The impact of coronavirus has brought the concept of remote learning into a much sharper focus. With employees being asked to work from home and many schools around the world closing for the foreseeable future, there is a heightened level of uncertainty around the way we continue to carry out daily business.

Remote learning is not a new concept. Also referred to as distance learning, universities have been offering the capability for years and many businesses now deliver new training and professional development to their staff through online means, particularly to mobile workers and those who travel regularly.

Unchartered territory for others, business as usual for us

Schools are now in unprecedented waters. Whilst the world’s attention is focused on ensuring people are kept safe and healthy, governments are also trying to ensure that the impact on public services and national infrastructure is as low as possible.

For schools, this means pupils can carry on learning, staff can keep on top of their professional development and senior leaders can keep abreast of the latest statutory policy.

The National College School membership is the perfect solution for remote learning. Our video update service means that you can feel confident in times of uncertainty. With that in mind, we’ve outlined 5 ways our School membership can benefit you.

  1. Minimal Disruption
    Remote learning through our membership means minimal disruption to staff training and development. Our learning hub can be accessed anywhere, at any time, with staff able to seamlessly pick-up any incomplete training at home as well as watching new webinars at any point.
  2. Experts Delivered to You
    We have a range of experts lined-up to discuss the latest hot topics in education, ensuring school leaders are kept as up to date as possible. Our webinar programmes are created with you in mind. We track the latest updates in policy, practice and research to ensure you are never left behind.
  3. Essential Knowledge
    Our Essential CPD courses are a perfect way to bring staff up to date in line with their latest statutory requirements across a range of topics. Cost-effective and time-efficient, our Essential CPD training covers everything from Safeguarding and Data Protection to the Prevent Duty and Health and Safety.
  4. Remote Management
    Our Learning hub means that you can manage and monitor staff progression wherever you are. This includes the ability to track CPD across the whole school as well as inviting more staff to access our video learning and engaging in their own personal development.
  5. Overarching Control
    Our new ‘Watch List’ feature means that school leaders can manage and set-up essential webinars that their staff must complete. This means that school leaders have absolute control over their school’s overarching CPD requirements and makes the strategic management of their schools’ professional development simple and hassle-free.

An opportunity in times of uncertainty

For school leaders, the current climate throws up an immeasurable number of scenarios and stresses that they will need to think about. At The National College, we aim to take all of that away around continuing and managing your staff professional development.

Chris McShane, a former headteacher who is a leading education expert specialising in modern teaching methods and technology for learning, states that schools should start thinking about their strategy for remote learning now. They should also see it as an opportunity.

In his webinar, which focuses on minimising disruption and provides practical steps around continuous learning, Chris states that:

“CPD makes a massive difference to a school. This is a brilliant opportunity to maybe get that time that we don’t ordinarily get to think about our own CPD as teachers. The National College has a huge bank of online resources.

“This is the sort of thing that as a headteacher, you can take advantage of a situation to really support and help your staff in terms of their own professional development. Consider your CPD offer, consider what you might want your staff to do in that time because its’s your chance as a school leader to get ahead.”

To learn more about how The National College can support your ability implement remote learning for your staff, click here.