Innovative Strategies In Addressing Complex Special Educational Needs And Disabilities (SEND)

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About the Webinar

On average each classroom has at least 6 children with SEN. The ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ 2019 statutory guidance references the additional challenges that children with SEND can face however tight budgets mean that schools often struggle to find time and money for staff training. This means many teachers find it difficult to identify specific types of SEN and how to support it in the classroom.

This webinar is for school heads, SENCOs, SEN teaching assistants and teachers working directly with pupils with SEND. It will provide you with a description of the most common types of SEN in the classroom and offer practical strategies for support. It will also provide new and innovative approaches that can be used to help support students whilst they are in the classroom.

Learning Outcomes

  • The types of difficulties covered by SEN.

  • Defining different types SEN and exploring the signs teachers should look for.

  • Strategies for supporting children with SEN.

  • The different physical needs of children and how to support them.

  • 10 tips for supporting all children with SEN.

Karen Pilling

About The Expert

Karen Pilling

SEND expert and acting Deputy Head with an extensive background leading on SEN training in schools
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Good information

recommended to colleagues
Samantha Phillips - Simon Langton Girls' Grammar School

Behaviour and mental health

Good for recapping on strategies of what works for children and adults.
Christine Crawford, Support staff - Burlington Junior School

Innovative strategies in Addressing complex SEN needs

This was an extremely informative webinar on classroom strategies to support the increasing needs of some very vulnerable children with additional needs. Every Teacher needs to watch this!
Karen Baker, Support staff - Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

really informative webinar!

Even though I have been a teacher for 18 years I have picked up several tips from this webinar in relation to supporting students with SEN in my classroom.
Carolyn Hedley - University Academy Holbeach

Very informative.

I really enjoyed this webinar.
Maryam Sabzevar, TA - Chapel Street Primary School

Complex Special Educational Needs. Enjoyed this informative and interesting subject.

I work with children on a one to one basis. This made perfect sense to me and will enable me to improve my own work by using some of these strategies. Thank you
Susannah Routledge, TA - Chapel Street Primary School

Great webinar!

Very informative and easy to watch. This has improved my knowledge and I'm looking forward to using these skills in school.
Chantelle Whaley, Support staff - Pike Fold Community Primary School

Useful and amazing

In just one hour and 15 minutes, the amount of information, strategies and tips has been incredibly useful. It has been one of the best courses/ webinars \I've ever done. Thank you Karen Pilling
Susana Gols Moreno, TA - Allerton Church of England Primary School

Strategies in addressing Complex needs and disabilities (SEND)

Very comprehensive and thorough presentation that was delivered in an easy to follow style. Lots of helpful suggestions and tips to support working with students.
James Hutchinson - Ian Ramsey Church of England Academy

This was a fantastic webinar, the speaker was engaging and fluent and covered a huge range of difficulties and some very useful strategies to help in the classroom.
Julie Cubitt, Support staff - Fakenham Infant and Nursery School

Interesting and informative SEND overview

I enjoyed the session and was pleased that there was both an outline of what the different SEND areas were plus actual strategies that could be implemented. I was impressed that there was an awareness of how hard it can be to provide access to all students (especially at secondary school) but the high expectations of what we may be able to achieve.
Jane Wicks, Teacher - Ormiston Sudbury Academy

Would recommend this to any practitioner interested or working with SEN pupils

A very helpful webinar that covers lots of information on SEN and shares useful first hand applications and strategies. The speaker was also brilliant at conveying the information and the visuals were very useful for processing info and taking notes.
Niamh Quinlivan - Phoenix Primary & Secondary School


Really useful information given in a clear and concise way with some brilliant strategies and tips from a leading expert and experienced practitioner.
Lisa Oldreive - Court Moor School

Informative, based on experience and interesting

Well planned out and informative- good for a refresher or to gain a basic understanding of differenet SEND
Melanie Frost, Learning Support Assistant - Cranbrook School

Highly recommended

Very Good webinar. Highly useful as a T.A and parent of a child who has ASD. A lot of the techniques I am currently using at home and implementing at work, which is showing positive effects and helping to build on relationships with children with additional needs!
Tahrima Siddique, TA - Chapel Street Primary School

Innovative strategies in addressing complex special educational needs and disabilities

Fantastic resource. This is definitely a webinar to watch. Full of tips and strategies and very practical.
Janette Heath, LSA - Holy Family Catholic School & Sixth Form

Complex special needs

A great refresher course, useful strategies to try.
Dawn Swales, Support staff - Burlington Junior School

Strategies for SEND

A lot of information in a short space of time, but very informative. Most strategies I use already, but there are more that I will certainly try when back in school.
Chris Foster, support staff - Grove Street Primary School and Nursery School

Strategies to help SEND students with complex needs

ASD Triad of Impairment is very interesting and useful. ‘Know the child’ is vital strategy for autistic students. Managing any change sensitively is so important. Excellent practical strategies discussed. This is really helpful. Being aware of how SEND students may present and behave is so important for the class teacher so teacher response can be appropriate. Often this is not ‘just’ a naughty child but a child trying to cope. ‘Behaviour is a language.’ What is the child trying to tell you? Love the concept of ‘fair directed choice.’ Frequent checking in with students who have ADHD gives them attention without them having to misbehave to get attention. An excellent webinar and a real insight into the issues that some SEND students have to cope with on a daily basis.
Richard Stroud - The Forest High School

Karen Pilling SENCO

Really enjoyed this Webinar. It was very informative. I especially found the signs and strategies information really helpful.
Katrina Austwick - Aston Academy

Innovative strategies in addressing complx special needs and disabilities.

The information was clear, interesting and informative.
Tulin Kemal - Lancasterian Primary School

Thank you

The speaker in the Innovative Strategies In Addressing Complex Special Educational Needs And Disabilities (SEND) Was very knowledgeable and calm in her delivery. Her synopses were very good and it was really aimed at practicalities. Well done!
m watts, Teacher - Holy Family Catholic School & Sixth Form


Clear information and informative. Easy to understand.
Wendy Cherrington, TA - Chapel Street Primary School

Innovative Strategies in Addressing Complex SEN Needs and Disabilities

This webinar was informative and offered many specific and useful strategies for supporting children with additional needs in the classroom. It is a great ‘refresher’ for updating knowledge about strategies I’ve used in the past. Thank you,
Deborah O'Farrell, SEN Teaching Assistant - St Edburg's Church of England (VA) School

Wide Range of Strategies

Very informative Webinar. The strategies given were explained clearly with lots of examples to take back to the classroom.
Kathleen Tekiner - Lancasterian Primary School

Lockdown Training

I have enjoyed using this facility to complete training whilst on Lockdown. It has proved interesting and offers me a purpose and direction to what can seem pointless days.
Rosemary Solly - Lancasterian Primary School

Brilliant, informative webinar!

This webinar is super informative and all the information is given in an accessible way and provides strategies to SEND needs that you may not have previously tried or considered.
Chloé Reynolds-Allen - Phoenix Primary & Secondary School


Very interesting and useful informations. Thank you
Justyna Guldzinska - Phoenix Primary & Secondary School

very useful

very useful information
Selina Howell - Phoenix Primary & Secondary School

SEND- innovative strategies

This was informative, engaging and delivered by a highly skilled and experienced specialist in the field.
Kate Sutton, Teacher - Burlington Junior School

I enjoyed this webinar very much. A lot of useful information.

As I am new to the collage, I really enjoy it, looking forward to the next webinar!
Karen Godfrey, Support staff - Pield Heath House School

Very interesting and informative. Clear voice and no distractions.

This has given me some good and easy to implement strategies that can be tried.
Annette Andrews, Learner - The National CofE Academy

Very good

Has a new learner to college I really enjoyed the webinar, looking forward to the next one
Jacky Mason, Support staff - Pield Heath House School


very interesting webinar with good well explained strategies that will be easy to implement in the classroom
Donna Sadraoui, Support Staff - Castle Hill Primary School

Complex Educational Needs and Disabilites

I found this webinar to be very informative. The pace was set at just about the right level making it easy to follow and understand. I was really impressed with how easy it was to access.
Sharon Parsons, Teaching Assistant - University Academy Holbeach


I thoroughly enjoyed this webinar. Lots of useful tips and advice explained in a very clear manner. Thank you.
Rachael Warren, Teacher - Hemswell Cliff Primary School

Know your child.

This Webinar really indented in my head how important it is to get to know your child. Don't be afraid to seek support and tips from SENCO, parents, and professionals. Together you can better meet the child's needs.
f farquhar, Teacher - Holy Family Catholic School & Sixth Form

Informative and helpful

Very helpful and useful information to support my practice.
Tova Rowe, TA - Westrop Primary & Nursery School

Review of webinar - innovative strategies addressing SEND

An interesting talk. I work as a teaching assistant in a secondary school and whilst this is geared towards primary education, I still found it useful and the content well delivered.
Penny Hiron, Teacher - St. Mary's Catholic High School S41 8AG


A really informative and interesting webinar !
Anna Faultless - Chasetown Community School

Lots of information

A great webinar to help me support and understand students i work with in secondary school. I especially like the information on ADHD.
Lisa Ackley, Support staff - Ormiston Horizon Academy

A lot of areas covered with useful strategies which can be used quickly.
Ann-Marie Snape - Madeley High School

Absolutely amazing !

The host is absolutely amazing. How she can remember all this info and what strategies is unbelievable. Obviously very experienced. A must watch especially for sen teaching assistants.
Sarah Booth, TA SEN - Sharples School Science Specialist College

Highly recommended webinar.

Absolutely brilliant! The contents as well as the presentation are simply superb. The way the lady delivers the content engaged me from the beginning. The information provided with examples is extremely useful for anyone working with SEND students.
Esther Parreu, Teacher - The Stonebridge School

I wish all teachers would watch this!

So much information here that is ESSENTIAL for all teachers to know. As a primary teacher and the parent of a SEND child I was really pleased to hear simple descriptions of the most common issues a teacher may come across and most importantly, tips to support the children.
Kate Taylor - Wheelers Lane Primary School

Innovative strategies in addressing complex SEN needs

Excellent information, I have picked lots of tips from this webinar in relation to supporting SEN pupils in the classroom. Many Thanks Lucy Villagomez, TA - St Ursula's Convent Secondary School
Lucy Villagomez - St Ursula's Convent School

quality CPD training

Very useful
Garry Clark - St John Fisher Catholic School

Very useful information.

The information provided was very helpful.
Celeste Dillon - Paulet High School

Karen Pilling SENCO

Brilliant very clear and very obvious she has years of experience in this role.
Karen Meek, TA - Chapel Street Primary School

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