How Schools Can Support The Mental Health and Wellbeing of Pupils with Autism

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About the Webinar

This webinar will provide head teachers, school leaders, mental health leads, SENDCOs and teachers with first-hand experience of how to support pupils with autism and overcome some of the common challenges schools may face.

  • The ‘Special educational needs and disability code of practice: 0 to 25 years’ statutory guidance makes it clear that all schools should take measures to meet their legislative duties in supporting children with special educational needs. This includes children with autism.

In this webinar, mental health and wellbeing expert Anna Bateman, discusses the complexities of autism in an educational setting and provides practical advice using real-life examples on how schools can support students who are autistic.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the broader context and data around mental health for children and those with autism

  • Identify some of the most common challenges that schools face in engaging children with autism and overcoming these barriers

  • Recognise how to support students who are autistic, including creating a whole school culture and the importance of using the correct language and strong communication

  • Learn from best practice models delivered first-hand by school staff and how they have implemented successful strategies

  • Recognise further tools and resources which can help to support your provision around mental health and autism

Anna Bateman

About The Expert

Anna Bateman

Subject matter expert on mental health & wellbeing, who works in an advisory role for the DfE.

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Behaviour and mental health

Interesting and easy to listen to.
Christine Crawford, Support staff - Burlington Junior School

Supporting the Mental Health of pupils with ASD

Another really good webinar with interesting strategies to support the mental health of pupils with ASD but also any pupil with mental health issues.
Karen Baker, Support staff - Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

It gave me some really good strategies to use in class to help support pupils

I found it to be a really interesting experience, I enjoyed learning new strategies and how to apply them.
Taylor Jesse, Teacher - Trinity Church of England School

Positive Informative Session

Excellent Webinar on ASD, which could help whole school staff have a better understanding of children within the school that need that extra support, to help them cope. Thankyou
Carol Travers-Orton, Support staff - Robin Hood Academy

A must watch webinar

This is an excellent overview not just in helping children with autism but giving teachers an understanding of how a child feels and views the world around them. Well done!
Anna Lane, - Edgebury Primary School

Interesting and useful information

I find this webinar easy to access and the pace was comfortable, i was able to write notes without needing to pause the video.
MarieClaire Taylor, - West Hill School (SK15 1LX)

supporting mental health of ASD students.

This Webinar was informative and reinforced the positive practice we already implement within our school. each section gave information and strategies on how to support students with ASC throughout their school experiences and how we can support and prepare them for future life. This webinar also provides additional research/ reading that relates to the topic.
jenny sparrow, - Park Community Academy

i have really got to know about autism spectrum
Mavis Oparehene, - Parkway Primary School

This webinar is absolutely fantastic with real situation examples and very detailed.

This webinar was very detailed portraying actual situations to be dealt with in school. The situation handling by the leadership teams (e.g. headteacher), teaching staff (both primary and secondary)and the post 16 is very influencing.
Debalina Mazumdar, - Selly Oak Trust School

Concise insight into ASD wellbeing

The webinar was concise, and the input from the head and staff form Uffculme school Birmingham was excellent.
Helen Bate, - St Peter's CE Primary School

Secondary School

I found the webinar informative and reassuring as many of the strategies are being used in my setting.
Dyane Clark, - Court Moor School


easy to use
Melanie Frost, Learning Support Assistant - Cranbrook School

Clear, concise and easy to use information for mainstream schools.
Kelly Jacques, Teacher - Ormiston Sudbury Academy

Very good

Very informative
Kristie Middleton, Senior leader - Roding Primary School

Mental Health and Well-being for anyone with Autism

I completed this video, as I work in a school with Children and Young people who have Social, Emotional and Mental Health issues. I found that this video had lots of things I was already aware of however this has given me new techniques and ideas.
Carla Benitez, RCO - Brompton Hall School


Anna was very easy to listen to and it was good to be able to pause and rewind (the phone rang)
Beverley Price, - Northfleet Nursery School


This is a very informative webinar and it provides a real insight into the world of a child with ASD. Some useful strategies and tips provided on how to deal with transitions and how to support the social and emotional development of children with ASD.
Abigail Highfield, Teacher - Cottesbrooke Infant School


very helpful
Jennifer OConnell, Teacher - Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Primary School

Review for ASD and Mental Health

The course was very well informed and by giving more details about how to cope with people with mental health and ASD.
RACHEL EVANS, Learning Support Assistant - Birkenhead Sixth Form College

S Reay

I throughly enjoyed the ASD webinar , it gave even more insight to strategies used within specialist schools for pupils with ASD. How in a mainstream school that there is a core thread between all and how extra strategies can be used within main stream school .
Sharon Reay, - Ian Ramsey Church of England Academy


interesting, clear and informative
Lisa Chadry, Teaching Assistant - St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School HA3 7LP

Autisum ASD

This was interesting and relevant for all children.
Susannah Routledge, TA - Chapel Street Primary School

A fantastic webinar highlighting strategies and ideas to support children with ASD
Kerry Hillier, Higher Level TA - Our Lady and St Patrick's Catholic Primary School

Very informative. A range of effective and easily implemented strategies that will support ASD alongside a host of other mental health issues.
Leesa Osborn, Classroom Teacher - St Gregory's Catholic Primary School CA14 3PD

Supporting the Mental Health and Wellbeing of Pupils with Autism

Useful strategies to support students with their emotional literacy. As with all pupils, good relationships are the key. A very informative webinar with examples of practical strategies. Key thought: Is the battle really worth having? Does it really matter? Good advice for dealing with all students but especially important for autistic students.
Richard Stroud, - The Forest High School

Very engaging Webinar.

The Webinar gave me a lot of strategies and ideas on helping young children and adults with autism.
Jackie Watts, - Court Moor School

I found it very useful thank you
Selina Howell, - Phoenix Primary & Secondary School

ASD and supporting young people

I think that knowing your pupils is key to understanding their needs. This webinar successfully highlighted the need for structure and routine but also that pupils feel supported. I particularly liked the idea of a surgery and is something that I would consider using as a strategy to support young people I work with to alleviate any anxieties.
Penny Houghton, - Park Community Academy

Mental Health and Well being of pupils with Autism

Very informative webinar. Interviews with teachers from Primary school, Secondary school and Post-16 setting transitions is very insightful with practical strategies.
Pamela Dunkley, - Selly Oak Trust School

I have a non verbal son who has many complex needs. I found this interesting.
Laura Barnes, - Long Bennington Church Of England Academy

supporting mental health

Interesting case study
Emma Pearcey, - Padnell Junior School

How schools can support mental health of pupils with autism

An interesting insight into how to support pupils with Autism at different stages throughout education, with first hand experience/strategies from staff in all settings
Nicky Khoshdel, - Bolton Impact Trust

Knowledgeable, experienced information from educational specialists.

Gina Pretlove, - The Sittingbourne School

Great Webinar

This was a really informative webinar and I highly recommend this to anyone teaching or supporting individuals with ASD.
Lorna Finch, HLTA - The Fulbridge Academy

How school can support the mental health and well being of pupils with Autism

It was interesting and helpful hearing the views and being given tips on how to support pupils in both primary and secondary school settings.
Tulin Kemal, - Lancasterian Primary School

Anna Bateman

Was really informative. Was really use full to have a range of teaching staff from Primary secondary and from Phillipa Hunt who has been working with ASD pupils for 15 years.
Katrina Austwick, - Aston Academy

It was easy to listen to and had real teachers talking about their experiences.
Mel Alesbrook, Teacher - Kettlebrook Pupil Referral Unit

Very informative

I found the strategies presented very helpful and look forward to using them in a classroom setting
Cath Fellows, - The Forest High School

Brilliant insight of teachers for people is ASD!

A very intellectual overview of how our children with ASD can cope with mental health issues👌
Shafia Ali, Teaching Assistant - Phoenix Primary & Secondary School

Strategies for pupils with ASD

This was a good refresher on strategies for children with ASD. I have found that these strategies work well for all children, with or without an ASD diagnosis. It was really nice to see the headteacher, primary, secondary and post-16 teachers talking about their experiences, informing us of strategies that work well in their special school settings. I will certainly take them back with me to school and continue to put them into practice for all my children.
Chris Foster, support staff - Grove Street Primary School and Nursery School

Autism Webinar

Excellent resource full of useful tips and strategies.
Hazel Swain, - St Peter's CE Primary School

Refresh your understanding

This was a good refresher webinar and particularly useful in the wide age range that was explored.
Julia Banks, Key Stage Lead - Grove Street Primary School and Nursery School


Very informative and helpful points.
Clare Burgess, Attendance officer - Summerhill Primary Academy

Intersting facts and figures with case studies modelling strategies for different key stages.
Isabel Taylor, Senior leader - Roding Primary School

How Schools Can Support The Mental Health and Wellbeing of Pupils with Autism

A very enjoyable and informative webinar. Would definitely recommend.
Edita Cizauskiene, - Northfleet Nursery School

This is definitely a webinar to watch. Full of lots of advice and very practical.

Very positive advice, especially to put yourself in the shoes of an autistic child.
Janette Heath, LSA - Holy Family Catholic School & Sixth Form

Wide range of perspectives

Enjoyed and was engaged throughout the duration of the Webinar. Good association from theoretical approaches applied to specific situations.
Laura Borelli Moya, Teaching assistant - Phoenix Primary & Secondary School

How to support children with autism in our classrooms

Really found this webinar useful especially the list of top tips at the end and listening to other practitioners experiences
Nichola Byrne, Year 1 class teacher - Forefield Community Infant and Nursery School

Great source of information

Great source of information
Davina Hitchens, - Poole High School


Very interesting especially systems and strategies to use leading up to pathways to success
Juliet Davies, - The Raglan Schools

Clear, informative and reassuring.

Easy to watch - nice to hear from other people working within a ASD setting.
Claire Rymill, Teaching Assistant - Selly Oak Trust School

Useful information to use in practice.

Useful information to refresh my practice.
Tova Rowe, TA - Westrop Primary & Nursery School

Very useful

Some very helpful strategies shared here by people who clearly understand children with autism
Jo Wright, Support staff - Leamington Primary and Nursery Academy (FHT)

Mental Health

Excellent and informative.
Jayshree Bulsara, - The Raglan Schools

Insightful and Informative

an hour well spent!
Verona Gowdie, - The Raglan Schools

supporting mental health and wellbeing of pupils with autism

A lot was reassuringly familiar with what takes place already in my school setting. I liked the idea of the surgery and calling it that, giving the association that a surgery should be a positive place of help.
Sonia Howard, - Selly Oak Trust School

A very engaging and informative course

I loved the experience of this course especially because of real time examples and solutions that I could relate to.
Syeda Siddiqua, - Selly Oak Trust School

Interesting Webinar

Watched with two pupils from my current class in mind and it answered all the questions I could have had on how to support them.
Emma Clay, Senior leader - Dean Field Community Primary School

Helpful and informative

I found the webinar helpful and informative with some useful strategies to use both in the classroom and one to one.
J Fox, TA - Moorside High School

How Schools Can Support The Mental Health and Wellbeing of Pupils with Autism

good and helpful online course
Katie-Rose Cooke, Teacher - Westrop Primary & Nursery School

It was excellent because you really presented theory and practice effectively.
Hina Jahfery, - Selly Oak Trust School

An Insightful and Interesting Webinar!

This webinar was really interesting. As a teacher in a SEN school, it made me realise how much we do without even realising it every single day! This webinar has given me confidence that I am fulfilling my role to its full potential, and it was great to see people in the video using the same strategies and approaches that I use in my job each day.
Michael Nicholls, - Selly Oak Trust School

Webinars coures

Enjoying the Topics and Courses although some are quite long however interesting.
Karen Meek, TA - Chapel Street Primary School

Excellent and very informative .
Michelle Stanhope, - Carrwood Primary School

Very informative with lots of useful strategies.
Bernadette Simpson, Support staff - Robin Hood Academy

Engaging, thought provoking and relevant to main stream school

Fantastic training using real life situations and practises which can be implemented in a main stream school setting.
Hannah Sherwood, NQT - Healing School A Science Academy

Mainstream schools must step up for students with ASD

What this webinar demonstrates is the way the current education system, one based on grades, league tables and high standards is not one which protects the mental health of our children.
Ben Sayer, - Holy Family Catholic School & Sixth Form

Understanding Autism and mental health

Excellent practical and easy ideas to help children with autism in mainstream school.
Catherine Carlisle, Teacher - Lily Lane Primary School

Talking from experience!

I found their testimonials a credit to the webinar and I’ve taken their experiences on board with enthusiasm.
Angelina Tuck, TA - Westrop Primary & Nursery School

Supporting Mental Health of those with Autism

This webinar has given me a much deeper understanding of how I can support those with autism much more. It has also made me much more aware of how I can do this with adults in my own life who are ASD. Thank you so much.
James O'Neill, - The Appleton School

How Schools Can Support the Mental Health and Wellbeing of Pupils With Autism

Very interesting throughout and watchable. I also found it reassured my own skills and practices.
Julie Ruck, - Charlton Park Academy

Useful Strategies

Very informative with lots of useful strategies discussed. Also, discussed the importance of parental involvement. Lots of practical advice given.
Kathleen Tekiner, - Lancasterian Primary School

Supporting the mental health and wellbeing of pupils with Autism.

A fabulous webinar brought to life by four staff from a local school (Uffculme). Each shared their knowledge, experience and expertise of how best to support the mental health and wellbeing of pupils with Autism. The Mental Health Surgery they have introduced sounds a great idea; students can self-refer or be referred by a teacher to discuss a problem and develop strategies. They are extremely good at teaching and supporting emotional literacy through connecting language to experiences. I will certainly recommend this webinar to other colleagues. Very interesting, thank you.
Helen Jones, - Selly Oak Trust School

very good

very intresting
Sarah Nichols, Non-teaching - Queen Katharine Academy

Informative and helpful.

I enjoyed this Webinar very much. I am looking forward to coming back to the classroom and applying some of the strategies how to support students with ASD.
Rita Butkeviciute, Teacher - Queen Katharine Academy


Really easy take away tips that you can start applying straight away. Fairly common sense, but a good reminder. Especially useful as we approach transition time.
Fellerman Elizabeth, - Chamberlayne College for the Arts

The Recovery Curriculum for Secondary Schools: Re-connection, Recovery and Resilience

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This webinar will provide practical advice and guidance on building a recovery curriculum that best supports children on their return to school.

The Recovery Curriculum for Primary Schools: Re-connection, Recovery and Resilience

  • 15th June 15th Jun 13:00pm

This webinar will provide practical advice and guidance on building a recovery curriculum that best supports children on their return to school.

A Webinar for Teaching Assistants: Adding Value Through a More Coordinated Approach to Supporting Low Attaining Pupils

  • 19th June 19th Jun 13:00pm

This webinar will provide Teaching Assistants with practical advice and guidance around how they can work with teachers to help better support low attaining pupils.

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