring to life research, funded by the Nuffield Foundation.

Reviewing Career Advice and Guidance for your New Academic Year 2019-20

  • Available On Demand

Unpicking the new guidance, this webinar will consider strategies for success and how to share good practice amongst school peers.

What the Timpson Review on Exclusions Means for your School

  • Available On Demand

On the 7th May, Edward Timpson published his landmark review into exclusions. This webinar will focus on the key findings from the report and discuss its implications within both primary and secondary settings including governance, well-being and mental health.

The Welsh Curriculum: An EXCLUSIVE Review with Prof Graham Donaldson

  • Available On Demand

This webinar explores the key features of the new Welsh curriculum, providing invaluable expert insight and advice into how schools can achieve success and realise the opportunities wider educational reform can present.

Budget Matters: An Alternative Approach to Employing and Accessing Funds

  • Available On Demand

Funding is a high priority for schools and colleges. This webinar offers new ideas for headteachers and senior leaders to consider, promoting collaborative working practices within their own schools, across the education sector and with local business communities.

Effective School Governance in Academic Year 2019-20 : Putting the new Governance Handbook into practice

  • Available On Demand

This webinar will look at what robust and effective governance will look like in the new academic year 2019-20.

Tackling Attendance: How to Make it Work for your School and Meet Ofsted Expectations

  • Available On Demand

This webinar will be showcasing ways to keeps parents and teachers onboard with their school attendance policies in line with current Ofsted criteria for attendance both now and in the proposed new Framework for September 2019.

Developing a Coaching Culture in Schools

  • Available On Demand

This webinar explains how cultivating a coaching and mentoring culture, whilst not a complete solution, can help improve performance at all levels, including successfully recruiting and retaining staff.

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