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Q. I’ve forgotten my password. How do I reset it?

Please go to and click ‘Forgot Your Password?’. Enter your email address to send the password reset link.

Q. My webinar keeps buffering

Please first ensure that you are using a compatible browser (Google Chrome or Firefox) and that your device is running at a good speed, with a stable internet connection. If your device still continues to have buffering issues, please try on another device or browser to resolve the issue. Our webinars are available on any device, including Smartphones.

Q. My webinar won’t load

If you’ve clicked to start your webinar and received a blank screen with a cross in the top corner- please ensure that you are using a compatible browser (Google Chrome or Firefox) and that you do not have the website blocked. If this website is blocked, please have it unblocked by your school to watch our webinars.

Q. I can’t find a resource I’m meant to be accessing, or it’s saying this is ‘forbidden’.

Please email with your name, email address on the account, and the resource you’re having trouble with.

Q. My course won’t let me move onto the next unit

Please make sure that the video / course on the current unit has played all the way to the end, and then select the next module from the menu on the left hand side of the course.

Q. Do you have a whitelist that we should unblock in order to view your video content?

Please ensure that both our website and the following domains are unblocked to view our content, as this is where we host our videos and images:

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