The Recovery Curriculum for Primary Schools: Re-connection, Recovery and Resilience

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About the Webinar

This webinar will provide headteachers, school leaders, subject leads and teachers with practical advice and guidance on building a recovery curriculum that best supports children on their return to school.

The government have confirmed a staggered return to school commencing on 1st June. That means that many children will attend school having socially isolated for over two months and having suffered different levels of disruption to their normal learning routine.

Every child’s experience of covid-19 will be different and the impact of so much loss, both to social norms and daily structure, may not be felt until their return.

In this webinar, Barry Carpenter, CBE, Professor of Mental Health in Education and author of the Recovery Curriculum, explores how schools should implement a curriculum which is more holistic, based on compassion and personalised to children’s needs to re-engage and re-integrate children back into classroom learning.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding what the recovery curriculum is and the benefits of successful implementation

  • Recognising the impact of losing social interaction and daily structure on children’s mental health and their holistic development

  • Identifying the 5 Levers of the Recovery Curriculum and taking a more systematic, relationship-based approach to re-establishing children’s learning

  • Understanding how to build a framework that is more personalised and considers the needs of children, their wellbeing and which promotes positive development

  • Using your school aims and values to guide your judgements and applying your own expertise to help children recover any sense of loss

Barry Carpenter CBE

About The Expert

Barry Carpenter CBE

Foremost expert in mental health in education with extensive senior leadership experience.
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Online Learning

In a world of change and uncertainty to make us review our whole way of working this was a welcome change in all of that to focus the mind.
Mel Green - Dorridge Primary School

This is great - well presented, full of inspiration, references and ideas.

I loved this.
Barbara Liggett, TEACHER - Chapel Street Primary School

Simply excellent!

A brilliant webinar full of ideas and crucial considerations presented in a such a way that I was left feeling confident about my own practice in this unusual time. Many thanks.
Rachael Warren, Teacher - Hemswell Cliff Primary School

I really enjoyed this webinar. The content was very useful and so well presented in such a kind and compassionate manner.
Julie Buckley, TA - Chapel Street Primary School

Easy listening

Enjoyed the webinar- wished email had stated that there were back ground notes to print so I was more prepared!
Marie Cunnane - St John Fisher Catholic Primary School

Recovery Curriculum

A great webinar. Professor Barry Carpenter was very knowledgeable and gave suggested resources to use. Really great!
Natasha Lewis - Welwyn St Mary's Church of England Primary School AL6 9DJ

Very interesting and enjoyed .
Michelle Stanhope - Carrwood Primary School

Inspirational as ever.

This sets the course that we need to be taking with all children of all levels of ability all over the world.
Catherine McNerney, Deputy Head Teacher - Phoenix Primary & Secondary School

The recovery curriculum

An excellent, thought provoking presentation. It will help me plan for the return in September and revisit how we teach children generally
K Price - Cuddington and Dinton CofE School


Really great webinar that resonated very powerfully with me. I will share with my staff next week as we reopen for more year groups. Thank you. Our school values: Love - Equality - Compassion.
James Humphries, Headteacher - Kentish Town Church of England Primary School

A recovery curriculum based on compassion

In a time of uncertainty, where all people have lived through a trauma, Barry unpicks how to address these concerns and how to bring all children back to being confident, engaged and resilient learners. Very helpful and informative.
Oliver Wing - Stebon Primary School

Support during a difficult time for us all...

This Webinar address some of the issues we may face when returning to a 'new normal'. A great bank of resources that can be used to support children in becoming engaged learners once again.
Caroline Lavery - Chorley St James' Church of England Primary School

Recovery Curriculum

An interesting and inspiring Webinar to watch, which recommended some brilliant resources to use with the children.
Erica Huyton - Chorley St James' Church of England Primary School


A really inspiring Webinar, thank you, with much to think and reflect on and some useful resources suggested to help support staff in school. This will be a vital approach moving forwards for our children, I think every school should consider the points raised.
Lise Roberts - The Hayes Primary School


Fantastic. So insightful and links perfectly to looking to the future to do our best for the children
Kimberley Lea - Firs Primary School

The way forward

Totally brilliant and encouraging ideas. I was concerned as to how children would be on returning to school. As a teaching assistant, I now have many more ideas and a positive attitude to welcoming children back to school. So much information, delivered in the most compassionate way, truly inspirational.
Lyn Garner - Edgebury Primary School

The 'Recovery Curriculum' Webinar

The 'Recovery Curriculum' Webinar was the best support for me as a leader to begin to construct a guidance paper for the schools in our Trust.
Sara Morgan - Ivy Learning Trust

Recovery Curriculum

This webinar is a must watch along with time to reflect on how the key concept of a Recovery Curriculum can be applied to your setting. A Recovery Curriculum for all stakeholders so that all parties know and understand why it is important not to rush in the National Curriculum as we once knew it to be.
Tracy Ward - Staffordshire University Academies Trust


I really enjoyed watching this Webinar and it has been very helpful when considering an approach to use when children return to school. Thank you.
Tina Thornton - Scholes Junior and Infant School

A thought provoking webinar on how we as educators can seize this opportunity to build the resilience in children.
Anne Norris - The Rosary Catholic Primary School

Recovery Curriculum

Provided a great opportunity to explore next steps required in supporting pupils.
Marian Ryder - St Clare's Catholic Primary School

Interesting and Informative

I found the webinar extremely interesting and informative. It was also very well delivered.
Daneka Rothwell - Chorley School Sports Partnership - Buckshaw Primary School

The Recovery Curriculum -Inspirational

What a truly inspiring presentation, very thought provoking! I have been able to come away from this with practical ideas of what I want to do for our school community. Thank you
Lisa Almunshi - Rossington Tornedale Infant School

Great webinar!

A recovery curriculum based on compassion and kindness.
Ana Lia Da Silva Ferreira, TA - Chapel Street Primary School

Definitely the way forward.

A very informative and inspiring easy listen. Useful supportive resources mentioned. Filled me with hope for a more holistic curriculum for the future. Could not agree more that "Kindness is The Key".
Marie Kirwin - Walsh CofE Junior School

Recovery Curriculum for schools

I've learnt quite a few things that I could use in my classroom for when we eventually get back to school. This webinar has highlighted activities which would be perfect for my KS1 children such as a well-being journal to encourage children to discuss their thoughts and emotions.
B Panesar-Tatla - Nishkam School West London


What a wonderful, thought-provoking and ultimately reassuring webinar about The Recovery Curriculum.
Emily Downing - Birdwell School Academy Long Ashton

The recovery curriculum

This is a truly excellent webinar.
Denise Forshaw, Behaviour Consultant - Moorgate Primary School

Recovery Curriculum

A really helpful webinar as we consider how to welcome back our school community and walk alongside each other in kindness and compassion.
Cazz Colmer - Winslow Church of England School

Recovery curriculum

Very well informed, emotive webinar which tackles current issues on education after the pandemic. It brings mental health and children's well being at the fore-front of education at a time when this is very relevant.
Shushila Bhanderi - Uxendon Manor Primary School


An excellent resource for reflective learners at all levels.
Shirley Whales, Head Teacher - Northaw Church of England Primary School

Re-Igniting the flame

This webinar came at a time when I was feeling tired and lacking in any motivation to plan for September. I now feel re-ignited and ready to lead my staff, parents, children and governors forward in the process of recovery from the pandemic. This was brilliant.
Kathryn Monaghan, Head Teacher - St. Jerome's Catholic Primary School

The Recovery Curriculum

I really enjoyed this webinar.It was very well presented,full of ideas,references.It was very informative and brilliant resources to use with our children. Thank you Mrs Naheed Khan Pield Heath House School
Naheed Khan, Support staff - Pield Heath House School

The jigsaw is complete

Thank you! I have been having many ideas of how to prceed in September ... this has helped to to fit the jigsaw pieces together. Everyone should watch this, SLT, teachers and support staff.
Lisa Fegan, Deputy Headteacher and DSL - Tollgate Community Junior School

Thank you

A voice of reason in increasingly uncertain times. Everyone who works in a school, or has any contact with a child would benefit from watching this. Thank you.
Tim Walsh, Assistant Headteacher and DDSL - Tollgate Community Junior School

Informative and inspiring

This webinar provides much food for thought about the way schools can be at centre of the recovery process, supporting children and communities return to a 'new normal'
Jayshree Pillay, Teacher - Howard Primary

Recovery Curriculum

Wow, I have been absolutely blown away by this webinar. I have worked as a Wellbeing Principal for almost 15 years now in a very disadvantaged area and my philosophy has always been that the key to our success is building open, honest relationships with all stakeholders and this has just reaffirmed my belief. Thank You
Lisa Gray, wellbeing principal - Worsbrough Common Primary School

A must-watch for all involved in education

So many excellent points made and so much to drive us forward. With these fundamental principles in mind we can move forward and really start to recover.
Viki Allen, Senior leader - Tollgate Community Junior School

Thought provoking

Helpful to guide my activities to support the children on their return.
Nina Langan, Teacher - Church Eaton Endowed (VA) Primary School

National College Webinars

The content of the webinar supported the creation of our "Rainbow Curriculum" for the return of pupils in September.
Tracy Blackwell - Hartington CofE Primary School

Recovery curriculum for primary schools

Very informative webinar offering lots of ideas on the best way to support our children. I found it useful for the children I support at school as well as my own children at home.
Donna Betts - Phoenix Infant and Nursery School

Every member of school team needs to watch

Very insightful very member of the school team need to watch this to have an understanding of the children in this unprecedented times.
Chloe O'Hare - Phoenix Infant and Nursery School

Fantastic Webinar

A very useful, thought-provoking and interesting webinar.
Amy Godfree - Chorley St James' Church of England Primary School

Informative & thorough Information

Great video, very informative, thorough and thought provoking
Tomina Noreen, Governor - Wheelers Lane Primary School

kindness is key

awesome! great webinar and very informative
Clare Stubbs - Barnes Junior School

Thank you!

Thank you for a very heart felt and down to earth input. I just wish that the Inspectors, Local authority figures and DFE officers would watch it too!
Soheila Mathison - Emerson Valley School

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