There are a number of factors which school leaders, DSLs, Deputy DSLs and mental health leads need to be aware of when it comes to how mental health is inspected under the new Ofsted EIF.

The new guidance stresses the importance of wellbeing and makes it clear that Ofsted will be considering this as part of their inspection criteria.

Anna Bateman is an experienced subject matter expert on mental health & wellbeing – working in an advisory role for the DfE. When evaluating your own school’s mental health provision, she recommends taking a whole school approach, because this is what the inspection framework will be focusing on.

In our above ‘Top Tips’ video, Anna highlights a number of other areas to concentrate on, while providing a wealth of insight.

In the last 10 years, her career has seen Anna work with hundreds of primary and secondary schools – transforming them in the process. She also advised the Department for Education on their mental health green paper and has a wide range of expertise on the topic of mental health in schools.

All the points presented in our ‘Top Tips’ feature are analysed further in our ‘How Ofsted inspects Mental Health under the new EIF’ webinar.

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