Governance and the new Ofsted EIF: The role of trustees and governors

  • 12th December 12th Dec 13:00pm SOLD OUT
  • 16th December 16th Dec 13:00pm
  • 17th December 17th Dec 15:00pm SOLD OUT

This webinar will help school leaders, governors and trustees to understand the new Ofsted EIF from a governance standpoint.

Ofsted Inspections of Independent Schools: Inspector’s Insights

  • 13th December 13th Dec 13:00pm

This webinar will help independent school leaders, subject leads and teachers to better understand the new Ofsted EIF and ensure effective preparation.

How Ofsted inspects Mental Health under the new EIF

  • 17th December 17th Dec 13:00pm

This webinar will help senior school leaders, DSLs, Deputy DSLs and mental health leads to understand how mental health is inspected under the new Ofsted EIF.

Maximising your Pupil Premium and Understanding your Ofsted Accountability

  • 12th December 12th Dec 14:00pm
  • 13th December 13th Dec 15:00pm SOLD OUT

This webinar will focus on how schools can get the most out of their pupil premium and develop, implement and sustain a strong, evidence-based pupil premium strategy, ensuring full transparency and meeting their requirements under Ofsted.

PSHE and Ofsted: How to Assess, Record and Report Learning in your School

  • 11th December 11th Dec 13:00pm

This webinar will draw evidence from existing good practice and focus on the expectations of the DfE statutory guidance on Relationships (and sex) and Health Education, linking this to the Ofsted framework and suggesting ways that schools should (and should not) assess learning in PSHE.

A Review of the Ofsted Recommendations for Safeguarding Children From Knife Crime

  • 17th December 17th Dec 14:00pm

This webinar will review the key findings and recommendations from the Ofsted ‘Safeguarding children and young people in education from knife crime’ report, providing context around the problem of knife crime and why this research was conducted.

Understanding the new Ofsted guidance on inspecting safeguarding for 2019-20

  • Available On Demand

This webinar will provide an update to School Leaders and Designated Safeguarding Leaders on how safeguarding will be inspected in the 2019/2020 academic year.

Curriculum Development: How To Develop Curriculum Intent To Be Ofsted Ready

  • Available On Demand

This webinar is aimed at senior and middle leadership to help them design and develop their whole school curriculum intent.

How To Reduce Your Data Burden: Practical Steps For Schools From A DfE And Ofsted Perspective

  • 12th December 12th Dec 11:00am
  • 16th December 16th Dec 11:00am SOLD OUT

This webinar will allow school leaders, teachers and reporting leads to make informed decisions about how best to approach data use and teacher workload in their own schools.

An Ofsted Focus on Character Education: Making it Work Practically for your School

  • Available On Demand

Going beyond just ‘theory and analysis’, this webinar will offer practical support for heads, senior leaders and school improvement teams in deciphering what character education is, addressing both sides of the argument using real examples of success and obstacles faced.

Tackling Attendance: How to Make it Work for your School and Meet Ofsted Expectations

  • Available On Demand

This webinar will be showcasing ways to keeps parents and teachers onboard with their school attendance policies in line with current Ofsted criteria for attendance both now and in the proposed new Framework for September 2019.

Curriculum Leadership: Starting Curriculum Conversations

  • Available On Demand

This webinar, aimed at headteachers and curriculum leaders, will provide an overview of questions to consider about curriculum purpose, the quality of implementation and the impact of provision in their settings.

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