Berkhamsted School is a large diamond structured school, which ranges from nursery provision to sixth form.

As a result of staff members at Berkhamsted previously viewing topic-specific webinars with The National College, the school opted to subscribe to our School Membership, which affords the capability to stream an unlimited quantity of video CPD, besides much more.

After acquiring the membership, Berkhamsted are excited to continue with the personalised CPD on offer, as further guidance and policy is released in the education industry.

Subscribing to The National College

That limitless opportunity to stream webinar content across a whole staff roster is something the school have bought into and are currently enrolling.

Hannah Butland, Deputy Head of Teaching and Innovation at Berkhamsted School said: “We are a large diamond structured school ranging from nursery provision to Sixth Form. I am the Deputy Head (Teaching and Innovation) and lead on all CPD, Teacher Training and PDR.

“Initially, an email from The National College prompted me to ask colleagues who had already undertaken and viewed webinars – they subsequently recommended the service.

“As a result, we decided to purchase the Whole School Membership. All of our teaching staff have access to the resources and have found the videos useful across all age ranges.

“When I’ve watched the webinars, they have also been of benefit.”

A versatile approach to CPD

At The National College, we aim to provide essential knowledge to school leaders in an efficient and versatile manner.

That has been a huge plus point for Berkhamsted, who’ve already felt the benefits of our concise but insightful webinar programme.

“A huge positive has been their flexibility (The National College’s webinars) – they have provided personal CPD without having to arrange cover and these can be undertaken at a time which best suits each individual,” Mrs Butland highlighted.

“It’s of benefit because it’s flexible CPD that can be watched at a time to suit teaching staff. When they have been viewed there has been positive feedback. I think our school leaders find them more useful.

“A recently watched video on girls safeguarding and wellbeing got very good feedback from our staff too.

“This has been a huge benefit in terms of the undertaking of training in everyone’s own time.”

You too can join the growing number of schools enjoying the many benefits of The National College School Membership, including unlimited access to our full range of webinars.

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