Effective Behaviour Management: Is ‘Challenging Behaviour’ Misunderstood?

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About the Webinar

Challenging behaviour is not always understood correctly and often the primary needs behind these behaviours are overlooked, resulting in negative outcomes for both pupils and schools, including potential mental health issues. This webinar will aim to unpick what is actually meant by ‘behaviour’ and encourage senior school leaders, inclusions teams and care workers to think differently about how they perceive ‘challenging behaviour.’ Content will explore the needs of pupils against behaviour and focus on getting the basics right in order to take a whole school approach.

Learning Outcomes

  • To explore what we understand about behaviour

  • Speech, language and communication needs and the link with behaviour

  • Getting the basics right

  • Presenting behaviour v primary needs

  • Whole school approaches

  • Suggested reading

Anna Bateman

About The Expert

Anna Bateman

Subject matter expert on mental health & wellbeing, who works in an advisory role for the DfE.

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useful information

found this very interesting and positive
Michelle Needham, Teacher - Tupton Hall School

Good to date. A useful tool for schools and staff due to you being able to tailor the CPD to your own interest and needs.
Julianna SANDY, Teacher - Mayfield School RM8 1XE

Effective Behaviour Management: Is ‘Challenging Behaviour’ Misunderstood?

Useful to hear teacher's views.
Antonia Rochowski, Teacher - The Adeyfield Academy

managing behavior

awesome, informative and highly recommend for teachers to watch then they maybe able to understand more about the behavior of children with Autism
Ann Rhodes - Tuxford Academy


Excellent webinar
Glynis Russell, Support staff - The Heath School

Shirley Bladon, Support staff - The Heath School

Very interesting webinar

Great tips and informative ideas for whole school approach.
Poppy MOORE, TA - Corley Centre

lots to think about

very informative
Louise Garbutt, Support staff - Burlington Junior School

Effective Behaviour Management: Is ‘Challenging Behaviour’ Misunderstood?

I found this webinar extremely useful as if broke down the different approaches of behaviour management. It has broadened my understanding of behaviour and the contributing factor. I will definitely use some of these approaches in my future teaching.
Sidhra Aslam, TEACHER - Chapel Street Primary School

Great speaker & clear to listen & understand.
Helen Hadley, Senior learning Mentor - Cottesbrooke Infant School

fantastic webinar

Informative, interactive and well delivered. Thank you
Jessica Newsome, Support staff - Burlington Junior School

Behaviour and mental health

Interesting and informative. I could relate to the info given with my own experiences.
Christine Crawford, Support staff - Burlington Junior School


Really interesting and informative session from a practitioner with a wealth of experience.
Jeremy Beecham, n/a - Shirebrook Academy

Child behaviour

Really informative. I have learnt a lot by taking this course.
Linda Anderson, Support Staff - Castle Hill Primary School

Very informative and thought provoking.
Veronica DEARDEN - Pike Fold Community Primary School

A very educative training
Mavis Oparehene - Parkway Primary School

Enjoyable and informative, thank you.
Sarah Bradford - Saltersgate Infants School

Very Informative!

I found this very easy to watch. The lady made it interesting and easy to listen to, very informative!
Chantelle Whaley, Support staff - Pike Fold Community Primary School

Informative CPD

Excellent insight into understanding the concepts of challenging behaviour. Thoroughly enjoyed this webinar, included useful tips on how to manage behaviour.
Dawn Evans - Tudor Grange Academy Worcester

Challenging behaviour

This webinar gave good advice and food for thought to review my professional practice as well as ideas to take back to my school and discuss with colleagues.
Fiona Dawes, HLTA - Forefield Community Infant and Nursery School

In the shoes of SEND learner

I liked the three 'live' activities which put you in the shoes of an autistic learner and appreciated how they feel
James Edwards, n/a - Shirebrook Academy

challenging behaviour

Clearly led by someone who knows what they are talking about! Though I personally found it too statistics-heavy and would prefer more explanation of the strategies and tips from the last 5 minutes such as what a 'positive behaviour policy' might look like in practice.
Emma Pearcey - Padnell Junior School

Is Challenging Behaviour Misunderstood?

An in depth webinar which reminds us all that there are reasons behind challenging behaviour. Key message is know your pupils. A useful reminder of the basics of effective classroom management and the importance of effective whole school approaches.
Richard Stroud - The Forest High School


relaxed approach which worked, informative and interesting, I enjoyed the case study and task.
Lisa Chadry, Teaching Assistant - St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School DY8 2DT

Behaviour approaches

Looking at different behaviour approaches I found the piece written by Daisy very useful. To hear how she feels, understanding the people around her and how they see her must be a very difficult challenge every single day.
Samantha BOWKER - Pike Fold Community Primary School


I really enjoyed the interaction during this webinar.
Julie Buckley, TA - Chapel Street Primary School


Vivien RENSHAW - Pike Fold Community Primary School


Really enjoyed listening to Wendy and found it extremely helpful
Hayley Petch, Study club manager - Anglo European School

Very interesting and informative, made me think how I could change my classroom practise.
Dawn Swales, Support staff - Burlington Junior School

This webinar was well informed and helpful.
Julie Cubitt, Support staff - Fakenham Infant and Nursery School


Very good tips to follow. Thanks
Maryam Sabzevar, TA - Chapel Street Primary School

Effective Behaviour Management

A very informative webinar but the 6 minute story from Daisy, a pupil is a real "eye-opener"
Sally Bannan - Aston Academy

Interesting angle

I found the examples of how a student perceives different situations very helpful, as in this is what it feels like to be in their shoes if you try and do this
Cath Fellows - The Forest High School

I found the webinar informative and reassuring.
Nichola Byrne, Year 1 class teacher - Forefield Community Infant and Nursery School

Caroline Tomas

I found the whole topic really helpful. Also gave me some food for thought.
Caroline Thomas - Hordle Church of England Primary School

Effective Behaviour Management

A knowledgeable presentation full of useful tips and tools to support our young people..
James Hutchinson - Ian Ramsey Church of England Academy

Interesting and informative I could relate to the infos given with my own experience
Sharifa Khatun - Phoenix Primary & Secondary School

Wendy Casson Effective behaviour for learning

Wendy was very knowledgeable and understanding of pupils has to why they may display challenging behaviour. I can see why pupils would want to go and talk to her. I Loved the case study and examples which helped be better understand pupils with regards to the obstacles they face. I would love to work/shadow with Wendy to see how she deals with day to day challenges at the behaviour unit I think that this Webinar alongside hands on experience shadowing a professional in this field would be an advantage.
Katrina Austwick - Aston Academy

very helpful to understand the topic of training
Teresa Fiuk, TA - Phoenix Primary & Secondary School

Thought provoking webinar

Wendy is a very natural and engaging presenter who encourages you to think about the reasons for challenging behaviour.
Victoria Nicholls - The Raglan Schools

Getting a response from all of your learners.

I found this useful, particularly because the presenter had a secondary background and my own experience is limited to the 4 to 12 year old age range of children. The presenter was very knowledgeable and was confident in sharing their own viewpoints. I was left with plenty to think about on my return to class teaching post Covid-19.
Julia Banks, Key Stage Lead - Grove Street Primary School and Nursery School

Interesting and helpful

An insightful and practical look at changes in practice to support behaviour management.
Michael Crampton - The Venerable Bede CE Academy

Sarah Ellison - Grove Street Primary School

I really enjoyed this Webinar, particularly the interactive tasks. It was led by a very knowledgeable, informative lady who shared clear steps in achieving effective behaviour management. Thank you.
Sarah Ellison, Teacher - Grove Street Primary School and Nursery School


Interesting point of view. Valid suggestions.
Holly Pestell - The Venerable Bede CE Academy

Effective behaviour management

Really useful and found the real life case studies very helpful.
Olivia Beale - Edgebury Primary School

A greater understanding of challenging behaviour

This webinar has reminded me of many of the reasons my students display challenging behaviour and given me clear strategies and examples to support me. I love the use of real life examples and could relate well to the presenter.
Megan Sargent - The Hamble School

Interesting and informative

The webinar really highlighted the importance of effective communication and the role of the adult in establishing positive relationships. Thank you.
Lisa McCarthy, Teacher - Grove Street Primary School and Nursery School


excellent content on building relationships with children to understand them better to deal with their challenging behavior
Anita Awumey, Senior leader - Roding Primary School

An engaging webinar

I enjoyed the webinar as well as identifying ideas I had forgotten about it was also reassuring to recognise some that I already do. It was a very engaging session.
Susan Capewell, Classroom Teacher - Allenton Community Primary School


Excellent seminar on behaviour management.
Halima Khanum, Teaching assistant - Selly Oak Trust School

Mental Health

Good basic understanding of the mental health subject and well being of staff and students. Increased my knowledge on the topic.
Jayshree Bulsara - The Raglan Schools

Simon Tarr, Assistant Principal Inclusion

Good balance of anecdotal evidence, Ofsted findings and helpful strategies
Simon Tarr - Wymondham High Academy

Effective Behaviour Management

Some interesting points made with links to external reading.
R Grey - The Portsmouth Academy

mrs reay

yet another very informative webinar, its always good to have reinforcement and extra knowledge to add to what you already know which can be built on
Sharon Reay - Ian Ramsey Church of England Academy

Refreshing viewpoint

A really refreshing viewpoint and way of considering my own teaching behaviours. Great to hear the point of view of a vulnerable young person too.
L Brock - Swinton Academy

Points made.

No nonsense approach by highly experienced teaching staff. Using analogies helped.
Claire Montrose, Literacy HLTA - Robert Blake Science College

Challenging behaviour misunderstood

Some great points for mainstream staff to step back and understand some learners individual needs.
Richard Hockney - Selly Oak Trust School

Useful information

I learnt alot from this webinar. And agreed with alot. Thank you
Selina Howell - Phoenix Primary & Secondary School

Challenging behaviour

I enjoyed this overview into challenging behaviour it was a reminder of the difficulties many of the children I work with in the speech and language setting face on a daily basis
Carol Dean, Support staff - Harlowbury Primary School

Excellent training

A very informative and considered tutorial
Juliet Davies - The Raglan Schools

Wendy's presentation and scenarios used were brilliant. It has made me think more about my approach. I will definitely be working on building relationship with my students.
Ima Ewa - Weavers Academy


I’ve done a lot of online courses and watched many videos. This by far was one of the most interesting for me
Jo Wright, Support staff - Leamington Primary and Nursery Academy (FHT)


Absolutely brilliant experience! Informative, useful for everybody working with pupils who have Speech, Language and Communication needs.
Rita Butkeviciute, Teacher - Queen Katharine Academy

Great to revisit good practice through this presentation.

A well presented presentation identifying key factors that need to be taken into account and led by school leadership.
Jackie WORRELL, Teacher - Corley Centre

R Hodson

I thought this webinar was very informative and its definitely made me think about how I can better support young people in my educational setting.
Rachel Hodson - Lytham Hall Park Primary School

Very engaging speaker, made it real and relevant.

I have a better understanding of how it is my responsibility to adapt my behaviour to better help the children learn.
Stephanie Rendle - Lytham Hall Park Primary School

Fantastic webinar

Very interesting and engaging webinar, which gives you new outlook on how to effectively manage behaviours.
Karolina Pieton, Teacher - Selly Oak Trust School

Effective Behaviour Management

Informative and engaging webinar.
Pamela Dunkley - Selly Oak Trust School

The information on Behaviour management was excellent it has made me realise that I need to understand the reasoning behind why a child is misbehaving This will help within my work setting
Althea Donalds - Lytham Hall Park Primary School

New strategies and reinforcement of existing ones

The webinar highlighted new strategies but also reinforced existing ones and confirmed that consistency is key.
J Fox, TA - Moorside High School ST9 0HP

Challenging Behavour webinar.

This webinar was most informative. The personal account of how a students' individual struggles were achieved and managed was invaluable and very poignant to listen to, very inspirational!
T Hodgkinson, TA - Moorside High School ST9 0HP

Behavaviour Management

I found this webinar very useful, in how all different behaviours and approaches were explained. This has helped broaden my knowledge on how to deal with behaviour in the setting.
Omehra Mukhtar, Learning support - Summerhill Primary Academy

Some interesting points
Lorraine GarnerWatts - Poole High School

Wendy Casson. Behaviour

This was a well presented and imformative Webinar.
Donna Wilson - Lytham Hall Park Primary School

Dealing with bad behaviour in the classroom

Good webinar,now I know how to manage pupils who exhibit bad behaviour. I need to look for the underlining problems if there are any, deal with the positives of the student rather than the negative. Build a relationship.
Mercy Lasoye - Wilmington Grammar School for Boys

Excellent and informative

good information to help in school
Lisa Morrison, Teaching Assistant - Our Lady and St Patrick's Catholic Primary School

Good Strategies

Webinar was informative giving strategies to help in classroom, how to be more positive with students where behaviour is challenging with good examples of how to change it.
Jacqueline Reed - The Venerable Bede CE Academy

I found this webinar incredibly informative, you clearly have a lot of experience and I thank you for sharing this with me!
Rachel Stedman, Teacher - Hilbre High School


I found this webinar very useful. We are all faced with different challenges everyday. Hearing advice and learning will help us all to improve as teachers.
Will Norman, Teacher - Burlington Junior School

Challenging Behaviour - is it misunderstood?

Excellent presentation which offers specific ideas linked to the OFSTED framework and sign posts to further reading 5*
Bobbie Murray - Colne Valley High School

very interesting well delivered

enjoyed this course,very insightful.
Jennifer Copley - Lytham Hall Park Primary School

Support Assistant

Thought provoking and informative ideas for whole school approach.
Rachel Clayton - Cottingley Village Primary School


Very useful webinar.
Angela Regan - Wilmington Grammar School for Boys

I enjoyed the webinar and would now like further information on addressing challenging behaviour.
David Vincent - The Venerable Bede CE Academy

Effective managing behaviour

Informative and supportive. What resonates with me is - just because a person can read text it does not mean that they can process the information read or apply learning.
s lloyd, Teacher - Holy Family Catholic School & Sixth Form

I found this webinar very useful
Ann Mitchell, Student Support Officer - Yardleys School


Love how Wendy provided meaningful examples and pin point very interesting areas.!
Delia Casey, Teacher - Fir Tree Fishery CIC


Very interesting
Daniel Wrenn, TA - Corley Centre


Thoroughly enjoyed the webinar. As a HLTA attached to KS4 I work closely with many students who display negative behaviours. And found some excellent tips and ideas to use when faced with these behaviours. I also take cover lessons and will use the ideas given to help me with behaviour management and best practice
Tracy Halfacre, HLTA - St Bonaventure's School

Every teacher and support assistant should watch this. It's about helping the forgotten students that are often misunderstood.
Miku Falcone - Anglo European School


Excellent webinar. The presenter came across very experienced and approachable.
Ann Robinson, Teacher - Fir Tree Fishery CIC

Carly Harrison, LSA - Wright Robinson College

Excellent very informative .
Michelle Stanhope - Carrwood Primary School

Very informative and thought provoking.
Helen Murray - Carrwood Primary School

NQT views of webinar

I think it was enlightening the how in depth and passionate she was about the children she teaches.
Lauren Parkes, Science Teacher - Shoeburyness High School


Definitely worth a listen too found this very interesting.
Sam Gray, LSA - Chorley St James' Church of England Primary School


I enjoyed the Webinar. It reminded me of the reasons I say and do so many of the things I say and do in my job. I hope to be able to use the refresher to develop and influence daily activity.
Lynne Naylor, SSLU Co-ordinator - Withernsea High School Humanities College

Effective Behaviour Management

Inspiring webinar. Has validated many of my thoughts and supports my feelings on best approaches in enabling all learners.
Kathryn Lawton - Cheltenham Bournside School and Sixth Form Centre

I really enjoyed the webinar. It was very informative
adebusola fagbuaro - Shoeburyness High School

Very Refreshing Approach

I enjoyed this webinar, the lady presenting was clearly very experienced and passionate about her role and I felt she used a very "common sense" and honest approach.
Mrs C Johnson - Wolsingham School

Very interesting and constructive

This webinar raises a number of valid points worthy of ongoing reflection and review, and I wholeheartedly agree with the emphasis on relationship-building with students as key to quality teaching and learning and therefore to behaviour management. The facilitator takes a no-nonsense approach to the topic and her lively presentation style makes this webinar really engaging. Many thanks.
Connie Jones, Teacher - Withernsea High School Humanities College

Good webinar

Useful recommendations and practical advice for supporting behaviour.
Duncan Garrett, Deputy head teacher - Roseacre Junior School

Very informative

Found this to be very interesting and a lot to think about
Julie Moore, Teaching Assistant - Cherry Tree Hill Primary School

Effective Behaviour Management: Is Challenging Behaviour Misunderstood.

This webinar was very informative, highlighting why challenging behaviour is misunderstood. It gave positive guidance for all class staff to consider for better outcomes.
Julie Doidge, Study Supervisor and Learning Mentor - The Forest School

Know your students!

Great Webinar thank you. As a teacher in a special needs school this Webinar confirmed that knowing your students is key to good teaching and learning and forming those all important relationships.
Mandy Lillis, Teacher - Selly Oak Trust School

Helpful Webinar

This webinar helped me solidify my understanding of the key things I need to do in my classroom to ensure students have the best chance possible to behave well.
Bronty Andrews, Teacher - University Academy Holbeach


Very informative.
Zoie Wiseman, Pastoral Manager - Withernsea High School Humanities College

Effective Behaviour Management: Is Challenging Behaviour Misunderstood?

This training session was excellent. It gave great strategies and ideas on how to improve practice by looking carefully at what the deep rooted issues could be for the child's behaviour.
Deepti Chauhan, SENCO - Grafton Primary School

Very useful

I will recommend to others
Anne-Marie Wade, Support Staff - Parkside Academy


I really enjoyed watching the webinar. I am support staff in a school and this was aimed at all levels. Completing the tasks make you realise.
Helen Dewhirst, Business Support Officer (Pastoral) - Spen Valley High School

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