Supporting Children with SEND: Responding to the COVID-19 Lockdown and Transition Back to School

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About the Webinar

This webinar, delivered by nasen, the leading organisation supporting professionals working in the field of SEND, will provide senior leaders, SENDCOs, teaching staff and teaching assistants with practical advice and guidance on how they can support pupils with SEND on their return to school in September 2020.

The prolonged period away from school due to COVID-19 will have affected every child in a different way. For children with SEND, the potential impact is likely to be greater and schools should be developing a reintegration strategy that is reflective of their needs and helps them to thrive in a natural learning environment.

In this webinar, Alex Grady, Education Officer for nasen, will explore the different areas of potential impact that children with SEND are likely to have experienced and what schools can do to ensure a smooth transition.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the impact of lockdown on children and young people with SEND and the key areas of potential impact.

  • Recognising the wellbeing, development, social and academic needs of children and young people with SEND and assessing the impact.

  • Identifying what is meant by ‘transition’ and delivering a more tailored approach based on the context around each pupil.

  • Understanding how to develop smooth transition strategies and the importance of effective communication, establishing new routines and targets for EHCP and SEN support plans.

  • Recognising what can be done beyond transition and providing ongoing support to ensure positive changes for pupils for SEND.

Alex Grady

About The Expert

Alex Grady

Education Officer for nasen with 25+ years' experience working in education with children with SEND
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Supporting children with SEND in response to Covid 19.

Very good webinar helping me to understand what the children will need when we go back to school and explaining how observing how children react to the transition and mental health will be the most important in the first term rather than the academic achievements.
Sarah Booth, TA SEN - Sharples School Science Specialist College

Very informative and helpful

Excellent summary - especially good on focusing on the familiar.
T Franks, Head of History - St. Mary's Catholic High School S41 8AG


Excellent webinar
Chris Foster, support staff - Grove Street Primary School and Nursery School

Supporting Children with SEND - Responding to the Covid 19 lockdown and transition back to school.

Really useful and informative - keeping us prepared to support our students.
Julie Doidge, Study Supervisor and Learning Mentor - The Forest School

Very informative and easy to follow.

Wasn't hard to follow or understand, the lady who was speaking had wasn't rushing through so in that respect it was great to watch.
Melissah Armstrong, MDSA - Tollgate Community Junior School

Interesting watch

Some interesting concepts to consider as students return to education. Some top tips in helping understand some of the behaviours we are facing.
Kelly Herbert, Teacher of Design Technology/Personal Development - Corby Business Academy

Informative webinar

I work as a Level 3 TA who supports children with EHCP’S , the webinar was useful especially the reminder to focus on familiar routines to support children to feel more secure . I use the same visual timetable book I made for Reception with some of the pictures still valid alongside new Year 1 visuals ,keeping the same now and next language this supporting one student to cope with the new routines we have in place .
Jayne Adams, Teaching Assistant - Brockmoor Primary School

The information will be very useful.

As a staff member being anxious on returning to school setting, everything was fine,safe and clean , which made it a lot easier to relate to the students who were anxious and unsure.
Suzanne Howlett - Beacon Academy DN35 9NF

The info will be more useful.

Having a long period of lock down, going back to work can make you feel anxious but it was safe and everything has been very organised for all to be well and safe.
Corazon Cross - Beacon Academy DN35 9NF

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