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Michael Chiles
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Michael Chiles

Michael Chiles is a Principal Examiner, Curriculum Development Advisor and an experienced school leader who has successfully headed departments in several challenging secondary schools in the UK. He is an experienced trainer and has delivered training, both nationally and internationally, to support teachers in their approaches to implementing effective assessment practices.

Michael is the co-author of ‘The CRAFT of Assessments’, in which he explains the importance of school leaders cultivating the right conditions for teachers to use assessment as a tool to support learning, both in and out of the classroom, to enable pupils to close the knowledge gap. His book has received widespread acclaim and has been praised for containing a wealth of practical ideas with research-informed explanations.

Michael Chiles's Webinars

Remote Education: Effective Lesson Observations During Remote Learning

  • Available On Demand

This webinar will support senior leaders, headteachers, subject leads and curriculum leads through practical advice and guidance on how to deliver effective lesson observations during remote learning.

Effective Use of Spacing and Retrieval Practice to Boost Classroom Learning

  • Available On Demand

This webinar will provide school leaders, subject leads, curriculum leads and all teaching staff with practical advice and support in delivering effective spacing and retrieval practice to classroom teaching.

Effective Assessment Strategies for a More Complete Approach to Student Catch-Up Progress

  • Available On Demand

In this webinar, Michael Chiles, Principal Examiner, school leader and author of The CRAFT of Assessment, will discuss how schools can take a more progressive, objective and holistic approach to measuring student performance beyond singular examinations. It will explore how to develop reliable, accurate and creative assessment strategies which can help schools plan their teaching and learning and fairly monitor student progression through the academic year.