At the National College we truly believe in making high quality online training and high-profile expertise accessible and affordable for every school. We believe that every school, whether big or small, whether urban or rural based, should have the opportunity to participate in professional learning.

Memberships Tailored to You

Our membership options are designed to support leaders and managers in keeping up to date with the most critical topics focused on the latest policy, practice and research. We cover topics relevant to the entire SLT and aspiring leaders, including (but not limited to) Leadership, Mental Health, Relationships Education, Core & Non-Core Teaching & Learning Topics, Safeguarding, Research, Policy and Best Practice.

We’ve created three distinct membership options which has been tailored to meet schools needs and budgets. There are no hidden costs and no discrete charges – what you pay is what you get. Schools can literally save £1,000s on expert-led CPD.

Here, we provide a brief outline and the benefits which accompany each of the memberships.

Topic Membership

Designed with a single user in mind, our topic memberships mean that schools can fine-tune their learning and are designed to provide key content around designated roles relevant to safeguarding, mental health and PSHE.

The membership provides a single user with full access to one of the specialist subject areas above of their choice. Members will receive all of our current and future webinars in their chosen topic area.

School Leader Membership

Our school leader membership provides all the benefits of a topic membership and more. Designed once again for a single user, users will have full access to our whole library of webinars both current and future, across any topic area.

Whole School Membership

As a whole school member, you will receive all of the benefits of our school leader membership but with an unlimited number of users able to access our full webinar library.

A Bespoke Learning Hub for All

Across every membership, all of our members receive access to our bespoke, state-of-the-art learning platform. This includes access to:

  • The ‘Browse CPD’ area where you can search, browse and stream all of our current and future webinars.
  • The ‘My CPD’ area where members can quickly find all the CPD they have started, completed, wish to continue or watch again.
  • The ‘CPD Report’ area where you can download certificates every time they successfully complete the training.

In addition, our Whole School Membership provides access to:

  • The ‘Managing Users’ area where they will be able to easily invite all their staff to access our CPD through one of three simple-to-execute means.
  • The ‘Tracking CPD’ area where they will be able to oversee the roll out of CPD training across their school and monitor staff progress, access reports and download staff certificates.

An ‘Essential’ Bonus

In addition to the above, as a Whole School Member, you will now also receive access to complete range of Essential CPD courses designed to provide a cost-effective solution for schools to roll-out statutory training to the entire school workforce.

Our courses have been created to provide maximum learning potential in the leanest and most time-efficient manner. Click here to find out more.

Become a member and realise the benefits our award-winning CPD can provide for your school.

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