Understanding the Changes to the New DfE Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSiE) Statutory Safeguarding Guidance 2020/21

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About the Webinar

On the 17th June 2020, the DfE published the new Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSiE) statutory guidance for schools and colleges, due to come into effect from 1st September 2020.

The new guidance has several significant updates. In particular, it stresses the link between mental health and safeguarding, placing a greater importance on staff, governors and proprietors to establish relevant safeguarding mechanisms. It also includes changes to reflect COVID-19 and the role of the new statutory Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Health Education.

In this webinar, The National College will help school governors, senior leaders, headteachers, DSLs, Mental Health Leads, teachers and support staff to understand the new changes to the guidance, what they mean for your school and how you can best prepare for the new academic year.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding what the core changes to the new KCSiE guidance are and preparing for September 2020.

  • Recognising how the new KCSiE supports school’s response to COVID-19 and adapting current and future safeguarding measures.

  • Recognising staff responsibilities in relation to protecting children’s mental and physical health and linking it into a whole school safeguarding approach.

  • Identifying the key role of mandatory RSHE as part of curriculum development and safeguarding children, including online.

  • How schools can implement effective safeguarding measures to reflect changes in risks such as domestic abuse, child criminal and sexual exploitation and county lines.

Christina Leath

About The Expert

Christina Leath

Experienced Head of Safeguarding and subject matter expert on safeguarding children.
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Safeguarding updates

I found this very useful and well presented - thank you
Jo Zegeling - St Paul's Cray CE Primary School

Lots of new information. Well presented.
Julie Buckley, TA - Chapel Street Primary School

Clear and effective presentation

The webinar was well presented and there were example pages backing up the information throughout. Thank you
m watts, Teacher - Holy Family Catholic School & Sixth Form

The content was well explained in simple terms making it easy to understand what the changes to legislation were.
Thandiwe Moyo - Wardle Academy


I watched this webinar during lockdown. I found it clear and concise. I know that the Designated Safeguarding Leader is known as a DSL & what honour based abuse is.
Helen Wade - The Heath School

Safe guarding up-date

I watched the webinar during covid19 lock-down and now know what the changes are.
Glynis Russell, Support staff - The Heath School


A lot of useful information
Ann Robinson, Teacher - Fir Tree Fishery CIC

COVID-19 regulation.

Was good to hear from you.
Besime Jupaj, Teacher assistant - Phoenix Primary & Secondary School

Informative session on KCSiE changes for September 2020

This was the first National College webinar that I have attended. It was clear, informative and covered all of the key changes to KCSiE ready for September 2020. The presenter was excellent. Also being able to log-on and view the webinar again after the session is a real plus point! Thank you.
Mary Skillings - Glossopdale School

Alot of valuable information, very informative

Claire Brooks, TA - University Academy Long Sutton

very informative

very informative and easy to follow, was able to make notes as it went along.
Mrs Dawn Roberts - Heworth Grange Comprehensive School A Specialist Arts College

KCSIE updates for September 2020

Important information - a must view.
Julia Banks, Key Stage Lead - Grove Street Primary School and Nursery School

Keeping Children Safe In Education Guidance 2020/21

An informative update on the upcoming changes for September 2020. A thorough 'walk through' of the document and clear highlighting of the new aspects and changes that all staff need to be aware of for the upcoming year.
Richard Stroud - The Forest High School


Clear informative guidance
Wendy Johnson, Associate staff - The Sweyne Park School

Very clear on what sections had been updated with additional information, clearly spoken and knowledgeable about this subject.
Melanie Marshall, Pastoral Manager - Withernsea High School Humanities College

Start watching from 31:35 if you are not new to post.

Please see number 3.
Trude Jeffs - Edward Peake Middle School

KCSiE 2020

A really useful explanation of the changes to the statutory guidance. Thank you.
Jane Glendenning - King Edward VI Handsworth School for Girls


A useful presentation.
Paula Talbot, Teacher - The Heath School

Covers all that you need to know

Straightforward, easy to follow through. Thank you for providing adequate details and clear signposts to essential reading.
Parul Inamdar, teacher - The Palmer Catholic Academy

Safeguarding and the welfare of the child

Very informative and broken down really well so easier to understand as the document is quite extensive.
Oredolapo Adewoyin, Science Teacher - Isleworth And Syon School For Boys

Well Presented

Clear well presented necessary information
Lorraine Hall - The Heath School


Isobella Homer - Ormiston Bushfield Academy


Informative and interesting to follow. Good that there is an opportunity to play back and recap
Gerry Davies - Codsall Community High School


Clearly states the whole approach to being proactive to reduce the added traumas from current and ongoing needs. Recognising essential reading for professionals. A lecture not just read aloud and this shows the personal enthusiasm that will help motivate others to address challenges.
Denise Robertson, TA - Kettlebrook Pupil Referral Unit

Keeping Children Safe in Education 2020

Useful content - split into 3 broad themes. This will be useful when I compile a summary of KCSIE for DSL's for September.
Patrick Knight - Diverse Academies Education Centre (HQ)

Safeguarding update (2020)

Interesting and informative. Lisa Mundy - Asst. Inclusion Manager (ASC) Aston Academy
Lisa Mundy - Aston Academy

Clear information given .
Michelle Stanhope - Carrwood Primary School

Safeguarding Webinar

Valuable information about the upcoming changes for safeguarding September 2020.
NAUREEN CHISHTY, Teacher - Wyndcliffe Primary School

Changes to the new KCSiE 2020

Clear delivery and suitably informed of the changes to the new KCSiE 2020
Katie Braniff - St Cedd's School

Understanding the Changes to the New DfE Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSiE) Statutory Safeguarding Guidance 2020/21

Excellent presentation. Very clear and concise. The breakdown of key changes was very useful. Highly recommended!
Tracey Hutchings - Sir William Stanier School


Really clear, informative guidance. Great to be able to pause and reflect during the webinar. I feel well prepared for the publication of the document in Sept 2020. Thank you!
Claire Gurden - Christ the King Catholic and Church of England Primary School

Hina Jahfery - Selly Oak Trust School


A very useful course and reassuring too!
Krystyna Berry - St Benedict's Catholic School

very good

very good
Sarah Nichols, Non-teaching - Queen Katharine Academy

Understanding the Changes to the New DfE Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSiE) Statutory Safeguarding Guidance 2020/21

I am new to the DSL role and found this extremely informative and helpful. It will enable me to lead appropriately in this area to ensure the whole Academy is ready to implement the new guidance from the 1st September.
Yvonne Bootman - Sir Thomas Wharton Academy

Positive experience

Clear and concise - broken down into very clear areas.
kay kelly - Hummersknott Academy

Updated KCSIE

Very informative about the changes coming into effect September 2020.
Chris Foster, support staff - Grove Street Primary School and Nursery School

Understanding Changes to KCSiE 2020 - Excellent - Clear & Concise.

Excellent & versatile CPD approach - thank you.
Angela Cordon - St Saviour's Catholic Primary School

KCSiE 2020 updates

I felt that the webinar was very informative. The information was clear and concise. I look forward to attending further webinars.
Vicky Smith - Ormiston Ilkeston Enterprise Academy


Very concise and will make training easy for staff
Linda Sladden - St Laurence Junior Academy

The best time spent!

For so many years, I have read KCSiE and hoped I 'got the changes'. Having listened to this, I feel so much more confident that I 'get it' and have made a list of further areas to fully study. Thank you!
Lisa Fegan, Deputy Headteacher and DSL - Tollgate Community Junior School

Thank you for the safeguarding update for September 2020. I found it very useful.

I thought it was thorough and provided reminders of other links e.g. Dept of Education for more information on how to keep students safe for September 2020.
Mary HEATH - St Peter's Collegiate School A Church of England Academy


Khaled Ali, Learner - Manor Infants/Longbridge School


It is very informative and well presented.
Afshan Younus - Chapel Street Primary School

Understanding the Changes to the New DfE Keeping Children Safe in Understanding the Changes to the New DfE Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSiE) Statutory Safeguarding Guidance 2020/21 1 (KCSiE) Statutory Safeguarding Guidance 2020/21 1

Well informed very interesting glad I watched it.
Moira Campbell - The Elizabethan Academy Retford

webinar keeping children safe in schools

Great to be in the position to have updated information delivered so ably
SHERRON PEAKE, Teaching Assistant - Marlborough Primary School B10 9NY


This webinar goes through all the changes for September 2020 with regards to Keeping children safe in education.
Kelly Crane - Upton Primary School Wakefield

Preparing for the changes

I found the webinar very informative and to the point. I liked the broken down account of all the parts and annexes as well as the mention of specific pages, with a summary on the side. It provided me with a 'visual' frame of the areas in the guidance to focus on and I found that very helpful.
Liana Xynogala - New Road Primary School ME4 5QN

Very informative
Leyan Jones - Worsbrough Common Primary School

Informative, useful, clear and easy to access. Thank you.

This is the first webinar I have watched from the national college and I will definitely be exploring webinars linked to other topic areas. I have already recommended to a friend!
Julia Atkin - Nishkam School West London

KCSIE 2020 summary

Very helpful summary of the new changes and reasons why. Great for someone new to role as DSL as it covers more than just the changes to KCSIE 2020
Erica Pickford, head teacher - Squirrel Hayes First School

Noreen Hussain, LO - Chapel Street Primary School


Really easy to follow, great to be able to pause and make notes at my own pace. The webinar has given me clarity on the new KCSIE guidance and signposted some key themes which is what I wanted.
Danielle Tedford, Senior Deputy Headteacher - Flixton Girls School

Informative and clear

Informative and clear guidance which took me through the main changes to KCSIE 2020. Exactly what I needed
Eve Howard - Our Lady's Catholic High School

Useful update

This was useful to know the changes in the upcoming KCSIE 2020.
Nina Langan, Teacher - Church Eaton Endowed (VA) Primary School

Bethany Sherrell - The Hamble School


Very informative and delivered in an easy to understand manner.
Rachael Warren, Teacher - Hemswell Cliff Primary School


Kirstie Roper, Teacher - Haydon School

A very informative webinar

The information in this webinar was concise and informative. Answered most of the pressing questions on safeguarding.
Helen Ward - St Bede's School

keeping children safe in education

I think the webinar was very informative making sure all details was covered in this subject
Sarah Butterfield - Upton Primary School Wakefield

Changes to KCSiE

Very thorough and clearly highlighted the changes to the updated guidance.
Rebekah Akonor, Teacher - Oakington Manor Primary School

Informative, without being to long.

A good webinair, providing the right amount of information needed for these forever changing times.
Monica Worrell, INA - Dallington CE Primary

Safeguarding webinar

Excellent exposition from the host. Excellent selection of the key parts of the changes and highlighting things that haven't changed and emphasising new changes.
Melusi Moyo, Teacher - Kings Langley School

KCSIE Updates

Informative, however unnecessary lengthy in my opinion.
Charlotte Ellison, Individual Student Needs Officer - Kings Langley School

Informative webinar

I thoroughly enjoyed this webinar, it was clear and easily understood.
Sarah Markley, Premsies Manager - Kings Langley School

Safeguarding Course

It was ok but quite long.
Mr G Thompson - Wolsingham School

A very helpful and informative webinar

Very Interesting and informative. Thank you
Chloe Jefferson, ATA - Brompton Hall School

Great Course

Great course, very interesting
Nicola Froud, Teacher - Kings Langley School

Mrs Stennett

The video was very informative.
Keceia Stennett - Water Hall Primary School

Clear, informative webinar.

The tutor was clear and informative. It was useful that she told us about sections that had changed and sections that had stayed the same.
Debra BUTTERWORTH, Teaching Assistant - Ashbury Meadow Primary School

Safety first

Very well prepared and I could understand the content
Nigel Jarvis - Edward Peake Middle School


Insightful and interesting. Reinforces the key idea that safeguarding is the responsibility of all working in a school setting. References to covid, and the need for us to be even more vigilant among challenging current circumstances
Gemma Carroll - Nishkam School West London

understanding the changes to the new keeping children safe in education

clarity on the text changes from the previous version and timely with remote learning too.
Mary Chabrel, Teacher - Kings Langley School

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