The Role of the Designated Senior Lead for Mental Health Virtual Conference

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Expert Speakers: Anna Bateman & Anna Dootson
Date: Available on demand
Cost: £100
Duration: 4 hours (approx)

In the latest edition of our #WebinarWednesday series, we feature a Virtual Conference which looks at the role of the Designated Senior Lead for Mental Health.

Mental Health Leads are the central figure in their school or college’s mental health initiatives and programmes. They are key to ensuring a whole school approach is taken towards the subject of mental health and wellbeing.

As a Mental Health Lead, you have the responsibility to support staff member’s understanding of what’s needed to adhere to children’s mental health requirements.

You should help staff members grasp how mental health and wellbeing can fit into the curriculum and take a proactive approach to implementing and/or bolstering strategies which will have a positive influence and impact on pupils’ mental health.

In viewing this conference, which is delivered by two leading mental health experts, you will be given an in-depth outline of the role of the Designated Mental Health Lead and the core areas which accompany the position.

You will also receive a suite of additional resources including a whole school audit tool, policy template, example job description for Mental Health Leads and ‘Pyramid of Need’ suggestions.