For Samantha Morris, English Curriculum Leader at Ercall Wood Academy, keeping up to date with education policy and practice is a priority.

Having experienced first-hand The National College’s remote video CPD, which distils the latest education initiatives, research, thinking and best practice into user-friendly webinars and courses, Samantha decided to opt for a School Membership, giving the whole school workforce access to our multi-award-winning CPD.

Flexible CPD for busy schedules

When asked what factors initially led the academy to sign-up for a School Membership, Samantha said: "I think it was the ease of access."

Samantha was quick to praise the breadth of training available, and the fact that it is available anywhere, at any time and on any device.

The opportunity to revisit or complete training at a time to suit individual needs has been a real gamechanger for staff at Ercall Wood Academy.

Samantha explained: "Staff can watch the webinars and work through the courses at a time that's convenient for them. They can work through them at their own pace, carving out that time in their busy schedules."

"Particularly in the sessions that I initially attended on your platform, I appreciated the time for reflection. You can pause and consider what you are learning."

Personalised CPD for the whole school workforce

When assessing their CPD needs, Ercall Wood academy wanted to offer all staff the opportunity to access training which was relevant to their respective roles.

Samantha revealed: "I like the fact with The National College that we can home in on particular areas that we need to focus on. We can pick out the CPD that is relevant to each individual staff member."

"All of our curriculum leaders have accessed the CPD available from The National College, regarding the new Ofsted framework and curriculum development for their subject areas." she continued.

"Those in particular for the leadership team have been extremely useful."

Excellent feedback from staff

Samantha revealed that staff members have been proactive in their attitude to learning via The National College, through our state-of-the-art online learning hub.

She stated: "We've had really positive feedback from staff."

"They like the fact that they're not sitting in a session that may or may not be relevant to them. We're able to be more bespoke, targeting which sessions staff would like to watch." Samantha continued.

"Sometimes we direct staff to CPD, but we also use it as support for our staff who would like to gain more experience and access anything they are particularly interested in."

Delivered in collaboration with education experts

We are quick to respond to an ever-evolving education sector, with timely webinars and courses delivered by experts, providing insight and guidance on the latest policy, practice, and research.

"From the sessions I have viewed, they are delivered by colleagues who are knowledgeable of the profession. They know what it is like for us and it's coming from people who know the job, the roles and the challenges we may face." she explained.

Reflecting on her own experience with The National College, Samantha revealed: "I found the English CPD very beneficial, to listen to a relatable subject leader was outstanding."

A wealth of benefits

Samantha commented: "Our biggest takeaway is the ease of the platform, and the ability to be able to select the CPD that is beneficial and watch it at a time that is most convenient for us."

"There's that flexibility there. It’s extremely useful for the whole school."

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