Certificate in First Aid Awareness in Schools

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About the Course

About the Course

Duration: 50 mins (approx)

All schools have a legal responsibility and duty of care towards protecting the wellbeing of their staff and students, including relevant first aid provision. It is essential that all staff have an awareness of how to provide first aid in case of an emergency and have the confidence in reacting to any incident when pupils, staff or visitors to the school may need urgent help.

Our Essential CPD course on first aid provides you and your staff with the core content you need to ensure adherence with all your first aid requirements. Delivered in high-quality video CPD format that has been skilfully organised for busy workloads and is accessible on any device, anytime, anywhere, our first aid training has been designed to provide maximum learning potential in the leanest, most cost effective and most time-efficient manner.

Delivered by subject matter expert, Samantha Kendall, the course has been divided into 11 easily digestible modules and contains links to further learning, resources and activities throughout, with knowledge tests and assessments to help you evidence your first aid compliance.

Designed in line with the following policies

  • The Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding your responsibilities around first aid and the training available
  • An awareness of key legislation, policy and statutory requirements around first aid
  • Learning how to help an unconscious person, performing CPR and the recovery position
  • Treating injuries and practical guidance on using essential first aid equipment
  • Recognising situations when emergency first aid may be needed and how to respond
Course Units


This CPD certified course will help you to better understand your roles and responsibilities in relation to First Aid. It is aimed at governors, senior leaders and members of school staff who work in all school settings, from early years through to s...

Module 1: What is First Aid?

In module 1, you learn what exactly the definition of first aid is. You will cover the responsibilities of a first aider, the level of first aid training available, the core legislation and regulations around first aid and what this means for you.

Module 2: How to Help an Unconscious Person

Module 2 will provide learners with a demonstration of the recovery position for all ages including babies. It will discuss the importance of a recovery position after a seizure and then define what the difference is between unconsciousness and faint...

Module 3: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

In module 3, you will learn about Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and be provided with a basic demonstration of how to perform CPR to people of different ages.

Module 4: Automated External Defibrillator

In module 4, you will understand what an automated external defibrillator is and how it works, as well dispelling common myths often associated with the equipment.

Module 5: Minor and Major Bleeds

Module 5 will cover the three different types of bleeding that you may come across. It will demonstrate simple bandaging for minor wounds, as well as discussing methods for dealing with major bleeds.

Module 6: Burns

In module 6, you will learn about how to treat a burn and what to remember in different situations.

Module 7: Choking

In module 7, you will understand how to recognise different types of choking and be given the confidence to deal with choking situations involving children and adults of different ages.

Module 8: Chest Pains

Module 8 will cover the different causes of chest pain and explore what a heart attack is. It will discuss the symptoms to look out for and how you should treat somebody who may be suffering from one.

Module 9: Stroke

In module 9, learners will understand what is meant by a stroke and how it is caused. You will learn about the signs and symptoms, including using the FAST test, and what to do if you suspect someone is having one.

Module 10: Asthma

Module 10 will give learners a better understanding of asthma and which part of the respiratory system is affected. It will cover the signs and symptoms as well as discussing different treatment methods.

Module 11: Automatic Injector Pens

In the final module, you will learn about different allergies and the different indicators often associated with an allergy. You will also be given a demonstration of how an automatic injector pen works.

First Aid

This course gave me a deeper insight into how to deal with basic first aid. It gave me knowledge what to do in a case of emergency when nobody else was around
Elizabeth Surtees - The Venerable Bede CE Academy

Easy informative learning

Really good and informative
Diane Cundall, Admin - Hilbre High School

First Aid

Informative, to the point basic First Aid Training that's invaluable not only for the workplace but for everyday life. The training was well presented, thank you.
Melanie Betts - Caistor Yarborough Academy

First Aid Awareness

This course was a brilliant introduction to First Aid. The tutor was very clear to understand and it was paced appropriately. I feel that I have learnt so much in 11 simple to follow modules.
Natalie Hall, LSA - Tany's Dell Community Primary School and Nursery

Great refresher

A very good, informative course and a great refresher training. Good pace and depth of information.
Julie Cubitt, Support staff - Fakenham Infant and Nursery School

Good refresher for First Aiders

Lots of good, clear information. Short and to the point.
Janice Orbell, Technician - University Academy Long Sutton

Extremely helpful

Extremely in depth information
Hayley Petch, Study club manager - Anglo European School

first aid

excellent course very well demonstrated / narrated
GAIL HOSIE, Retail Catering Manager - Birkenhead Sixth Form College

Basic first aid

really good and gives a god basic knowledge of first aid or good for a refresh
Lucy Venables - Edgebury Primary School

First Aid at Work

Excellent recap on first aid with clear information and demonstrations. Its worth taking the course even if you only want to know what defibrillators do, what they look like and how to use them. The whole course gives you the armoury to potentially save a life.
Zahid Bashir, Teacher - Queen Katharine Academy

First Aid

Clear and concise information.
Pamela Dunkley - Selly Oak Trust School

First Aid at Work

This was a very concise overview of a range of conditions that you could quite easily be faced with in the work place. I now feel more confident to reconise they symptoms and react accordly
LINDA CAMERON, Examinations Coordinator - Birkenhead Sixth Form College

Excellent overview of First Aid

Reviewed procedures and learned some new approaches.
Laura Borelli Moya, Teaching assistant - Phoenix Primary & Secondary School

Excellent First Aid Primer

Excellent course, it was very well laid out with clear, concise information for each module. The only negative would be that the exam had questions that were not covered in the course such as the colour of inhaler. Excellent primer for staff considering a first aid course.
THOMAS MASHEDER, Senior Science Laboratory Technician - Birkenhead Sixth Form College

first aid

great course, informative and great demonstrations
Lisa Chadry, Teaching Assistant - St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School DY8 2DT

Liam Barnes, Teacher - The Sittingbourne School

As PE Teacher, having an updated awareness on these possibilities is particularly important for me. This course is very informative and gives you the fundamentals to perform emergency support to anybody of any age - Highly recommend this course.
Liam Barnes, Teacher - The Sittingbourne School

I found the courses really enjoyable very extensive ,informative and practical.
Teresa Fiuk, TA - Phoenix Primary & Secondary School


This is very good for any body who was thinking of becoming a works first aider, and any body who just wanted reminders on their first aid certificate
Robert Smith, Teaching assistant - Victoria School

First Aid excellent introduction

A really enlightening course.
Marilyn Cain - Roding Valley High School

First Aid

Informative, highly recommended.
Holly Pestell - The Venerable Bede CE Academy

Informative, good knowledge refresher.
Catherine Tomlinson, Teaching Assistant - Netherfield Primary School

I enjoyed this course

I really enjoyed the course lots of information.
Jacinta Dore, Support staff - St George's (Hanover Square) CofE Primary School

A great refresher

The videos were very informative and provided an excellent tool for refreshing my knowledge and reinforcing previous training.
Kathryn Holmberg, Teacher - Hilbre High School

First Aid in Schools

An excellent refresher course. Clear, concise and easily understandable. The webinar demonstrations were excellent. Have now practiced on willing/not so willing family members!
Chris Foster, support staff - Grove Street Primary School and Nursery School

Top tips for first aid

realy useful
Frances Suc-Diamond - St Angela's Ursuline School

first aid

great refreshed my first aid
Sarah Matthews - Cottingley Village Primary School

i love it

it maked a good refresh
Betty Lukun, Teaching Assistant - Phoenix Primary & Secondary School

First Aid

A highly informative course delivered at a good pace. I feel like it has really refreshed my prior knowledge. Thank you.
Rachael Warren, Teacher - Hemswell Cliff Primary School

Certificate in first aid in schools

Well laid out course, with clear and concise information for each module. The course give good basic knowledge of first aid.
Rachel Clayton - Cottingley Village Primary School

The delivery of the information

The course was delivered in a very clear way and found the lady easy to listen to. Thank you.
Des Innis - Cedars Academy

engaging first aid training

Easy to follow and informative
Beverley Jones, Support - Hilbre High School

Informative, based on experience and interesting

Very impressive first aid course- gives me the confidence that if I were to be presented with a situation that I could try and help. The presenter is very clear and concise.
Melanie Frost, Learning Support Assistant - Cranbrook School

1st,aid in schools

Good Course ..... concise Thank you
Susan Todd, Teaching Assistant of the Deaf - Hawthorn Primary School B44 8QR

First Aid

Found the video teaching of each module really helpful and more interactive than reading a large piece of text.
Zac Warrington, Support staff - St Edward's CE Academy Cheddleton

Who might benefit ?

I thought this was good for somebody who has done first aid and needs a review of the latest practices but also it may safe a life if a non first aid trained person watches it as it is so well presented.
Bridget Connell, Teaching Assistant - Broke Hall Community Primary School

First Aid

Clear, concise, very informative
carole connaughton, teacher - Unity Academy Blackpool

Quick to access

I really enjoyed all modules and each topic, as they were informative and helpful.
Eugenia Tereia, Mid day - St John's RC Primary School

mrs reay

A very informative course and very well put together
Sharon Reay - Ian Ramsey Church of England Academy

Very good touch up on prior knowledge

Would recommend to anyone. Pinpoints some clear aspects of first aid.
Imran Ali, Teacher - Queen Katharine Academy

Useful refresher and introduction to first aid

This course was great, it was really informative and the examples/enactments of first aid activities was very helpful.
Leslie Bradshaw, Non-teaching - Queen Katharine Academy

very informative

very good advice
Lisa Morrison, Teaching Assistant - Our Lady and St Patrick's Catholic Primary School


very good re-cap on first aid
Nicole ROBINSON - Kingsford Community School

First aid in schools

Excellent delivery which was clear and concise. Recommend totally.
Julia Banks, Key Stage Lead - Grove Street Primary School and Nursery School

A MUST for all

Superb, either has a refreshment or first time learning basic first aid, this is stuff we all should know and could save a life. Brilliantly broken down into nice bite size modules and quiz at end really assessed your listening and understanding. After all, guessing or making up stuff when it comes to first aid can be very dangerous indeed.
Ronni Monkcom - Miltoncross Academy


This course was excellent. The speaker was so easy to engage with and the way it was delivered helped me to understand what to do in the event of an emergency.
Tracy Halfacre, HLTA - St Bonaventure's School

Michele Beaumont - Our Lady of Grace Catholic Infant and Nursery School

First Aid in schools

Great demonstrations and content
SHERRON PEAKE, Teaching Assistant - Marlborough Primary School B10 9NY

Prioritizes key skill

“Communication skills great and able to identify what you need to know and expertly prioritizes key skill without getting tangled in endless details..
olubayo Oyewole - The Abbey School ME13 8RZ

Excellent content

Superb training in this vital area.
Philip Tilson - Ian Ramsey Church of England Academy

Good refresher course

Good for a refresher and reminded me of some key points.
Zoie Wiseman, Pastoral Manager - Withernsea High School Humanities College

Very informative

The course was very informative and a great reminder.
Rahima Islam - Nishkam School West London

Excellent course.

Should be completed by all staff - a very thorough refresher. Thank you.
T Franks, Head of History - St. Mary's Catholic High School S41 8AG


very positive
Jurgita Darguzaite, Support staff - Limes Farm Junior School

Great service

Easy to navigate website with informative, easy to follow modules.
David Leesley, Playworker - Malin Bridge Primary School

First Aid

Handy reminder for annual refresher but still need some proper hands on wounds time with instructors.
Ian McDonald, Caretaker Sixth Form Centre - Kingsmeadow Community Comprehensive School

First aid in schools

Very informative and a good first aid refresher course
Alicia Palmer - Desborough College

Good course to get a better understanding of how to cope with life risk scenarios

Good course to get a better understanding of how to cope with life risk scenarios. However, I wish I had the opportunity to put into real practice first aids procedures.
Begoña Rodriguez-Valle, Support staff - Oaks Park High School

A good course

Sarah Worrell - Beacon Academy DN35 9NF

First Aid

Really easy course to follow and understand
Ruth Flavell, Pastoral - Landau Forte Academy, Amington

Mrs Stennett

Very informative
Keceia Stennett - Water Hall Primary School

Very informative and easy to follow.

Great course and easy to understand everything. Wish some of the modules were longer though.
Melissah Armstrong, MDSA - Tollgate Community Junior School


Succinct, easy to understand.
Hannah Connelly - Portfields Primary School

First Aid

Given our current position with covid, this CPD is as close to the practical experience as is possible for now. Great way to revise knowledge, and thanks for the practical videos which help recap key first aid steps.
Gemma Carroll - Nishkam School West London

Review for course

Informative and clearly explained
Nicola ARCHER, Teacher - Lawn Manor Academy

first aid

informative refresher
Lisa Revitt - Portfields Primary School

First Aid

Really enjoyed the course, met every need.
Dawn Pursall - Our Lady and St Chad Catholic Academy


Informative and well presented
Lewis HORNER, BfL Coordinator - All Saints Catholic College HD2 2JT

First Aid Course

Very easy to understand, the videos helped a lot, and the demonstrations.
Gwen Webb, Teaching Assistant - Bradway Primary School


Richard Tidy - Wellington Schools

very good

very good
Roxanne Lee - Portfields Primary School

Easy to use and navigate. Very useful.

Easy to use and navigate. Very useful. Easy to set up and monitor staff uptake.
Donna Hay, Senior leader - St. Oswald's Catholic Primary School L13 5TE

Very informative

very informative and concise information. Very easy to follow
Ceri Edwards - Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School PR6 0LB

Advanced Certificate in Child Protection / Safeguarding (International Schools)

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All schools have a duty of care to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. It’s essential that senior leaders and safeguarding leads have a strong understanding of their responsibilities towards child protection and are aware of the challenges they might face in implementing best practice processes and procedures.

Advanced Certificate in Safer Recruitment (International Schools)

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All schools must ensure that they have robust policies in place around the selection and suitability of prospective employees and that they are proactively creating a culture of safer recruitment. It’s essential that schools adopt a consistent and rigorous approach towards safer recruitment processes that ensures the wellbeing and safety of children and protects them from harm and abuse.

Certificate in Asbestos Management in Schools

  • 24th November 24th Nov 09:00am SOLD OUT
  • 24th November 24th Nov 13:00pm SOLD OUT
  • 24th November 24th Nov 16:00pm SOLD OUT
  • 25th November 25th Nov 09:00am SOLD OUT
  • 26th November 26th Nov 08:30am

This course will provide school leaders, school staff, governing bodies and responsible bodies (as duty holders) with practical advice and guidance on how to manage asbestos in educational settings, in line with the 2020 DfE ‘Asbestos Management in Schools’ guidance. The guidance states the importance of locating and managing asbestos effectively. Failure to comply with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 is a criminal offence.

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