Shifting focus to remote education is a challenge that a vast majority of school staff have faced over the last year.

For Felixstowe School, they were determined to not let the Covid-19 pandemic impact upon their CPD capabilities, and subsequently purchased a school membership with The National College.

Assistant Headteacher and CPD Lead, Jason Wanner, praised the ease at which staff have been able to complete training through our remote learning hub.

Realising the necessity of remote CPD

Describing the difficulties encountered as a result of coronavirus, Mr Wanner emphasises the importance of finding a solution to what would have been a CPD void.

Mr Wanner said: “We signed up because, with the new normal of remote learning, we’ve found that CPD is more important than ever. With coronavirus and the restrictions of lockdown, our CPD sessions haven’t been able to be run as usual, so using The National College as a platform has been really helpful; staff have been able to access it from home and the sessions are all done remotely.

“The courses are very accessible, easy to use and staff have really benefited from that. In addition, we’re rolling out our statutory Prevent training through The National College.”

Responding to an ever-changing outlook

Through The National College, Felixstowe School have been able to keep abreast of updates from the Department for Education, as the education sector responds to frequent change.

“The recent guidance sometimes comes out very last minute, so it’s great to have that tracked if we do need support with it,” he explained.

“With the landscape of education at the moment, it’s constantly changing and we’re walking into that unknown – especially in terms of what’s going to happen with the centre assessed grades.

"The National College has been really easy for staff to use, and I really like the fact that I can see who’s done the CPD and what exactly they’ve done – which has been really useful in making a more tailored approach to CPD in the future.”

High-quality training

Impressed with not only the quality but depth of the training on our platform, Mr Wanner stated that having The National College as a tool has only been of benefit.

He declared: “We’ve found the CPD sessions to be of really good quality.

“The prevent training for instance has been really good and thorough. A colleague of mine recently completed CPD on teaching climate change in the curriculum and was impressed by its depth and delivery.

“It’s been good to see people doing a lot of vastly different types of CPD – there’s a real breadth of training on the platform.”

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