RESEARCH FOCUS: Understanding and helping to overcome exam anxiety

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About the Webinar

Exam anxiety is real. For many students, the experience of preparing for and taking high pressure exams, such as GCSEs, is fraught with anxiety. This has only worsened following the 2014 reforms to GCSEs and for some, it can have a lasting impact both academically and emotionally. As more and more students ask for help in order to cope, this webinar will help senior leaders, academic heads and wellbeing leads to understand the reasons why. Presenting findings from a 16-year programme of research, this webinar will look at the origins of exam anxiety, how prevalent it is and the in-house prevention methods schools can use to help manage it effectively.

Learning Outcomes

  • Differentiating between exam stress and exam anxiety

  • Why do some students, but not others, become anxious in exams?

  • The impact of exam anxiety on exam performance and wellbeing

  • How many students experience high levels of exam anxiety

  • Using cognitive-behavioural principles to manage exam anxiety

  • Findings from a randomised-control trial of a cognitive-behavioural intervention

David Putwain

About The Expert

David Putwain

Foremost authority in psychology and the factors influencing student performance and achievement
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Food for thought

Definitely gave me further insight into exam stress / anxiety with students. Some techniques we are already implementing but the idea of screening students to put in appropriate intervention is definitely something I will take back to SLT.
Lynne Wiblin, Exams & Cover Manager - Walton Academy

Exam pressure.

I am a support worked for a secondary school, this video will come in very handy when I am listening to a year 11 student getting ready for the exams that will be coming up in a few months time. Dave Putwain explained this topic in great detail which was vey informative and helpful. Many Thanks to you.
Carol Jennings, - Robert Blake Science College

Perfect timing.

We are about to launch " The Big Push" with our year 11 students and their parents - the information gained here will be very useful in helping us support them with their exam preparation.
Richard Harpham, Assistant Principal - University Academy Long Sutton

Understanding and helping to overcome exam anxiety

A well presented and informative research focus.
David Scoffield, - University Academy Holbeach

Excellent research based webinar.

A really important topic for teachers to be aware of and this video really helps to provide teachers with the tools to identify the signs and to help students overcome exam stress.
Paul Hunt, Subject Leader - Geography - The Appleton School


It was very informative and I would feel happy to feed back
Bev Tully, Support Staff - Castle Hill Primary School

Informative, based on research and interesting

This was an incredibly well structured and informative webinar by Prof. Dave Putwain. I found that it was based on a research which then informed the facts put across. It has given me food for thought about ensuring there is a resource pack available for students at school for exam anxiety based on constructive methods for helping them.
Melanie Frost, Learning Support Assistant - Cranbrook School

Exam Anxiety

Very informative. There were several hints and tips which I shall take back and try to implement in our school
Angela LEWIS, HLTA - Corley Centre

Excellent training.

Gave me an insight into the issues that students face with anxiety and how to help them deal with exam stress.
Flora Williams, - The Appleton School

Addressing exam stress

Really made me think about how a negotiated revision program may give students more resources to deal with the demands of an exam.
Susan Cowen, - The Appleton School

I don't work in secondary schools but found this webinar very interesting. I watched it because I feel we see exam anxiety it primary schools as well. Children as young as 6 can stress over a year 1 phonics screening test. Sats can also be very stressful for some students. Very well presented.
Julie Buckley, TA - Chapel Street Primary School


National College webinars are easy to operate, informative and insightful.
Josh Prentice, - The Appleton School

I found this seminar to be very informative
Cheryl Gardner, - The Appleton School

Stressed Students

Heart-breaking statistics on the suicides, much needed webinar to help with the stress students face
Cath Fellows, - The Forest High School

Some good tips and interesting research.

Interesting research and a few good tips and ideas to take into school with me around exam anxiety. Completed feeling more confident about support learners with exam anxiety at GCSE and A level.
Tom Copping, - Hampton College


Informative and thorough webinar, backed up by research.
Charlie Hargreaves, Teacher - The Appleton School

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