Peer-on-Peer Sexual Abuse: An Expert Review of DfE Statutory Safeguarding Guidance

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About the Webinar

This webinar will help senior leaders, designated safeguarding leads and school staff responsible for safeguarding to better understand their statutory duties around peer-on-peer abuse.

The ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education 2019’ statutory guidance states that all staff should be clear about their school’s policy around peer-on-peer abuse and that governing bodies and proprietors should ensure it includes:

  • Procedures to minimise the risk of peer-on-peer abuse and how allegations are recorded, investigated and dealt with.
  • Clear processes as to how victims, perpetrators and any other child affected by peer-on-peer abuse will be supported.
  • The different forms of peer-on-peer abuse such as sexual violence and harassment, physical abuse, sexting and initiation/hazing type violence and rituals.

In this webinar, Safeguarding expert Anna Dootson uses case study examples to help cover the core legislation and legal requirements that schools must adhere to in relation to peer-on-peer abuse.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding your statutory and non-statutory requirements around peer-on-peer abuse

  • Tackling peer-on-peer abuse through a safeguarding and legislative framework

  • Learning staff roles and responsibilities through different examples and case studies

  • How to manage allegations of sexual violence and sexual harassment and support victims

  • Understanding your next steps and creating action plans

Anna Dootson

About The Expert

Anna Dootson

Experienced SEND, Safeguarding and Mental Health Specialist
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Reassuring and clear.

As a DSL, it is useful to have the guidance presented alongside case studies.
Jenna Butler, DSL - Tudor Grange Academy Worcester

Peer-on-Peer Sexual Abuse: An Expert Review of DfE Statutory Safeguarding Guidance

An excellent insight into the DfE guidance.
David Scoffield, - University Academy Holbeach

Indepth and clear

Very informative and allows for full immersion into the topic discussed leaving me with clear direction and ideas for reflection before feeding back to staff
Louise Bury, - St Joseph's Catholic Primary School (WR4 9PG)

The webinar was very informative and provided lots of guidance.
Donna Vickers, - Holme Valley Primary School


very useful and informative to have guidance alongside a case study
Lorraine Brozych, - Oasis Academy Immingham

Really useful info

Although we have had numerous training sessions on Child Protection, this one seemed to cover real scenarios which are relatable. The speaker was interesting and the pace was good.
Angela Smith, - Oasis Academy Immingham

Peer on peer sexual abuse

Webinar very informative
Mark Crawford, - Oasis Academy Immingham

Peer on Peer

very informative, easy to listen to and digest.
Fiona Fisher, - Holme Valley Primary School

Excellent ,fantastic refresher
Lorraine Glover, - Oasis Academy Immingham

Lesley Gartlan, - Carrwood Primary School

peer on peer abuse

Very informative and well presented
Sue Perkins, - Holme Valley Primary School

Very interesting and imformative .
Michelle Stanhope, - Carrwood Primary School

Clear and up to date relevant safeguarding information

Interesting case studies, reminders of legal responsibilities and procedures
Nicky Khoshdel, - Bolton Impact Trust

Really interesting and informative

I found the case studies really interesting and informative
Taylor Jesse, Teacher - Trinity Church of England School

Peer on peer sexual abuse

Excellent informative webinar
Sally Bannan, - Aston Academy

Very information

Enjoyed the webinar - very information and helpful
Clare Burgess, Attendance officer - Summerhill Primary Academy


Very informative and well delivered - great use of case studies to deepen understanding.
Michael Crampton, - The Venerable Bede CE Academy

Extensive and clear information

This is a deeply emotive subject this Webinar provided clear, concise information and procedures which must be followed. Thank you.
Teresa Roberts, - Phoenix Collegiate

The Case studies.

These really helped to get a picture of all different cases from the victim and alleged perpetrator.
Yvonne Gordon, Nursery Nurse - Lancasterian Primary School

clear, well presented and easy to follow
Carol Musgrave, Achievement Support Assistant - Thorpepark Academy

very good

Sarah Nichols, Non-teaching - Queen Katharine Academy

Peer On Peer Sexual Harassment Webinar

Very informative webinar, thank you.
T Hodgkinson, TA - Moorside High School

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