COVID-19: DfE ‘Guidance for Parents and Carers on Supporting Children and Young People’s Mental Health and Wellbeing’

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About the Webinar

On 30th March, the DfE released guidance for parents and carers to help them look after the mental health and wellbeing of their children and young people during the coronavirus outbreak. This includes those with additional needs and disabilities.

The guidance provides a number of key points that parents should consider when speaking to their child and trying to understand the cause and nature of their stress. It also provides useful advice on how different age groups may react to the current situation, how parents should look to support young people with learning disabilities, tackling instances of bullying where to get further support.

In this video update John Rees, an experienced teacher, trainer and consultant with more than 25 years educational leadership experience, will discuss what this guidance means for parents and carers. He will offer advice around implementation and simple steps they can take to support their children’s mental health as best they can during this difficult period.

John Rees

About The Expert

John Rees

RSHE subject matter expert with over 25 years educational leadership experience
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COVID Guidance

Very informative, a lot of key messages shared in a calm and supportive manner - thank you.
Melanie Betts, - Caistor Yarborough Academy


The helpline information that was provided was very useful.
Marta Hill, - Linton Village College


Valuable contact details For numerous agencies; website, telephone numbers and a new free texting service
Denise Robertson, TA - Kettlebrook Pupil Referral Unit

A lot of information for how different people react to the same situation.

Quick and to the point, with different help line.
Emma Hynes, - Wardle Academy

Clear and concise

I was a little reticent at first to engage in this webinar as I was worried about the advice being given to parents and carers. I should not have been. This is a very informative webinar and perfect for its targeted audience.
Josephine Lee, - North Walsham High School


This webinar has been a right opener, to hear and listen how to support and help Parents/ carers and children with mental health and wellbeing.
Maria Hickson, Senior leader - Roding Primary School


Quick and to the point.
Inga krzywakowska, - Phoenix Primary & Secondary School

Very informative
Cheryl Gardner, - The Appleton School

Covid-19 Supporting Children’s Mental Health and Well Being

Sensible advice. Remain calm, listen, and be honest with children. Remember that children take their emotional lead from the significant adults in their lives. A clear and calmly delivered webinar. Good advice about where to access further information.
Richard Stroud, - The Forest High School

Hina Jahfery, - Selly Oak Trust School

Parents and carers

Useful contacts given
Michelle Fisher, - Hordle Church of England Primary School


A kind and considerate guide on supporting our school community
Cara O'Connell, - Sarum Hall School

Easy listening.

This expert had a very calming voice that made listening and learning a pleasure. Thank you.
Claire Montrose, Literacy HLTA - Robert Blake Science College

Covid - 19 Supporting children and young peoples mental health and wellbeing

I found this webinar very valuable in understanding and supporting young peoples mental health and well being during this unprecedented time.
Louise Draper, - The Heath School

Informative webinar

Very informative
Shukria Begum, - Phoenix Primary & Secondary School

Brilliant Advice for everyone in isolation!👌

A very good share of key knowledge for all!
Shafia Ali, Teaching Assistant - Phoenix Primary & Secondary School


Emma James, Teaching Assistant - Hawthorn Primary School

Excellent advice, clearly delivered
Caroline Curtis, - Ormiston Bushfield Academy

I felt like i could be more patient and understand different types of behaviour

Louise Proudman, Support Staff - St Laurence School

Betty Lukun, Teaching Assistant - Phoenix Primary & Secondary School

Supporting young people & wellbeing

Some interesting & helpful advice for supporting young children & their wellbeing.
Laura Butler, - Charlestown Community Primary School

Very informative webinar.
Caroline Dobson, - Hordle Church of England Primary School

Lots of useful information and phone numbers. This webinar was very well presented especially listening to a lovely .
Julie Buckley, TA - Chapel Street Primary School

Guidance fo Parents And Carers

Great advice and useful contact.
Pamela Dunkley, - Selly Oak Trust School

A very encouraging and positive Webinar.
Olga Camacho, Teacher - The Pegasus Academy Trust

Supporting Mental Health

Quite useful for anyone who is supporting either their own children or school students with any level of mental health. This includes those who do not normally present types of behaviour linked to mental health condition.
James O'Neill, - The Appleton School

Personal experience

Information useful due to my personal life
Shirley Sinckler, Support staff - Pield Heath House School

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