Implementing your DfE Statutory PSHE/RSHE Curriculum: Key Stage 5

  • Available On Demand

This webinar will help you to deliver a high quality PSHE curriculum in line with DfE statutory requirements.

How Schools Can Support The Mental Health and Wellbeing of Pupils with Autism

  • 30th March 30th Mar 14:00pm

This webinar will provide you with first-hand experience of how to support pupils with autism and overcome some of the common challenges schools may face.

Multiplication Tables Check: Statutory Requirements & Practical Approaches

  • Available On Demand

This webinar will provide primary school headteachers, school leaders and maths leads with a framework and rationale for the development of children’s learning of multiplication facts and their confident use of times tables in the longer term.

The Engagement Model: An Expert Review of the DfE Statutory Guidance

  • Available On Demand

On the 27th January, the DfE published The Engagement Model statutory draft guidance. This is mandatory for all primary schools and is equally relevant for all secondary schools. This new form of assessment helps schools meet their responsibilities in supporting pupils working below the national curriculum level, not involved in subject-specific study.

DfE Announce EYFS Reforms Consultation: Understand What This Means for Your School

  • Available On Demand

This webinar will provide an expert overview of the reforms outlined in the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage Reforms’ consultation paper and what these changes could mean for children, schools, their staff and partner agencies they work with.

A Guide to Effective Assessment Strategies for your SEND Pupils

  • Available On Demand

This webinar will provide a guide to a variety of assessments which can be used to assess children with SEND covering cost implications, resource requirements and staffing needs.

Delivering a LGBT Inclusive PSHE and RSE Curriculum (Stonewall)

  • Available On Demand

In this exclusive interview with the Head of Education Programmes at Stonewall, you will learn about how best to deliver an LGBT inclusive RSHE curriculum.

Neuroscience for Learning: Is There a Better Way of Teaching?

  • Available On Demand

This webinar will look at what can be gained from neuroscience and a greater understanding of brain development at different ages. It will look at the implications on teaching and dispel a few ‘neuromyths’ in the process.

Effective Behaviour Management: Is ‘Challenging Behaviour’ Misunderstood?

  • Available On Demand

This webinar will aim to unpick what is actually meant by ‘behaviour’ and encourage senior school leaders, inclusions teams and care workers to think differently about how they perceive ‘challenging behaviour'

What Makes Effective Literacy Teaching

  • Available On Demand

This webinar will explain the importance of oracy education, highlight practical steps to improve literacy through oracy and call on a real life case study.

Improving Times Table Fluency

  • Available On Demand

Mark Avis, a Mathematics Specialist Teacher and Director at the Aspirer Research School, has conducted a study into how schools can take a more evidence informed approach to teaching times tables.

Using Cognitive Load Theory to Teach and Improve Numeracy

  • Available On Demand

In this webinar we will bring the implications of CLT to life. Discussing the importance of CLT within a whole school approach to teaching numeracy.

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