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Chris Whitney
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Chris Whitney

Chris has been a class teacher and deputy head teacher in a large multi-cultural school in Slough, Berkshire where she led the introduction of the National Literacy Strategy in her own school and across schools in Slough. She was also a National Literacy Strategy consultant.

For thirteen years she was a Literacy Consultant for CfBT Education Services, Lincolnshire, expertise developed through delivering school improvement programmes and bespoke support in East Midlands. She is a national KS2 Writing moderator, has experience at KS1 and 2 moderating reading, and writing, and became an accredited local consultant for school improvement in 2010.

Chris has written a suite of intervention programmes for KS2 in grammar and spelling. Over the last four years, she has supported British schools abroad in the development of the English curriculum. Chris became a British Film Institute (BFI) lead practitioner in 2004. She led a film education programme in Lincolnshire for 7 years and currently coordinates an international film programme for primary children on behalf of the BFI.

Chris Whitney's Webinars

Primary English: Teaching Disciplinary Literacy to Enhance Understanding and Attainment

  • Available On Demand

Webinar Duration: 47 minutes (approx.) This webinar will provide headteachers, curriculum leaders, subject leaders, teachers and practitioners with advice and practical guidance on teaching disciplinary literacy to help pupils read, write and communicate effectively and appropriately within the subject of English.

Primary English: Lesson-to-Lesson Sequencing and Adaptive Short-term Planning in Line with Teachers’ Standards

  • Available On Demand

Webinar Duration: 55 minutes (approx.) This webinar will provide headteachers, school leaders and teachers with practical guidance on lesson-to-lesson sequencing and short-term planning for primary English which is adaptive to the learning needs of groups and individuals identified in previous lessons, enhancing academic outcomes.

Primary English: Effective Subject Leadership

  • Available On Demand

Webinar Duration: 1 hour 14 minutes (approx.) This webinar will equip subject leaders for English at primary level with knowledge and skills to inspire and empower their team, to ensure confident and consistent delivery of the primary English curriculum throughout the school, with a firm focus on improving pupil outcomes.