Peer-on-Peer Sexual Abuse: An Expert Review of DfE Statutory Safeguarding Guidance

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Expert Speaker: Anna Dootson
Date: 18th February 2020
Time: 1pm
Cost: £50
Duration: 1 hour (approx)

In the next edition of our #WebinarWednesday series, we feature ‘Peer-on-Peer Sexual Abuse: An Expert Review of DfE Statutory Safeguarding Guidance’.

The ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education 2019’ statutory guidance is a key piece of legislation in relation to peer-on-peer abuse and developing a school policy. It is imperative that all school staff have a definitive understanding of what their own school policy is.

However, it is the responsibility of governing bodies and proprietors to ensure their policy meets DfE requirements – ensuring that allegations are recorded, victims who have experienced peer-on-abuse are supported, besides varying other factors.

The topic of peer-on-peer abuse is wide-ranging and doesn’t conclude once children have left the school premises – hence why school staff must have an awareness across all channels, recognising any potential signs and ensuring they are alert to the dangers.

In this webinar, presented by experienced SEND, safeguarding and mental health specialist, Anna Dootson, you will use case study examples to aid your understanding of the core legislation and legal requirements which schools must be aware of. You will also be provided with expert guidance around taking the next steps and how to create a relevant plan of action.