COVID-19: Self-Isolation: Practical Strategies for Managing and Supporting Staff & Pupil Wellbeing

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About the Webinar

This webinar provides school leaders, headteachers and mental health leads with practical advice and guidance around supporting the wellbeing of their school community during self-isolation.

With the uncertainty over schools closing and the distinct possibility of remote learning on the horizon, there is a realistic chance that many staff and students will be in isolated learning environments for an extended period of time.

In this webinar, John Rees, an experienced teacher, trainer and consultant with more than 25 years educational leadership experience, looks at ways that school leaders can help support their school community whilst away and maintain and promote a positive mindset.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how self-isolation can impact on mental health and wellbeing and techniques to manage it

  • Recognise the importance of keeping a constant flow of communication and monitoring the wellbeing of your staff

  • Learn practical strategies you can implement to help support the mental health and wellbeing of your staff and pupils and the assistance you can provide

  • Understand the risks of self-isolation on those with pre-existing mental health conditions and how to manage their impact

  • Identify other sources of help and support and signpost to additional resources online

John Rees

About The Expert

John Rees

RSHE subject matter expert with over 25 years educational leadership experience
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Thank you

This Webinar has been really interesting, accessible and reassuring. Thank you.
Paula Munoz Caballero - Belmont Junior School

Supporting mental health and wellbeing

As someone who works daily with children with poor mental health this webinar gave all the right advice on how to support children and adults.
Wendy Henshaw - Sandfield Park School


Good information on C ant yet ....we can do later A lways research help L over life in a new routine M ake plans and stay safe
Denise Robertson, TA - Kettlebrook Pupil Referral Unit

Mental health

The Webinar has reminded me once again that all teachers and teaching staff are doing an amazing job in supporting their colleagues and students, during this difficult time.
Dalvinder Thabel - Crocketts Community Primary School

first time webinar user

first time using/looking at a webinar, will definitely be looking at others on this website. thank you for the help and support. it is very reassuring to know that i am working somewhere that has already got so many of the things suggested in place for all staff, children and parents/carers.
Denise Giles - The Compass Centre

Calming and informative. It is pleasant to be reassured during this time of uncertainty and this webinar certainly accomplishes that.

Calming and informative. It is pleasant to be reassured during this time of uncertainty and this webinar certainly accomplishes that.
Tia Edenbrow - Holme Valley Primary School

A very easy Webinar. I found it informative and full of pracitcal ideas to help during this very uncertain time.

Thank you very much for this webinar.
Ben Ravenhill - The Ashcombe School

Practical and Useful

An informative Webinar with practical advice. It reminds us all how important it is to look after yourself properly so that you are in a position to effectively help others. ‘Put your own oxygen mask on first’. Full of excellent advice. For example: Create new routines Ask for help when needed Let go of the negatives Make the most of it Would highly recommend this Webinar to all colleagues.
Richard Stroud - The Forest High School

supportive & useful advice

John delivers his practical strategies in a supportive, clear way giving school leaders tips and encouragement through these uncharted times
Emma Hooper - Merrow Church of England (VC) Infant School

Essential viewing to keep your head when those around you are losing theirs.

I have been so impressed by the upskilling that my department have managed to cobble together in just two weeks to be able to use a plethora of apprs, sites and so on to keep the children motivated. Equally the level of kindness from pupils to us and vice versa has been heart-warming. Virtual communication still matters a LOT!
Frances Suc-Diamond - St Angela's Ursuline School

Covid -19 Mental Health webinar

Lots of useful reminders to think about when talking to parents. It's easy to forget that parents might have several children at home who are trying to do online learning at the same time and may not have the accessibility that others have.
Jacquelyn Gale - Phoenix Primary & Secondary School

Informative in these times.

I found this webinar extremely informative for these difficult times we are all going through. The gentleman gave good, clear advice. I found it very calming to hear all the positive ways we can help ourselves, colleagues, parents and children.
Wendy Cherrington, TA - Chapel Street Primary School

Mental Health

Informative and supportive.
s lloyd, Teacher - Holy Family Catholic School & Sixth Form

A very positive experience.

I was not sure what to expect, but this was very empathetic and understanding of the likely concerns of pupils, families and teachers.
David Vincent - The Venerable Bede CE Academy


I have definitely taken away some ideas I wish to implement in our school community during this time.
Cara O'Connell - Sarum Hall School

Managing and supporting staff and pupil wellbeing

Absolutely fantastic webinar this morning, it gave me lots of tips and useful strategies to share with family, friends and colleagues. Just what I needed to hear during these difficult times during covid-19 that we are all facing at the moment.
Elizabeth Watson - Barcroft Primary School

Head teachers have a difficult and involved role during Covid 19

John Rees is easy to listen to. The webinar is very informative, it made me appreciate my head teacher even more.
Tonia Morgan, Support staff - Headcorn Primary School

Supporting wellbeing

This was an excellent webinar. John Rees communicates his ideas with exceptional clarity. Watching this certainly helped my own wellbeing and has given me lots of ideas for supporting children and colleagues at this difficult time. Thank you.
Rachael Warren, Teacher - Hemswell Cliff Primary School


I loved it. Thanks.
Joanne Carter, Teacher - Moorside High School ST9 0HP

Supporting during self-isolation

I am both a parent and teacher. Very useful and pratical advise during this difficult time.
James O'Neill - The Appleton School

great pace of the presenter, well suited to the topic
Ira Kryvorukova, Governor - Elangeni School

Webinar worth viewing.

Liked it.
Rita Butkeviciute, Teacher - Queen Katharine Academy

Great resource

So good
Ahmed Eldesouki - Emirates National Schools

COVID-19: Self-Isolation: Practical Strategies for Managing and Supporting Staff & Pupil Wellbeing

very good webinar. Very informative and honest during these times. Thank you.
Lisa Inett - Charlton Park Academy

Very calming and well presented webinar.
Julie Buckley, TA - Chapel Street Primary School

Informative and relevant
Ann-Marie Snape - Madeley High School

Calm and reassuring

Thank you
m watts, Teacher - Holy Family Catholic School & Sixth Form

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