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Stacey Burman
Religious Education

Stacey Burman

Stacey Burman has almost twenty years’ experience making a positive impact on the learning of pupils from Early Years up to A Level in religious education.

She has a track record of success in a wide range of schools, including SEND, Faith and PRUs, across the spectrum of State, MAT and independent schools. Currently, she works across a range of London Boroughs as a SACRE Advisor, and has won bids for funding as well as national awards for the Local Authority.

She runs training for teachers in primary and secondary RE and humanities, and supports SLT in schools to develop SMSC and British Values across their wider curriculum, and in achieving national awards for RE and humanities. She is an RE tutor for teachers and pre-ITT students, a qualified assessor for the RE Quality Mark, and has written several published articles in nationwide academic journals and teacher magazines and is qualified in Philosophy for Children (P4C), and organisation Coaching & Mentoring (ILM).

Stacey is passionate about the importance of valuable and measurable learning experiences that instigate a life-long love of learning. 

Stacey Burman's Webinars

Secondary Religious Education: Implementing a Broad and Balanced Curriculum for Education Recovery

  • 18th October 18th Oct 15:00pm

Webinar Duration: 45 minutes (approx.) This webinar will provide headteachers, curriculum leaders, subject leaders, teachers and practitioners with advice and practical guidance on integrating religious education into a broad and balanced curriculum which facilitates education recovery.