In these uncertain times which we currently find ourselves in, there is a huge focus on people’s mental health and wellbeing.

With many of confined to large parts of our day at home through lockdown and numerous restrictions being placed on our daily lives, it’s crucial we take good care ourselves and others.

The importance of mental health and wellbeing shouldn’t be understated. It affects how we think, feel and act and also how we handle stress and the choices we make – so it’s vital that we take care of it.

For those in the education sector, there is an additional pressure to adapt as much as possible to help continue children’s learning and to be a source of guidance for others. For example, questions such as “Is it safe to return to teaching?” or “How am I required to teach my class?” are commonly posed.

Upon schools reopening and children being introduced back into the classroom, it will be extremely important to support them and their wellbeing, especially given the changing scenario which they are going to be faced with.

What do the DfE say about mental health?

In December 2017 the Department for Education released their ‘Transforming Children and Young People’s Mental Health’ Green Paper, which set out proposals that would impact upon the support that children and young people receive in both schools and the NHS.

The Green Paper highlights that one in ten young people have some form of diagnosable mental health condition.

Also included was the declaration to ensure that every school and college has a Designated Safeguarding Lead in Mental Health in place by 2025. This role will require an overseeing of the help which the school gives to pupils with mental health problems, as well as offering advice to staff members around spotting the signs amongst pupils.

How can our membership help?

Developed in line with current DfE statutory requirements and the latest Ofsted guidance, we have created our ‘Annual Mental Health Lead’ membership package.

Designed with the objective of equipping Mental Health Leads with the knowledge, tools and strategic vision so that they can support schools in implementing outstanding mental health provision, we are offering a ‘Buy One Get One Free’ purchase option throughout Mental Health Awareness Week.

What’s included?

By becoming a member of The National College annual membership for Mental Health Leads, our suite of mental health webinars, resources and training courses will be accessible on an unrivalled basis.

Through our state-of-art learning hub, you can manage every aspect of your professional development remotely, any time, from any place, on any device. You’ll receive:

  • Access to an existing suite of over 20 webinars and our Virtual Mental Health Conference
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  • CPD certified certificates upon completion of each webinar
  • All training delivered online through our learning hub which means remote access anywhere, anytime
  • ‘My CPD’, providing you with the ability to monitor individual webinar progress
  • ‘CPD Report’, giving you the ability to track your overall CPD progress
  • Monthly ‘Best Evidence in Brief’ giving you the latest updates in education from our partners at the Institute for Effective Education

Become an ‘Annual Mental Health Lead’ member with The National College and receive ‘Buy One Get One Free’ on all packages throughout Mental Health Awareness Week.

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