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About the Course

About the Course

Duration: 65 mins (approx)

As the online world evolves, so do both the online risks facing our children and the relevant legislation, both statutory and non-statutory, which directs and guides how schools should meet their online safety requirements. It is essential that all staff are up to date with their responsibilities in keeping children safe online and what their duties are as practitioners, working within a legislative framework, which ensures that they are cultivating a safe online environment for their school.

Our Essential CPD course in online safety provides you and your staff with the core content you need to ensure adherence with your online safety statutory requirements. Delivered in high-quality video CPD format that has been skilfully organised for busy workloads and is accessible on any device, anytime, anywhere, our online safety training has been designed to provide maximum learning potential in the leanest, most cost effective and most time-efficient manner.

Delivered by subject matter expert, Christina Leath, the course has been divided into seven easily digestible modules and contains links to further learning, resources and activities throughout, with knowledge tests and assessments to help you evidence your online safety compliance.

Designed in line with the following policies

  • Keeping Children Safe in Education 2019
  • Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Health Education 2019
  • Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018
  • Ofsted Education Inspection Framework 2019
  • Ofsted School Inspection Handbook 2019
  • Inspecting safeguarding in early years, education and skills settings 2019

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognising how online safety fits into the legislative framework
  • The role of Ofsted and what schools need to know about their Ofsted requirements
  • Understanding different roles in online safety and cultivating a whole school approach
  • Recognising risks, managing concerns and understanding how to tackle issues
  • Awareness of safeguarding children with SEND and the increased risks
Course Units


This CPD certified course will help you to better understand your roles and responsibilities in relation to online safety. It is aimed at governors, senior leaders and members of school staff who work in all school settings, from early years through...

Module 1: Introduction to Online Safety

Module 1 will provide you with an introduction to online safety, what it is exactly and why there is a need for online safety training. It will discuss how technology and the internet have changed the way children interact with the world and why we,...

Module 2: Statutory Policies and Legislation

Module 2 will explore the statutory policies that all staff must be aware of around safeguarding children online. It will look at the key policy documents, including Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSiE) 2019, as well as curriculum requirements...

Module 3: Whole School Community Approach

In module 3, you will learn about what exactly a whole school approach to online safety is. You will learn about what the different roles and responsibilities of staff are and how implementing a whole school approach is the most effective way to educ...

Module 4: Risks – Online Communications

Module 4 is the first module which deals with specific online risks in more depth. Here you will learn about the range of online dangers associated with unsafe communications like, for example, fake profiles, online bullying and child sexual exploita...

Module 5: Risks – Managing Online Information

In module 5, you will learn about the different types of risks associated with managing information online. This includes exploring what an online reputation is, the dangers of the dark web and how fake news can be harmful, as well as looking at seve...

Module 6: Risks – Effects to Health, Wellbeing and Lifestyle

Module 6 will complete your learning around online risks and will focus on those that can impact children’s mental health, wellbeing and lifestyle. It will discuss, for instance, the relationships between social media and mental health, device addict...

Module 7: Online Safeguarding for Children SEND and Vulnerable Learners

The final module will discuss the main legislation around online safeguarding support for children with Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and those considered vulnerable learners. You will learn why the risks for pupils with SEND are in...

very informative
Vicki Wallis - The Appleton School


Very good course. Really informative
Rebecca Molloy - Park Community Academy

Very Informative

The course was very informative and well pitched.
Julie Cubitt, Support staff - Fakenham Infant and Nursery School


Good experience
Kelly Clarke - Brownhills West Primary School


A very informative and comprehensive Webinar.
Richard Stroud - The Forest High School


Good to refresh knowlegde
Jennifer OConnell, Teacher - Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Primary School


Brushed up on old knowledge
Dan Granger, Teacher - Tupton Hall School

On line saftey in schools

Presented very well.
Emma Lewin, Support staff - Heritage Park Primary School

Significant content

Important information well summarised.
Laura Borelli Moya, Teaching assistant - Phoenix Primary & Secondary School


great experience to refresh my memory and easy for people to understand who have just come into contact with safeguarding
Megan Boulter, Support staff - Fakenham Infant and Nursery School

Online health and Safety in schools

Enjoyable and informative
Wendy Fowler - Dean Field Community Primary School

Recommended to all who work in education.

Excellent way of training. I enjoyed it.
Rita Butkeviciute, Teacher - Queen Katharine Academy

Review of online safety course

An in depth, fully encompassing course, which includes all aspects of online safety, both from a school perspective, and wider by including relative legislation and the responsibilities of parents and the wider community.
Kim Wallace, Teacher - Tupton Hall School

Online safety

Very informative. A lot of information to take in, particularly policy and legislation.
Wendy Brennan - Dean Field Community Primary School

Online Safety in Schools module review

The module was interesting and informative, with clear, concise details and a good pace of delivery.
Michael Nicholls - Selly Oak Trust School

online safety

i had a very good experience
Asma Shaheen - Dean Field Community Primary School

Online Safety

An interesting course which refreshed existing knowledge and made me aware of some new accepts of Online Safety.
Rachael Warren, Teacher - Hemswell Cliff Primary School

Very User Friendly

The course was easy to follow and condensed into manageable chunks.
Liam Platt - St Cuthbert's Catholic High School

Feeling Empowered!

Excellent video. I am feeling more confident going forward regarding safeguarding issues.
Leona Hopwood - St Mark's Church of England Academy

Great course

Good course with a wide range of information on online saftey
Josh Kientsch - Norwood School

Online Safety

Online safety is essential in the every day to day lives of our students and having the correct information and guidance in how to resolve assist and deal with the various issues that can arrive is essential - i found this course to be excellent in assisting with this knowledge and information .
jo layden - Aston Academy


This course is interesting, easy to listen and to remember.
Justyna Guldzinska - Phoenix Primary & Secondary School

Online safety in schools

It was very interesting and informative.
Vijayalakshmi PRASANNA - Kingsford Community School

Online Safety Review

Really good update on how to safeguard students given the current circumstances where many of our students are accessing work online - a very appropriate time to complete the course.
Serena Khalil - Ormiston Bushfield Academy

Online safety

Very helpful course
Cath Fellows - The Forest High School

helpful and informative

a very helpful and informative course, lots of detail and straightforward presentation resources
Ian McKay - Aston Academy

Very informative and up to date

This has been a useful course to keep me up to date about recent legislation, potential risks and how to deal with them.
Ashley Hickman, Teacher - St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School DY8 2DT

The Presenter

The Presenter was of a high calibre standard giving an extremely professional performance.
Isobella Homer - Ormiston Bushfield Academy

Detailed course

Great thanks.
Tomina Sagheer, Teacher - King Edward VI Aston School

Good to refresh knowledge.
Catherine Tomlinson, Teaching Assistant - Netherfield Primary School

Effective CPD to be completed in lockdown!

Easy to watch each section at own pace and to validate notes before progressing further.
Jennifer Ash - Ormiston Bushfield Academy


Has a lot of useful information.
Jacinta Dore, Support staff - St George's (Hanover Square) CofE Primary School


The course was very informative and explained in a very systematic way.
Aisha Vohra, Support staff - Eldon Primary School (PR1 7YE)


I found this course in-depth and very insightful covering modules thoroughly
Frances Such - Poole High School

online safety

great video
Lisa Chadry, Teaching Assistant - St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School DY8 2DT

Online safety

Easy to follow training, clear and up to date information.
Dee Hill, Teacher - Thorpepark Academy

On-line safety training

Very informative, excellent narration, good pace. An enjoyable course.
carole connaughton, teacher - Unity Academy Blackpool

On Line Safety

an interesting and relevant course, well worth taking part in.
Kerry Nichol - Tuxford Academy

Very Good.

Well worth watching. It covers a wide spectrum of online safeguarding issues and provides the guidance on how to respond in each scenario if a child approaches you and discloses an online concern.
Abigail Highfield, Teacher - Cottesbrooke Infant School


Irfan Khan - Norlington School and 6th Form

Safety on-line Course

I thought the course was excellent and I definitely found some useful information
Vimla Punni, Support staff - Stanstead Nursery and Primary School (FHT)

On Line Safety

An interesting and informative course, that gave relevant information.
Annette Fisher - All Saints CofE Primary School, Bednall

Clear online safety presentation

Very clear presentation, broken into manageable chunks of learning.
Megan Sargent - The Hamble School


Lorna Baxter, Teacher - Ormiston Bushfield Academy

Really informative!

I enjoyed this course and feel the information was very useful both in school and as a parent myself. I would highly recommend thus course.
Heather Duffy - Ash Lea School


it was a good course, could broken down a bit more
Claire Winney, Teaching Assistant - Westfield School HR6 8NZ

Online Safety and Keeping Children Safe In Education Training

Very useful and informative. Thank you
Josephine Showunmi - Little Ilford School


This course was very good and I learnt a lot. It is a course that everyone working in a school should take. It is packed with information that is vital to today's world for understanding the internet and the challenges it provides to keeping children and especially vulnerable children safe.
Deborah Chernanko, Offiice Administrator - St Angela's Ursuline School

Very interesting

This course gave lots of information about online safety. It covered many different ways that a child could be exploited
Tracy Halfacre, HLTA - St Bonaventure's School

I found the course very useful and easy to understand.
Peter Scantlebury - Aston Academy

Useful information

Very informative and useful
Tova Rowe - Westrop Primary & Nursery School

Mrs June Fox

Always good to refresh prior learning and keep up to date with current changes
June Fox, Family Support Practitioner - Lakenheath Community Primary School


Clear and succinct.
Diane Sullivan - Phoenix Collegiate

Michele Beaumont - Our Lady of Grace Catholic Infant and Nursery School


Easy to follow and understand.
Patrick Elliott, Teaching Assistant - Elm Grove Primary School

On-line safety in schools

I found the course to be Informative and applicable for the society and the environment we are living in
SHERRON PEAKE, Teaching Assistant - Marlborough Primary School B10 9NY

Online safey

Excellent, lots of very useful interesting information
Karen Godfrey, Support staff - Pield Heath House School

Great detail

This course was very informative and easy to listen to. It covered all aspects of online safety.
Hazel Curtis - Reid Street Primary School

Very good

Learned something new. Love to learn
Mehnaz Ahmed - Nishkam Primary Wolverhampton

Great Content

I found the course very easy to access and very user-friendly. It provided lots of necessary and interesting information. The questions at the end weren't too easy - they tested knowledge well.
Julie Thompson, Librarian - Withernsea High School Humanities College

On line safety in schools

A detailed and informative course explaining the dangers of online safety for children.
NAUREEN CHISHTY, Teacher - Wyndcliffe Primary School

Online Safety Course

Detailed. Informative. Relevant. Up-to-date. Excellent course.
MARK GAMSBY, Senior IT Support Officer - Wyndcliffe Primary School

Good course

Interesting, test involves multiple choice questions .
Victoria Irving, Catering assistant - Ormiston Bushfield Academy

Very informative.

Very informative.
Charlotte Friday - St Georges CofE (Aided) Primary School

Online Safety - a compact and informative session

This is a focused and easily accessible session that delivers the information needed.
John Whitelock, Teacher - Chancellor's School

Dangers of the Internet

Some interesting topics covered. Made me even more wary about my own personal use of Internet. Minefield for young children.
Suzanne Coll, Teacher - Oakington Manor Primary School

Good, informative and quick

Good training, delivered well and very informative.
Shereen Mushtaq - Little Thurrock Primary School

Online Safety

Great course
Zac Warrington, Support staff - St Edward's CE Academy Cheddleton

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