The new Ofsted Education Inspection Framework (EIF) is now firmly in place. However, we, at The National College, still receive a number of questions from school leaders, governors and trustees on just how the EIF will directly impact them.

There are a range of points in the new EIF for stakeholders to be aware of. These range from topics around contribution of governors to a specified school’s performance to meetings in relation to exercising governance of the school.

Maggie Parker is an experienced and practising inspector. She advises school leaders to concentrate further on what subject leaders are doing within school and to thereafter create ‘link governors’, as a means of generating a go-between in reference to the governing body and school. Link governors will heighten all governors’ comprehension of how the school is operating, from both a strategic and financial standpoint.

Besides this, Maggie delivers an abundance of other vital and essential information in our above ‘Top Tips’ video. As well as being a qualified inspector, her career has seen her occupy roles as a headteacher and a SEND lead – giving her a broad spectrum of knowledge when it comes to understanding both what Ofsted are looking for and, on the flip side, what schools should be aware of.

Everything in our ‘Top Tips’ feature is covered in further depth in our ‘Governance and the new Ofsted EIF: The role of trustees and governors’ webinar.

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