Neuroscience for Learning: Is There a Better Way of Teaching?

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About the Webinar

The idea that a greater understanding of the brain can improve teaching and learning is very seductive. Whilst there are no silver bullets, there is much that can be gained from educational neuroscience and the impact this could have in the classroom. This webinar will provide a first step in building your knowledge within this hugely interesting field and what value it could bring to teaching. Aimed at school leaders and teachers, it will look into brain development at different ages, the implications on teaching and dispel a few ‘neuromyths’ in the process.

Learning Outcomes

  • Why educational neuroscience? Benefits and challenges

  • Trying to understand the brain: structure, function and maturation… and the risk of neuromyths

  • Some implications for teaching

  • Brain and inhibition: Is it worth waiting? The value of ‘thinking time’

Derek Bell

About The Expert

Derek Bell

Champion for using educational neuroscience to inform teaching and learning.
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Neuroscience for Learning: Is there a Better Way of Teaching?

Interesting webinar
Grace Pulman - The Heath School

The teenage brain

An interesting watch that is a very complex area of knowledge
Lorraine Hall - The Heath School

The myths-buster section was very useful.

The webinar clarified how the brain makes connections over time.
Lucy Dale, Teacher - Harlowbury Primary School

The brain and how children learn

Always interesting to find out more information on how children's brains learn.
Sam Wooldridge, Teacher - Discovery Primary Academy

Interesting concepts to consider

It makes perfect sense to combine understanding of how the brain functions with our understanding of how students learn best.
Maria King, Teacher - University Academy Long Sutton

Neuro Science for Learning

Great myth buster, the second half of the session was more pertinent with regards to teaching and learning, but the whole session was really interesting and informative.
Lillian Drakard, Teacher - Ormiston Sudbury Academy

The Brain

Very interesting and complex information, helping to understand how the brain learns and what are Neuro-muths.
Carol Travers-Orton, Support staff - Robin Hood Academy

Follow the Science and Improve Learning in the Classroom

This Webinar is very informative, thought provoking and useful. ALL TEACHERS SHOULD WATCH THIS. The first half is fascinating and lays the foundation for the practical applications of the knowledge in the second half which is supported by academic and scientific research. An excellent Webinar.
Richard Stroud - The Forest High School

Neuroscience Education

Very insightful and gave me the understanding of how the brain works in young people. In addition it also gave me an insight on how to embed neuroscience in teaching and learning and how to meet the needs of every child in a classroom setting.
James Owusu, teacher - The Sittingbourne School

Neuroscience insight

Very interesting from the science perspective. The second half was applicable to any teachers and gives some food for thought about best practices in the classroom.
Tom Pender, Science Teacher - Shoeburyness High School


Interesting - reminded me of some basic principles that I learnt about on my teaching course but had 'slipped' my mind over the day-to-day teaching
Emma Pearcey - Padnell Junior School

Very interesting and thought provoking.
Veronica DEARDEN - Pike Fold Community Primary School

Neuroscience for beginners

Lots of information to go away with and think about especially the points on 'strategies to encourage thinking'. Made me think about the pace of my lessons(need to try the 3 second stop and think) and how to make more explicit links between different ideas and not assume the children will make them.
Nichola Byrne, Year 1 class teacher - Forefield Community Infant and Nursery School

Very informative.
Flora Williams - The Appleton School


It was good
Robyn Martin - The Appleton School

Neuroscience for learning: is there a better way of teaching?

I found the explanation of how our brain works facinating. The tips and strategies given, were interesting and useful.
Tulin Kemal - Lancasterian Primary School

Very informative and made me think more deeply into how the brain works

Very interesting and pitched at just the right level. Challenged and informed in just the right measure.
Mary McPortland - Norlington School and 6th Form

Great Practical Information

Enjoyed the practical activities to show how the brain works. Lots of useful information that I can take back to the classroom, e.g. to extend the waiting time when asking questions in order to obtain better answers and better ideas. Thank you.
Kathleen Tekiner - Lancasterian Primary School

Neuroscience for learning: Is there a better way of teaching?

This was interesting information on how the brain works and the on-going research to aid education. It gives some different strategies to try out when teaching children.
Susannah Routledge, TA - Chapel Street Primary School

Great introduction into the impact of Neuroscience in education

This is a great webinar. As the speaker mentions, some of the information that he discusses is common knowledge, however some of the things he discusses are very interesting and very useful!
Stefan Perry-Hall, Teacher - Selly Oak Trust School


Heavy going, but reinforced some salient points. For example, giving children (and adults for that matter) processing time, especially when checking for understanding.
Chris Foster, support staff - Grove Street Primary School and Nursery School


My second CPD session was as insightful as the first!
Josh Prentice - The Appleton School


Didn't expect much from this webinar but ended up enjoying it and making plenty of notes
Dan Granger, Teacher - Tupton Hall School

neuroscience for better class teaching

This was truly interesting and gave me a heightened appreciation of how to increase learning success with basic adjustments to my learning environment and teaching practice. Thank you so much for such a fascinating webinar.
Julia Banks, Key Stage Lead - Grove Street Primary School and Nursery School


Good narrative that was easy to follow.
Claire Montrose, Literacy HLTA - Robert Blake Science College

An introduction to Neuroscience for Learning

Derek transferred his knowledge and passion for this topic with ease. An interesting speaker with diagrams and visuals to support and help make connections. I particularly enjoyed the practical elements.
Helen Jones - Selly Oak Trust School

Interesting topic

An interesting topic to consider and learn more about. Lots of things to now consider during my teaching.
Ben Watt, Teacher - TEACH Poole

Good high level summary of some of the concepts

I particularly appreciated the sections on the Goswami Review and theories about the effect of "inhibition of prior knowledge" and "domain specific learning"
Louise Kearns - Anglo European School

Mr Ed

Very informative presentation that helps to reinforce some of the standard practices we as teachers perform on a daily basis, while adding greater understanding of the scientific explanations to why these practices exist and are applied by teaching staff.
Matthew James - Retford Oaks Academy

Interesting seminar with relevant ideas.
Bernadette Simpson, Support staff - Robin Hood Academy

Neuroscience in education

I felt this webinar only scratched the surface of the links to how the brain affects learning yet gave a good basis of the need for a multi sensory approach to learning and the importance of thinking time for all children.
Carol Dean, Support staff - Harlowbury Primary School

A thought provoking presentation. Encouraged to integrate and add suggested ideas to current classroom practice.

Interesting presentation
Jackie WORRELL, Teacher - Corley Centre

Brilliant! Worth for every Teacher or Enabler to watch.

Loved it!
Rita Butkeviciute, Teacher - Queen Katharine Academy


An interesting webinar about the complexity of learning as a whole process and some useful strategies about how to encourage more thinking within the classroom.
Gabriella Barthos, Teacher - Roding Primary School

Engaging webinar

I found Prof. Derek Bell very interesting and engaging to listen to. I made a large number of notes, as it helps me think and I watched this 60 minute webinar during three sittings, so it took me a lot longer than one hour. I would recommend it highly as a starting point for anyone that would like to refresh their practice in light of more recent research.
Sigrid Leidig - Simon Langton Girls' Grammar School


Ronni Monkcom - Miltoncross Academy

A lot of food for thought

A very informative and interesting webinar. Very pleased that I chose this, especially before the end of the academic year, as the presenter has raised a number of points and ideas which I am keen to consider and implement within my planning for the next academic year. Thank you!
Connie Jones, Teacher - Withernsea High School Humanities College

Interesting with practical ideas

I enjoyed the science parts of this webinar and it certainly gave me a lot to think about. The very key parts I took away were right at then end and I shall be working on applying these to my teaching and sharing them with others.
Cheryl Nowell, Vice Principal - Charnwood Primary School

Neuroscience Review

Slow starter but it does get more interesting.
Jo Mans, TA - St. Ambrose R.C. Primary School

Very well presented

Excellent content and clearly made relevant to day to day teaching.
David Alexander, Class teacher - Saint Ambrose Barlow Catholic Primary M29 7DY


very helpful
Joanne Birtwistle, SSA - Springside Primary School

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