Practical Guidance on Rebooting Pupils’ Behaviour to Support the Catch-up Curriculum

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About the Webinar

Webinar Runtime: 68 Minutes

This webinar will provide school leaders, headteachers, senior leads and teachers with practical advice and guidance on overcoming and managing behavioural challenges to help support the catch-up curriculum.

The DfE ‘Guidance for full opening: schools’ states that schools should look to update their behaviour policies and outline their expectations of behaviour to staff, pupils and parents. This is particularly important in order to reflect new policy and rules due to COVID-19.

The guidance also makes it clear that there may be increased incidence of poor behaviour due to adverse experiences or lack of routine and classroom discipline, and that schools should work with and support children to help them reintegrate back into school life.

In this webinar, behaviour tsar and advisor to the DfE, Tom Bennett, and PSHE subject matter expert, John Rees, explore how schools can effectively define, implement and support good behavioural practice in schools and reboot pupils behaviour in order to build a safe, calm and orderly environment desirable for catch-up learning.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding why schools may encounter challenging or poor behaviour on pupil’s return to school and creating a culture to proactively manage situations.

  • Recognising how to teach good behaviour and building routines, habits and norms in order to meet DfE expectations.

  • Identifying boundaries and developing policies that communicate rules clearly and set clear, reasonable and proportionate expectations of pupil behaviour.

  • Understanding the importance of training staff, enforcing consequences and monitoring and maintaining standards.

  • Recognising how to be proactive and considering more targeted approaches, pastoral support or additional work inside or outside of the classroom.

Tom Bennett

About The Expert

Tom Bennett

Lead behaviour advisor to the DfE, supporting policy on school behaviour, and founder of researchED.
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