Inset Days offer a valuable opportunity to bring staff together to collaborate on school development goals. Schools will want to ensure that the training that they invest in is authoritative and effective  – underpinned by evidence and expertise and focused on raising pupil outcomes.

We spoke this week with Jamie Boulton, Membership Account Manager at The National College, to discuss how our CPD and online learning hub can help make your Inset day as impactful and engaging as possible.

School Membership

Jamie summarised the benefits of our School Membership: “For an annual subscription, the whole school workforce receives instant and unlimited access to all our CPD which is available online and on demand.”

“We’ve got over 800 webinars, over 100 modular courses and over 400 school policy templates on there.” he added.

“Our CPD is delivered by education experts, covering all the hot topics in education.”

“For example, Teaching & Learning, Safeguarding, SEND, Climate Education & Sustainability; Health & Safety; Leadership & Governance and Mental Health & Wellbeing.” he explained.

Jamie went on to describe our state-of-the-art online learning hub which provides leaders with a complete CPD management solution:

 “School Membership also gives leaders access all the CPD management features of our platform. It means they can plan, roll out, track, report on and record training in one place and in a few clicks of the keyboard.”

A flexible approach to your INSET day

At The National College, we pride ourselves on the flexibility of our CPD, which allows staff to undertake training at anytime, anywhere and on any device.

“We’re finding that schools are using our CPD, which is pre-recorded and available on demand, as part of live training events, such as Inset Days.” Jamie revealed.

“This means they’re watching it together online and discussing the content. They’re collaborating on how they can put the training into practice in their setting.”

“The great thing about it is that, whatever the theme of their Inset Day, they can find high-quality training on that subject on our platform.”

Jamie added: “We’ve got over 900 webinars and courses to choose from and we’re constantly expanding!”

“So, whether our schools want to devote their Inset Day to statutory training, such as safeguarding, or have other school improvement priorities in mind, such as supporting pupils with SEND, or tackling behavioural issues, raising attainment, or supporting mental health and wellbeing, they can use our CPD to create their own training programme.” he elaborated.

Ensure compliance with the latest guidance

Education guidance and policy updates are frequent and, at The National College we respond in a timely manner, distilling complex information into user-friendly webinars and courses.

Jamie said: “We’ve got over 100 courses on our platform to help schools embed best practice and meet their statutory training duties in key areas such as safeguarding and health & safety.”

“Our courses are delivered in modular format so schools can pause and reflect after each module and discuss the content together in their live training sessions.” he commented.

“There’s an end-of-course assessment and, if successful, they can download certificates.”

“But as I said, we offer training in all areas. So, for example, we have a vast range of subject-specific CPD, we think it’s the best on the market, to help schools raise attainment in specific subjects.”

Award-winning online learning platform

Our learning hub makes it easy to roll out training and monitor progress.

“School leaders and managers can create user groups – these might be for the whole school or trust, or just a group of users such as a subject or year group, and then they can create CPD watch lists and allocate the watch lists to the groups.” he revealed.

He added: “They can also set deadlines, track progress and check that everyone has completed their watch list.”

“Everything can be quickly set up before the Inset Day, so everyone knows what they’re supposed to be doing on the day.” he continued.

“It might be one training agenda for everyone, or managers might want to run different training sessions for different audiences.”

Uploading internal CPD

Jamie revealed: “Leaders can also upload their internal CPD in the form of documents, live links and videos.”

“They can include them in watch lists as part of the Inset Day agenda. The platform enables leaders to share and manage CPD using one platform.”

Delivering your most effective INSET day yet

Jamie concluded: “With The National College, schools can gain access to CPD of the highest quality for their Inset Day – our CPD is delivered by experts in the field, including government advisers, authors, trainers and organisations of national and international renown.”

“We also get exceptional customer feedback indicating high levels of engagement and impact.” he declared.

“It’s a quick and easy process for leaders to set up user groups and watch lists and prepare for Inset Day. The platform keeps track of who’s done what, so you can instantly see for reporting and recording purposes whether your training targets have been met.”

“Users can rewind during the event, if necessary, or revisit after the event to help them consolidate learning and consider how they’re going to apply new knowledge in their setting.” he continued.

Jamie said: “The information is always there at your fingertips to support the ongoing cycle of school improvement.”

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