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Ian Noone

Ian Noone

Ian Noone is a highly experienced education consultant who has been recognised for his work in teaching and implementing RSHE curriculum in school. He has helped to raise standards and improve Ofsted performance at some of the most challenging schools in the country.

Ian has over 20 years’ experience teaching in multi-faith and inner-city schools. He is a current Headteacher of 7 years at an outstanding primary school in Manchester and is a Local Leader of Education, supporting schools that are in an Ofsted support category. His work in effectively and successfully implementing RSE teaching has been widely praised by school inspection officers, particularly in engaging and breaking down barriers with parents. Ian also works as an Associate Headteacher and has used his expertise to help over 20 schools in a category to raise their performance and improve their Ofsted ratings.

Ian Noone's Webinars

Reception Baseline Assessment: Understanding the Guidance on Quality Monitoring Visits

  • Available On Demand

Webinar Duration: 23 minutes (approx.) This webinar will provide all school leaders, staff and governors with a walkthrough of the reforms to teacher development being introduced by the DfE at every stage of their career.

EYFS Framework Reforms: Strengthening Learning Through the DfE ‘Development Matters’ Curriculum Guidance

  • Available On Demand

Webinar Duration: 1 hour 5 minutes (approx.) This webinar will help early years practitioners use the ‘Development Matters’ guidance to assess their children’s level of development in order to make more informed decisions about their learning needs.

Implementing the DfE Reception Baseline Assessments (RBA): An Expert Review and Practical Guidance

  • Available On Demand

This webinar explores the Standards and Testing Agency's Reception Baseline Assessment (RBA) Framework, designed to explain the purpose, format, content and cognitive demand of the assessment; it will help primary school governors, headteachers, deputy headteachers and teaching staff to understand the new DfE Reception Baseline Assessments.