Certificate in Understanding Mental Health

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About the Course

About the Course

Duration: 85 mins (approx)

Both Ofsted and the Department for Education are increasingly placing more and more emphasis on mental health and wellbeing. It is essential that all staff take care of both their own and others mental health and can recognise the signs of ill health before it gets too far.

Our Essential CPD course on mental health provides you and your staff with the core content you need to ensure you are aware of your responsibilities around mental health. Delivered in high-quality video CPD format that has been skilfully organised for busy workloads and is accessible on any device, anytime, anywhere, our mental health training has been designed to provide maximum learning potential in the leanest, most cost effective and most time-efficient manner.

Delivered by mental health and wellbeing expert, Anna Bateman, the course has been divided into five easily digestible modules and contains links to further learning and resources throughout, with an assessment at the end to help you evidence your mental health training compliance.

Designed in line with the following policies

  • Keeping Children Safe in Education 2019

Learning Outcomes

  • Establishing what is meant by mental health and the context behind it.
  • Exploring mental health as a state of wellbeing and different mental health models.
  • Understanding specific mental health conditions which are of higher prevalence in schools.
  • Recognising the signs and symptoms and measures to help staff cope with these conditions.
  • Understanding prevention measures and the importance of staff self-care.
Course Units


This CPD certified course will help you to better understand your roles and responsibilities in relation to Mental Health. It is aimed at governors, senior leaders and members of school staff who work in all school settings, from early years through...

Module 1: Mental Health Theory

In module 1, you will learn about how mental health is defined and about the different models that help us to understand our thoughts, feelings and emotions. You will also learn about the different environments which help to shape your mental health.

Module 2: Key Areas of Mental Distress: Anxiety

Module 2 will discuss the key aspects of anxiety and how fear and worry can seriously impact both student’s and staff wellbeing. It will provide essential tips for staff to consider and provide several resources for further education.

Module 3: Key Areas of Mental Distress: Self Harm

In module 3, you will learn about why individuals may self-harm and the different lengths that staff and pupils may go to, using self-harm as a form of coping mechanism.

Module 4: Prevention

Module 4 will provide learners with an overview of risk and protective factors around mental health in different environments, focusing on building resilience and ways to keep mentally strong.

Module 5: Staff Self Care

Module 5 will emphasise the importance of staff taking care of themselves and supporting one another. It will also explain how your own approach to wellbeing acts as a model for pupils to follow.


Very interesting/ informative.
Lorraine GarnerWatts - Poole High School

Mental Health made easy

Very informative. A lot of information to take in, particularly policy and legislation
olubayo Oyewole - The Abbey School ME13 8RZ

very educative

thank you
Anita Awumey, Senior leader - Roding Primary School

Mental Health

This was a very enjoyable and interesting course. I have definitely learnt a few things from it. The lady speaking on the videos spoke clearly and at a steady pace. The videos could be paused at any time, allowing the learner to make notes. Thank you! Mrs C Maguire.
Charmaine Maguire - Hertswood Academy

Explanatory and helpful

Clear explanations on how to understand mental health and support the children affected.
Gabriella Barthos, Teacher - Roding Primary School

This course was great. Answering a lot of questions. It basically covered everything! Excellent!!!!

Very good and did not become bored at any point.
Oredolapo Adewoyin, Science Teacher - Isleworth And Syon School For Boys

Understanding Mental Health

Very informative course which has given me a greater understanding with regards to my roles and responsibilities within the school setting.
Andrea Townsend, Non-teaching - Queen Katharine Academy

Excellent training course

Very informative, plenty of helpful links to resources online that will definitely help in the school setting with young people.
Stacey Allen, Senior leader - St Wilfrid's Catholic School

Certificate in Understanding Mental Health

Excellent CPD for all staff to undertake
L Day-Elks, pastoral - Moorside High School ST9 0HP

Understanding Mental Health

An excellent, informative course.
Rachael Warren, Teacher - Hemswell Cliff Primary School

Great basic information

Although the information provided is only a small selection of the topics it is enough for you to have the knowledge you need to build on.
Karen Dunne - St John Rigby College

Well presented and great example

Easy to follow course. Modules good time length.
Georgina Massey, Support staff - The King's (the Cathedral) School

really good course

great course worth doing.
paula drew - Catch22

Lesley Mcguire - Chorley St James' Church of England Primary School

An informative course
Lindsey Sadler - Eastlands Junior School

Very insightful

Really enjoyed this webinar
Sam Gray, LSA - Chorley St James' Church of England Primary School

Informative and easy to listen to

Really enjoyed this . Will recommend to others
alicia reid - Ernehale Infant School (FHT)

Excellent and informative!

I found the pace of the course and the content very good. Very informative and useful
Lucie STADEN - Bishop Heber High School

Mrs June Fox

Very informative and in light of Covid 19 very current,
June Fox, Family Support Practitioner - Lakenheath Community Primary School


Truly informative and so well explained. Great webinar providing me with the knowledge and attitude and some skills to identify and support MH in the workplace and at home with family and friends.
Delia Casey, Teacher - Fir Tree Fishery CIC

Menal heath

Excellent course, learnt so much thank you
Karen Godfrey, Support staff - Pield Heath House School

Mental Health CPD

I was very pleased with the way the course was delivered. Through easy to understand details to helpful tips and resources, I now feel a lot more equipped and can put a lot of this learning into practice straight away.
Zahra Jennings-Grant, Teacher - Coombe Wood School

A very informative interesting course with different ways of managing
Sajda Naz, Teaching Assistant - Alston Primary School B9 5UN

Certificate In Understanding Mental Health

I enjoyed the course. It was interesting and delivered in a positive way. As well as providing ideas for good practice I felt motivated in creating an environment conducive for learning and where pupils have a voice so they are listened to and can share their feeling.
Ann BUTT - Kingsford Community School

Understanding Mental Health

An excellent course.
Chris Foster, support staff - Grove Street Primary School and Nursery School


Rob Cadwell - Range High School

Clear and to the point.

I found this course to be interesting and helpful with some great ideas on how to help a child with issues. I also liked how the needs of the staff were addressed and how they could be supported too.
Hazel Curtis - Reid Street Primary School

Great course

I like the style of the course, content and presentation
Joanne Robinson - Range High School

Understanding Mental Health

A really informative, helpful webinar - some really positive examples and facts and information relayed throughout the course, easy to follow too:)
T Hodgkinson, TA - Moorside High School ST9 0HP

Certificate in Understanding Mental Health

I have really enjoyed listen and reading about this course, it has been really useful to understand more about Mental Health and how to help. Really impressed
Moira Campbell - The Elizabethan Academy Retford

Mental Health

Thoroughly enjoyed deepening my understanding of mental health for children and staff. Having the visual representations to identify or look for patterns when children are staff are most at risk and looking at measures to prevent these.
Natalie Willcock - Cotgrave Candleby Lane School (FHT)


Emma Simpson, Senior Leader - Alston Primary School B9 5UN

lots of people get stress. and sometimes its good to talk about siturtions
DAWN MCINTOSH, Teaching Assistant - Barford Primary School (B16 0EF)


Very informative, great techniques for anybody to adapt into their practice.
Abishaia Blair - Roundhay School

CPD Mental Health

Really informative course and excellent strategies to support children.
Jean Nancolas, SENCO Assistant - Stanford-Le-Hope Primary School

Really useful training and an engaging trainer.
Tracy Garland - Tollgate Community Junior School

Excellent course on Mental Health.

Brilliant course, full of useful tips that can be put in place quickly. Excellent explanations and examples throughout and really well paced videos that keep you engaged throughout.
Cath Harden - Desborough College


Millie Armstead, Inclusion Support - Spen Valley High School

Informative CPD

Helpful and clear.
Neela Choudhury - Coombe Wood School

very informative.

This was a very interesting course. I was able to pause and rewind the video which enable me to take notes.
Carol Cambe, Teaching Assistant - Malin Bridge Primary School

Very insightful

Thoroughly enjoyed this course.
Samantha Monrose - Maidenhall Primary School

Really thought provoking

I like how the course is in modules so I was able to fit it into a busy schedule over a few days. Links to documents and websites were really helpful. I will definitely be recommending this course to other Heads for positive impact on policy and practice for pupils, staff and indeed your own mental health.
Caroline T-Walmsley, Headteacher - Kingsway Infants' School

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