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Chantelle Douglas

Chantelle Douglas

Chantelle Douglas is an early years’ specialist, experienced primary school teacher, inclusion lead and special educational needs coordinator. She is also part of a trust equalities group and equalities lead for her school.

As part of her current role, Chantelle oversees and supports SEN provision and works alongside the senior team and staff to widen representation and meaningful exploration of diversity. She has led sessions on diversity at Inset days and has previously worked at an inner-city faith school.

During the ‘Black Lives Matter’ protest in 2020, Chantelle was instrumental in using the opportunity to educate her school and the local community on inclusion, diversity and being kind, and encouraged her own school to revisit their own practice to ensure it was as representative and inclusive as possible.

Chantelle Douglas's Webinars

Teaching Black History as Part of a Broad and Balanced Curriculum | Primary

  • Available On Demand

Webinar Duration: 53 minutes (approx.) This webinar will provide headteachers, senior leaders, history subject leads and teachers with guidance and support on reviewing and enhancing their curriculum to raise awareness of the contribution Black people have made to our freedoms, culture and society.