Teaching Emotional Literacy: How to Support Pupils Behavioural Development

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About the Webinar

Emotional literacy is the ability to understand and recognise your own emotions through a level of self-awareness. As curriculums continue to place a greater emphasis on RSE and Health learning, the benefits of teaching emotional literacy in children can be far reaching. This webinar is for those working in mental health, behavioural support and RSE and Health learning. It provides an understanding of the importance of emotional literacy, especially for pupil development and good mental health, as well as explaining the benefits of implementing emotional literacy through taking a more whole school approach.

Learning Outcomes

  • What is emotional literacy?

  • Why is it important? Including links to current guidance

  • Emotion vocabulary and key concepts

  • Emotional literacy and the link to behaviour and mental health

  • Teaching emotional literacy

  • A whole school approach to emotional literacy

Anna Bateman

About The Expert

Anna Bateman

Subject matter expert on mental health & wellbeing, who works in an advisory role for the DfE.

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Emotional Literacy

Thoroughly enjoyed listening to this. Have picked up many tips to use in class. Thank you.
Angela LEWIS, HLTA - Corley Centre

Teaching Emotional Literacy

A well presented webinar providing insights into the issue.
David Scoffield - University Academy Holbeach

Teaching Emotional Literacy: How to Support Pupils Behavioural Development

I liked the resilience section. Resilience is a big factor I think in supporting students, if we could only focus on this more
Steve Brinkleys, Senior leader - The Heath School

Teaching emotional literacy

really good webinar very helpful when thinking about emotional literacy.
Glynis Russell, Support staff - The Heath School

Emotional literacy

Very useful information have gained a lot from this
Janette Forth, Support staff - Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

emotional litracy

enjoyed it thank you
Jennie Furlong, Support staff - Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

Emotional Literacy

Very interesting
Emma Lowers, Support staff - Fawbert & Barnard's Primary School

Emotional Literacy Review

Really useful webinar. Lots of useful strategies to try in school.
Olivia Beale - Edgebury Primary School

Useful and supportive

i found this thoughtful webinar helpful and supportive. Sometimes it helps to take a step back from a situation and think more about the feelings that may have prompted it.
Susan Kerr, Teacher - Hawthorn Primary School

Behaviour and mental health

Excellent ideas. I like the use of Gorilla for loneliness.
Christine Crawford, Support staff - Burlington Junior School

Teaching Emotional Literacy

An extremely useful webinar, especially when working with autistic children. Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotion will be a great resource to our students. Thank you.
Karin MCKEOWN, TA - Corley Centre

Emotional literacy

This brings to light the importance of understanding emotional literacy and developing future practice that would be beneficial for all children. Likewise, how practitioners would benefit from teaching and understanding the children in a different and new improved way.
Natalie Knowles - Roundhay School

Emotional Literacy

thoughtful ideas for activities for developing emotional literacy
Emma Pearcey - Padnell Junior School

Emotional Literacy

In-depth and interesting presentation with lots of useful suggestions and tools to support the students we work with.
James Hutchinson - Ian Ramsey Church of England Academy

long but good

good messages but lengthy
Mark Hall - Forefield Community Infant and Nursery School

I found the webinar very interesting.
Carrie Nield - Carrwood Primary School

Emotional behaviour

I found this extremely helpful, some great ideas and tips to use
Michelle Fisher - Hordle Church of England Primary School

Teaching Emotional Literacy

This was a good explanation of how not having the vocabulary to explain feelings can impact on young children. The ideas and resources will be a great help for us to develop this in our school. Giving children the knowledge and understanding of how to self regulate their emotions will ultimately aid their learning and self-esteem.
Susannah Routledge, TA - Chapel Street Primary School

Teaching Emotional Literacy

Emotional literacy is the bedrock and foundation of good behaviour and problem solving. Reflection is a key concept. The 7 ‘learnable Skills’ of resilience are really useful. Students between 4 –18 only use 5-7 words to describe their emotions. Teaching vocabulary to express emotion in such a way that a student understands is key to reducing frustrations. The vocabulary wheel shown is excellent. The emphasis on the importance of calm is a crucial strategy. This is an excellent webinar with many practical strategies to consider.
Richard Stroud - The Forest High School

Emotional literacy made clear!

An excellent webinar, that had lots of ideas to improve and impact in a positive manner on the emotional literacy of my class
Nichola Byrne, Year 1 class teacher - Forefield Community Infant and Nursery School

Emotional Literacy - Anna Bateman.

Very well presented by Anna, easy to follow and very informative. I am now researching Plutchik's wheel of emotion and Anna Freud's assemblies & toolkit. Many thanks, Wendy Jones - National Academy.
Wendy Jones, Learner - The National CofE Academy

Teaching emotional literacy:How to support pupils behavioural development.

The webinar was very interesting and gave lots of good advice and ideas for supporting pupils, to understand their feelings and emotions in an inclusive way.
Tulin Kemal - Lancasterian Primary School

very informative

good information
Lisa Morrison, Teaching Assistant - Our Lady and St Patrick's Catholic Primary School

Emotional Literacy

Very clear and informative. Highlights areas to work on and recommends some very good resources.
Chris Foster, support staff - Grove Street Primary School and Nursery School

Very interesting and informative webinar

Lots of practical ideas for the classroom.
Karolina Pieton, Teacher - Selly Oak Trust School

Teaching Emotional Literacy

A very informative webinar, some really good advice and resources offered, I will be looking at 'Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions' in more detail. I very much enjoyed this webinar and found it very helpful moving forward with social and emotional interventions for the Learning Mentor department at our secondary school.
Hayley Thomas - The Forest High School

Great source of information

Lots of practical ideas to use in school - great course
Davina Hitchens - Poole High School

Teaching Emotional Literacy

I enjoyed the webinar. Lots to think about like what 'calm' means and practically doing this so that students can really feel it.
Sonia Howard - Selly Oak Trust School

Support Staff

This webinar provides very useful and important information! Thank you!
Zoi Fostini, Support staff - St George's (Hanover Square) CofE Primary School

Emotional literacy

A really easy listening experience with plenty of practical tips for the primary class teacher.
Julia Banks, Key Stage Lead - Grove Street Primary School and Nursery School

Children are our priorityI

I enjoyed the presentation, Thank you!
Natalie Elcock, Support staff - St George's (Hanover Square) CofE Primary School


interesting topic.
Jacinta Dore, Support staff - St George's (Hanover Square) CofE Primary School

Excellent Webinar

Really enjoyed this webinar and look forward to using some of the resources & strategies within the classroom & my role as a teaching assistant.
Laura Butler - Charlestown Community Primary School

Importance of including Emotional Literacy in the curriculum

The webinar was very well presented and highlighted the importance of including Emotional Literacy in the curriculum inline with expectations from September 2020. A number of good examples of how to move forward. Clear, concise and interesting.
Mandy Lillis, Teacher - Selly Oak Trust School

Excellent tutorial.

This is my favourite webinar tutorial to date. The expert presenting had a lovely manner, she was concise, helpful and made listening easy. I liked the use of diagrams and charts to support specific facts too. Excellent! . I hope this lady gets to make more sessions.
Claire Montrose, Literacy HLTA - Robert Blake Science College

Good information

Very informative with ideas and examples to implement.
Syeda Siddiqua - Selly Oak Trust School

Emotional literacy

I have a better understanding of Emotional literacy, and how to use it in my setting and how to encourage children and young to express their feelings in a healthy way, also provide them with all materials that will help them, like display, assembly's and safe spaces.
Tagwa Nadir, Support Staff - St Eugene de Mazenod Catholic Primary School

Helpful start

This webinar provides a helpful start to developing Emotional Literacy in schools. Great book list in the supporting documents too!
Lynsey Whitmore - Forefield Community Infant and Nursery School


very good
Sarah Nichols, Non-teaching - Queen Katharine Academy

It is very important for the teachers and support to get such guidance how to teach pupils Emotional Literacy.

I enjoyed it very much. Thank you.
Rita Butkeviciute, Teacher - Queen Katharine Academy


This was really useful and has given me some key pointers as to what our nexts steps need to be.
Jo Barker, Senior leader - Fakenham Infant and Nursery School

It was a great video, clear and easy to understand. Thank you .
Yvonne Wright - Fakenham Infant and Nursery School


I am a HLTA in a secondary school and I teach emotional literacy over a 6 week period to students who need a little help understanding their feelings and how they react to certain situations. This webinar helped so much and gave me some great ideas to use with my students. Thankyou
Tracy Halfacre, HLTA - St Bonaventure's School


Very interest. Useful tips and information. Thank you
Ann Robinson, Teacher - Fir Tree Fishery CIC

Very Informative

I am a big believer in this topic and educating everyone into their feelings and consequences of their behaviour. This was very informative and love the resources and suggestions.
Sara Rothery, TA - St Patrick's RC High School and Arts College

Very helpful

Really useful information to incorporate into my practice
Tova Rowe - Westrop Primary & Nursery School

Informative and useful

Great strategies on how to teach/implement emotional literacy in schools. Highlighted relationship between emotional literacy and a positive learning environment.
Stephen Edwards, Teacher - Withernsea High School Humanities College

Well presented and I enjoyed listening to this webinar .
Michelle Stanhope - Carrwood Primary School

Excellent ideas and guidance on Emotional Literacy

All very good. One of the best I have watched. Lots of good ideas to use in my work. 'Wheel of Emotions' very good to show different emotions within one word. Will display this and use it.
Liz Burton, Assistant Headteacher - Delph Side Community Primary School

Teaching emotional Literacy

Very Informative
Andrew Wass, teacher - Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School CT11 7PS

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