COVID-19: Supporting Pupil and Staff Mental Health After Isolation on Return to School

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About the Webinar

This webinar will help DSLs, mental health leads, pastoral leads and school leaders to understand how they can support pupil and staff mental health as schools begin to welcome back more pupils from 1st June.

It’s important that schools consider how children will have been affected during their time off. Social isolation has meant many children will have been deprived of social interaction, with recent research suggesting that the loneliness enforced by lockdown has led to an overall decline in life satisfaction for many.

Schools should also consider the mental health and wellbeing of their staff, particularly during a time when they will be expected to monitor and apply new daily routines and practice in what are uncertain and challenging times.

In this webinar, mental health and wellbeing expert Anna Bateman, discusses what the challenges might be for pupils and staff returning to school and provides practical ideas, policy guidance and improvement processes to help schools support their levels of happiness and wellbeing.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding and applying the DfE guidance to help build a culture of mental health and wellbeing in schools

  • Recognising the importance of the mental health lead role and giving them confidence in being able to support staff and pupils

  • Identifying practical steps that can be taken to help prepare a school’s mental health provision in line with more pupils returning to school

  • Understanding the challenges that schools may face upon pupils and staff returning and understanding how to ensure minimal disruption to teaching and learning

  • Exploring where further advice and guidance can be sought and links to further reading

Anna Bateman

About The Expert

Anna Bateman

Subject matter expert on mental health & wellbeing, who works in an advisory role for the DfE.

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I felt this webinar pulled together all the key things I needed into one place, saving me hours of scrolling through various documents. I would like to continue with this way of working rather than travelling somewhere to hear it live. Really professional and knowledgable presenter
Eve Howard - Our Lady's Catholic High School

Post Covid Mental Health

Course great! Solidified some of my own thinking and gave me a couple of ideas on how to deal with questions I had had, Thanks :-)
Krystyna Berry - St Benedict's Catholic School


A very intesting and informationive video. Has very good tips on how to help oursleves and others when we return to school
rebecca ripley - Trinity Church of England High School

Recovery Curriculum

Very useful session. Whilst there was nothing 'new' as such it did provide a framework around how to move forward and a reminder on what is actually important.
Nicky Rees - Foundry College

informative webinar covering life after Covid succinctly

I hadn't been sure how to join the webinar, but simple chat function explained it to me in a jiffy. Once there, it was easy to navigate and was informative. I liked the fact that resources links were made available afterwards, to read at leisure, rather than having to try to digest them all during the webinar. The length of the webinar was ideal too, just an hour, which is long enough when sitting in front of a computer screen. Well pitched.
Vivien McGarry - West Derby School

Practical advice for return after isolation

I found this interesting and practical. I feel all school leaders would benefit from watching this to support them in developing their plans for how we will deal with returning in September. I particularly liked the idea of a recovery curriculum.
Elizabeth Rainey, Teacher - The Bromfords School and Sixth Form College

Looked after child

Really good Webinar. Very clear, lots of useful information
Sonia Pestana - Poole High School

Very interesting .
Michelle Stanhope - Carrwood Primary School


I found this to be a very useful mechanism to reflect and consolidate on all that I have read and accessed in the past weeks. It was very positively presented and provided me with the reassurance that I have considered most aspects of pupil and staff well being as well as my own ! I particularly liked the reference to removing the use of deficit language; instead use a positive narrative and look ahead. Thank you.
Rita Tarrant-Blick - Woodlands Primary School

Super webinar

Great webinar. Really useful advice with practical ideas to take away and use to ensure we address the whole school community in regards to mental health and wellbeing.
Isabella Samuels - Darrick Wood Infant & Nursery School

Very interesting to hear the ways in which children may have been feeling during lockdown.
Julie Buckley, TA - Chapel Street Primary School

Excellent webinar, very helpful. Many thanks
Jane Harris - St Charles Catholic Primary School

Interesting, useful and thought provoking.

I thought this was extremely useful and she'd managed to cover a large amount of ideas/materials in a way that wasn't overwhelming.
Rebecca Mcgruther - Ashcroft Technology Academy

Clear consistent topics covered.
Melanie Marshall, Pastoral Manager - Withernsea High School Humanities College

Mental Health After Isolation

A really comprehensive look at how to prepare for the return of students and staff when restrictions are eased. It gave me plenty to think about and will help inform planning going forwards - Thank you
Claire Tomes, Child Protection Co-ordinator - Withernsea High School Humanities College

Valuable Steps on Returning to School

Lots of practical ideas on returning to school and supporting pupils and staff. Clear approaches discussed with the focus on all pupils. The Recovery Curriculum explained in details. Very useful.
Kathleen Tekiner - Lancasterian Primary School

Helpful and relevant

I found the information concise, relevant to the current climate and it provided me with practical help for staff and pupils. I will definitely use the ideas in this webinar to help my school community.
Edward Kitchiner, Assistant Headteacher - Westfield School MK40 4HW

Supporting Pupil and Staff mental Health after Covid-19

I found the course very important, because it gave me full information about mental health and how to prepare myself for our work when we return to school after a long period of isolation at home.
Marita Minchola - Stockwell Primary School

Thoughtful synthesis on the current situation

Helpful to have a professional pull together all the information needed to support staff and pupils on the return to school.
Catherine Jeffes - Julian's School

Supporting Pupil and Staff Mental health after isolation.

It was very informative and it gave me lots of ideas of how i can help support students and staff when we return to school.
Victor Timberlake - Tuxford Academy

Thought provoking for life after COVID-19

This was an interesting Webinar which brought up various different things in relation to the return of pupils after lock down.
Jessica Rudd - Swanmore College Of Technology

Importance of mental health

Great Webinar exploring the issues surrounding mental health and returning to schools post Covid 19. Great insight. Hope the things mentioned can actually be put in to practice.
Suhail Tariq, Academic Mentor - Saltley Academy

Support for staff and pupils returning to school after COVID-19 lockdown

Excellent webinar lots of useful information
Karen Godfrey, Support staff - Pield Heath House School

Calm and reassuring

Very well put together and thought out Webinar. Thank you Anna Bateman.
m watts, Teacher - Holy Family Catholic School & Sixth Form

A very positive and useful session.It's given me more confidence in supporting the children in adjusting to this new school routine.
Momine Kaleemullah, Teaching Assistant - Nansen Primary School

I found all the information very useful and I think a lot of us will benefit from it and put it into practice.

Very informative and beneficial information
Shazia Noreen, Teaching Assistant - Nansen Primary School


It’s so good to know that others appreciate how we are feeling and some of our own anxieties. Thanks for the tips on what to do next.
Julie Hackett - Anglesey Primary Academy

Very helpful

This gave lots of things to think about and the best way forward.
Julie Moore, Teaching Assistant - Cherry Tree Hill Primary School

Informative and succinct

A really useful webinar that pulled together the key information which will help us to put together our Reconnection and Recovery plan. Thank you!
Jigna Patel, Assistant Headteacher: Lower School - HEMAT


A clear and interesting webinar with many practical tips.
Rachael Warren, Teacher - Hemswell Cliff Primary School

Whole School Mental Health Support & Guidance

Reassurance and guidance to support pupils and staff mental health following this unprecedented time and recovery for the future.
Penny Plant, Bursar - Picknalls First School

Supporting mental health

The main learning from this for me was to stay positive and make sure we are there for each other.
Jenny Unwin - Westcliff High School for Girls

Mental Health Action Plan: Mapping out Your Priorities in Line with DfE Statutory Requirements

  • 19th October 19th Oct 13:00pm

This webinar will provide senior leaders, headteachers, mental health leads and pastoral staff with practical advice and guidance on developing a mental health action plan reflective of DfE guidance and the impact of COVID-19.

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Autumn 2020 Year 2 Phonics Check: Understanding your Statutory Requirements and Supporting Pupil’s Catch-Up Learning

  • 2nd October 2nd Oct 13:00pm SOLD OUT
  • 7th October 7th Oct 15:00pm SOLD OUT
  • 9th October 9th Oct 12:00pm SOLD OUT
  • 12th October 12th Oct 12:00pm

In this webinar, The National College will explore how schools can use the autumn check as part of their wider catch-up strategy as well as ensuring that staff meet their statutory responsibilities and that the correct procedures are implemented before, during and after the check.

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