Implementing the DfE Reception Baseline Assessments (RBA): An Expert Review and Practical Guidance

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About the Webinar

On the 27th February, the Standards and Testing Agency released the Reception Baseline Assessment (RBA) Framework to help explain the purpose, format, content and cognitive demand of the assessment.

Despite the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the baseline assessment is still expected to go ahead from September. That means that from September 2020, RBAs will be statutory for all maintained primary, first and infant schools. It will be used as a baseline measure to track children’s progress during primary school and will replace KS1 assessments.

This webinar will help primary school governors, headteachers, deputy headteachers and teaching staff to understand the new DfE Reception Baseline Assessments.

Ian Noone, an experienced education consultant and serving headteacher whose school has piloted the assessment, provides an invaluable insight into how the RBA works and what schools need to consider prior to national roll-out.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the Reception Baseline Assessment from first-hand experience and what it means for your school

  • How the assessment should be administered, content consideration and the impact on staff and pupils

  • Recognising potential pitfalls and preparing for parental concerns or objections

  • Understanding the research behind and expectations of the RBA in assessing literacy, communication, language and mathematical knowledge and skills

  • Next steps and practical advice around implementing the RBA and preparing for September

Ian Noone

About The Expert

Ian Noone

Experienced education consultant, recognised for work in teaching and implementing RSHE curriculum.
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Very informative using research.
Catherine Ackroyd - Dunholme St Chad's Church of England Primary School

Reception Baseline Assessment

The webinar was very informative and I now feel more prepared to administer the test in September. Thank you
Sarah Monaghan - Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School B33 8BL

Reception Baseline Assessment Webinar

The webinar was very informative and thorough going through the pro's and cons of the RBA. It helped me to understand more about what was expected and how to prepare ready to undertake the assessment.
Tracy Gregory - Blewbury C of E Primary School

Implementing the DfE Reception Baseline Assessment

Very useful webinar, especially the case study, background info and the summary at the end.
Tom Huck - Butterwick Pinchbeck's Endowed Cof E Primary School

Reception Baseline Assessment

The Webinar was really useful, providing tips to enable my school to prepare for the Reception Baseline Assessment.
Jayne Ward, Assistant Head/CPD Lead/Foundation Lead - Arnold Mill Primary School


An informative account about introducing the Reception Baseline
Karen Morey - Meon Infant School

very informative.
Wendy Hind - Suttons Primary School

RBA Implementation

A clear, informative webinar which answered a lot of questions relating to the R.B.A. Sharing the practical implications for delivering the R.B.A were most welcome
Glynne McRae - St Marie's Roman Catholic Primary School

Webinar on RBA

Thank you - a really informative guide to administering the RBA, as well as lots of background information and practical advice - great thank you.
Emma Reckless - Richardson Endowed Primary School

Worthwhile viewing!

Very informative and in line with my experiences. Good to hear the potential pros and cons of the BSA and to keep these in mind.
Emma Dalziel - Elm Grove Primary School

RBA webinar

I found this quite a useful exercise, I have previously been aware of the RBA. It has given me an overview of the purpose for it and as I already undertake baseline assessment of my own I believe it will be beneficial to have a standardised assessment. I was not aware that it will now be statutory and the webinar has raised valuable key points to consider. I feel it was quite a balanced presentation as it gave both advantages and disadvantages.
Sue Archer - Oak View Primary School & Nursery

Reception Baseline Assessment

I found this webinar engaging, detailed and concise. The gentleman highlighted important key points.
nzinga fox - Birchfield Community School


The webinar was clear and informative. It was positive and gave suggestions as to how it could be managed to make it useful to the Reception teacher.
Alice Ward - St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

RBA Guidance

An excellent webinar that clearly outlines the information practitioners need for implementing the RBA. It was presented in a clear and concise way.
Hannah Thomas - Dunnington C of E Primary School


The National College have just exceeded my expectations in terms of providing me with an up to date webinar explaining the rationale, research and practical guidance required to carry out this test in September. I feel more prepared and am keen to discuss how we are going to do this with my partner teacher in discussion with our SLT. Having the Case Review from Mr Noone's school really helped too. Many thanks.
Alison Wallis, EYFS Teacher - Treloweth Community Primary School

RBS webinar

Booking the webinar was an easy process, being able to pause and come back to the information in really helpful. The webinar was clear to follow, supportive and gave an all round picture. Thank you
Sarah Naylor - Wallbrook Primary School

Implementing the RBA

I found the webinar extremely useful particularly because the course leader gave first hand information about how his school had implemented the RBA in 2019. It was also helpful the way the webinar was presented with clear notes down the side of the screen and 10 key points at the end. Thank you.
Amanda Ellis - Asquith Primary School

Useful webinar for implementation of baseline , clear guidance and helpful tips on potential pitfalls.
Sarah Bissett, Foundation Stage Leader /Reception Teacher - Axbridge C of E First School Academy

Early Years Baseline

Useful webinar, good advice given and great to see thoughts both positive and negative about the test.
Joanne Sampson - Athelstan CP SChool

RBA Webinar

This was a clear and easy to follow explanation of the RBA and covered all aspects involved.
Joanna Mansbridge, Teacher - Staunton & Corse CE Academy

NFER Reception Baseline Assessment

Having taken part in the 2019 pilot I found this webinar helpful as it reminded me of the procedural implications and the need to familiarise myself, once again, with the relevant documents.
Susan Darbinson - St Alban's Catholic Primary School

Reception Baseline

Helpful and informative webinar, giving helpful tips to prepare for September 2020. Thank you.
Amy Thomas - Gwladys Street Community Primary and Nursery School

Reception Baseline Assessments

I enjoyed this form of training as I could pause and re watch parts to ensure I fully understood each point and could make notes. I also found the history behind the baseline assessment and the reference to current research informative. It answered all of the questions and concerns I had prior to watching. The trainer was knowledgeable and had first hand experience of administering the training in his own school. He shared the concerns of his staff and what worked well for them which was helpful. Thank you, I would recommend this training to others.
Vicky Haslam - Roseberry Primary School

Concise, informed and balanced overview

I could scroll back the video if I missed something in a screen shot. The presenter didnt just read the slides. He added to them based on the experience at his school, which was valuable as well as reassuring.
Althea Wray - Adamsrill Primary School

Reception baseline

I found this webinar useful in refreshing me on what was involved, how to conduct the baseline and I found the background information regarding reviews opinions interesting.
amy mckeown - Westmoor Primary School

Webinar on Implementing the Reception Baseline Assessment 2020

The webinar was extremely useful. It was a very balanced presentation giving the pros and cons using supporting evidence. The speaker was very clear and concise and used slides with points that emphasised what was being said.
Jenni McParland - Maple Grove Primary School

Reception Baseline Assessments (RBA)

The Webinar covered everything connected to the RBA. I found this useful, especially the history leading up to the decision to implement such an assessment.
Jennifer Liley - Moorhill Primary School

Informative and honest review

I thought the webinar covered all aspects of the RBA and gave us the whole picture. Thank you.
Hannah Chamberlain - Hempshill Hall Primary School

Reception Baseline Assessment

This was an extremely informative webinar containing up to date information on the new RBA. It highlighted both positives and negatives surrounding the RBA as well as lots of useful hints of how to be best prepared for September 2020. Thank you.
Becky Worley - Desford Community Primary School

Very Informative

Good for schools who are new to the 2020 Reception Baseline Assessment and weren't part of the pilot in 2019.
Carl Perrottet - Canary Wharf College, Glenworth

Clear and informative.

Gives a good outline of what to expect and how to plan the implimentation of it in our school.
Liz Robinson - Keevil CE Primary School

Reception Baseline Assessment

The webinar was very clear and informative. It has provided me with a better understanding of the RBA and I very much appreciated the points on how to prepare for Sept 2020.
Nina Schmidt - Canary Wharf College, Glenworth

Reception Baseline

Useful and very well presented. Feel prepared and know what to expect, which has been helpful.
Katrina Nicholson, TEACHER - Chapel Street Primary School

Very informative

Having not taught in Reception for 5 years now, I feel prepared to administer the RBA
Emma Brown - Huby CE Primary School

A helpful insight and overview

A clear unbiased overview and analysis of the RBA giving a good context for September 2020. Ian's references to his school's own experience with the baseline will be useful food for thought as we prepare to deliver the RBA.
Jo Watkinson - St Margaret's Academy

Reception Baseline Assessment

Very clear and informative webinar. I'm now able to prioritise our next steps and prepare for September.
Joanna Charnock - Chorlton Park Primary School

RBA September 2020

This was a very useful webinar: well constructed and succinct information sensibly shared by a credible professional.
Tracy Ward - Staffordshire University Academies Trust

RBA - Being ready for September 2020

Excellent and informative webinar which built on my experiences from being part of the pilot project at the start of this academic year. Great to hear the experiences of the school in the case study and found the 10 key points at the end very useful.
Helen Sibbald - St. Mary's Catholic Primary School

Reception Teacher

Clear, well structured and informative. Practical examples of how to carry out the RBA (if possible) would have made this webinar even better.
Heather Ledsham - St Luke's Catholic Primary School

RBA Webinar

I found the whole process simple and easy to use. The webinar itself was delivered in a very accessible, practical and useful manner. I will now be following up on the suggested actions to prepare for September.
Wendy Wiltshire - Peacehaven Heights Primary School

Reception Baseline Testing

This webinar was informative, neutral and helpful. I would definitely watch others by The National College based on this.
Caroline Andrews - Reay Primary School

Informative Webinar about the RBA

This webinar walked me through the RBA. It spoke fairly about both the pitfalls and advantages. I found the 'Key Points' at the end to be a useful summary. I now feel confident in administrating the RBA in September.
Kate Placentino - Willowcroft Community School

fantastic and lots of information
Carly Harrison, LSA - Wright Robinson College

Reception Baseline Assessment

Informative, relevant, concise
Janet McArdle - St Michael's CE Primary School CA57NS

Implementing the DFE Reception Baseline Assessment

A great webinar. This was a clear and detailed explanation on what we can expect for the RBA. Thank you
Catherine Tawn - Newtown Community Primary School


Lots of information about the trial process
Louise Taylor, Teacher - Newbald Primary School

Reception Baseline Assessment

I really enjoyed this webinar. It was very informative. This has really helped me with the test that I shall administer in September. Thank you.
Lorna Finch, HLTA - The Fulbridge Academy


Helpful to hear the background of where the test came from.
Nina Langan, Teacher - Church Eaton Endowed (VA) Primary School

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