What Makes Effective Literacy Teaching

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About the Webinar

Research tells us that the more developed and articulate a child’s speech is, the better they are likely to be at reading and writing. The benefits of improved oracy can significantly improve standards. This webinar with leading oracy expert and education consultant, Ros Wilson, will explain the impact oracy skills can have on literacy. Aimed at school leaders, teachers and everyone working within the school community, the webinar will explain the importance of oracy education, highlight practical steps to improve literacy through oracy and call on a real life case study.

Learning Outcomes

  • What research/statistics tell us about the development and impact of articulate speech

  • Oracy and literacy links to the National Curriculum

  • Why is oracy education important?

  • Practical approaches to improve literacy via oracy

  • Effective strategies for rapid progress in literacy

  • A case study

  • A mini oral lesson

  • FAQ’s

Ros Wilson

About The Expert

Ros Wilson

Leading oracy expert and education consultant with over 45 years in education.
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Really good

Really good ideas and looking forward to put these in practice. Thank you.
Asma Malik - St Peter's CE Primary School

What Makes Effective Literacy Teaching

A most enjoyable Webinar with a fantastic presenter!
David Scoffield - University Academy Holbeach

Engaging and informative

Incredibly useful webinar - I've lots of ideas to add to current teaching methods as well as reminders of previously, 'mentally mislaid' techniques.
Sandra Graham, Senior leader - Harlowbury Primary School

Amazing and very informative

What can I say! Just loved Ros Wilson. She made this course so interesting, funny and I could of listened to her all day; brilliant
Bev Tully, Support Staff - Castle Hill Primary School

Lucy Dale - Harlowbury Primary School

Really informative and engaging - excellent examples of how to teach vocabulary.
Lucy Dale, Teacher - Harlowbury Primary School

What makes effective Literacy teaching?

A really interesting and useful webinar that provided plenty of practical ideas for the classroom.
Nicola Johnson - Edgebury Primary School

Good ideas to support teaching and learning

An interesting Webinar with some useful ideas that could be used in any primary classroom.
Michele Riley, Teacher - St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School DY8 2DT

Really useful ideas and looking forward to put these into practice when Lock down is over!
Zaynab Younis, Teacher - Robin Hood Academy

Well worth watching!

Brilliant! The games and jokes made it so enjoyable, along with its very well-researched tips and engaging modelling of best practice.
Maria King, Teacher - University Academy Long Sutton

Useful ideas!

This was a really useful and practical webinar!
Nicola Daintith, Teacher - Queen Katharine Academy

What Makes Effective Literacy Teaching

Awesome. Loved it! I'm off to create some writing resources now.
Nicola Stollery, Teacher - University Academy Long Sutton

What makes me Listen!

This was a very engaging and informative webinar, delivered with the right touch of humour. This was a very good balance of teaching pedagogy, research, information and examples for me to think over. I loved the lesson.
Lillian Drakard, Teacher - Ormiston Sudbury Academy

Positive Informative Session

Highly recommend this webinar, will love seeing these practises within the classroom. Thank you.
Carol Travers-Orton, Support staff - Robin Hood Academy

very informative
Anita Awumey, Senior leader - Roding Primary School

Vocabulary games

Some great examples of short, punchy games to develop children's vocabulary
Emma Pearcey - Padnell Junior School

The importance of Talk

Elements of humour highlighted the importance of the subject matter in this webinar
Fiona Dawes, HLTA - Forefield Community Infant and Nursery School

What makes Effective Literacy Teaching?

Fascinating. A real wake up call to put talking and family interaction WITHOUT SCREENS firmly back into daily life. An informative and entertaining webinar. A very cleverly designed webinar. I am a secondary school teacher and although the target audience for this is probably primary school colleagues, there are so many excellent ideas which can be adapted for the secondary school classroom. I would thoroughly recommend and I was smiling throughout – learning and smiling -The perfect way to learn?
Richard Stroud - The Forest High School

Engaging topic and presenter

A really easy to follow Webinar with a key message and simple strategies to aid the development of literacy in school
Jeremy Beecham, n/a - Shirebrook Academy

Talk for writing

A wonderfully engaging session on teaching writing through verbal language skills.
Veronica DEARDEN - Pike Fold Community Primary School

It was phenomenal. I really enjoyed every second of it. I am wowed by that. Thanks
Maryam Sabzevar, TA - Chapel Street Primary School


really good listen, useful for ks1+
Emily Fellows, Learning support - Summerhill Primary Academy

Extremely helpful

Really enjoyed listening and I found many tips that I could use and do
Hayley Petch, Study club manager - Anglo European School

Great ideas

Some fantastic insight and ideas to use in the classroom.
Michael Crampton - The Venerable Bede CE Academy

Excellent engaging speaker.

I was drawn into this Webinar instantly. The speaker is clearly passionate about her specialist subject and this shines through.I would thoroughly recommend this Webinar.
Susan Youdan, Teaching Assistant - Hawthorn Primary School

informative and fun webinar

I wasn't looking forward to this webinar but was made very interesting and fun from beginning to end. Thank you
Steven REECE - Pike Fold Community Primary School

Effective Literacy Training

Great hints and tips
Holly Pestell - The Venerable Bede CE Academy

It's great to hear someone speaking my language!

Enthusiasm pings through from the screen. A love of learning is clearly evident. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Also accents are very rarely celebrated and it made me proud to be a Northerner.
Mary McPortland - Norlington School and 6th Form

One worth watching ....

As always, an incisive and entertaining webinar from RW. This should sharpen my daily practice!
Julia Banks, Key Stage Lead - Grove Street Primary School and Nursery School

Effective Literacy Teaching - Oracy

O.M.G., so entertaining. What an amazing speaker! I say, "Bring back 'Big Write'." Amidst the stresses of constant assessments, SATs and evidence, we have somehow forgotten their is always another (probably better) way of achieving the same outcome. I want to see more of Ros Wilson and what she has to say.
Chris Foster, support staff - Grove Street Primary School and Nursery School

Effective literacy teaching.

Loved this. So many easy, practical ways to get students interested. Thank you.
Angela LEWIS, HLTA - Corley Centre

Sarah Ellison - Grove Street Primary School

I really enjoyed this webinar, thank you. It's given me lots of ideas that I can't wait to use back at school. I really enjoyed this!
Sarah Ellison, Teacher - Grove Street Primary School and Nursery School

Excellent Webinar - very refreshing

This made me feel inspired about getting back in the classroom and ready to take on new challenges ahead.
Penny Lea, Teacher - Larkrise Primary School

An honest and refreshing webinar

Very enjoyable and I would definitely recommend watching it.
Lynsey Whitmore - Forefield Community Infant and Nursery School

This was a highly engaging, entertaining and informative webinar which really re-enforces the idea that a teacher's primary tool in teaching literacy is 'demonstrating through doing': as the old phrase goes 'It's good to talk!'
Matthew Mitton, n/a - Shirebrook Academy

Found this webinar informative and practical.
Jackie WORRELL, Teacher - Corley Centre


I loved this webinar. very engaging and informative.
Lisa Chadry, Teaching Assistant - St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School DY8 2DT

Ros Wilson helps us to improve children's writing

A very interesting and informative webinar. I would've loved being in Ros Wilson's lessons for much longer.
Nichola Byrne, Year 1 class teacher - Forefield Community Infant and Nursery School

Very interesting and well develivered

I loved listening to Ros's excellent webinar. She made it interesting and memorable. Thank you.
Ben Watt, Teacher - TEACH Poole

Gotta love Ros Wilson!

Excellent presentation from Ros Wilson. I have always loved Ros Wilson and today was no exception! Ros tells it as it is and there are some fabulous ideas to engage and motivate students in a fun and enjoyable way. Well done Ros - brilliant!
Mandy Lillis, Teacher - Selly Oak Trust School

What makes effective literacy teaching

I enjoyed the webinar and found it quite interactive.
Sonia Howard - Selly Oak Trust School

Loved this webinar from the beginning to the end.

Loved it. Eager to go back to school to try some techniques to improve the pupils' literacy skills.
Rita Butkeviciute, Teacher - Queen Katharine Academy

Engaging and informative

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Ros Wilson and will certainly try and use her great ideas and fun games to get the children more actively involved in their learning.
Gabriella Barthos, Teacher - Roding Primary School

Really useful, practical ways to integrate the explicit teaching of literacy into lessons. Presented in a way that treated theory with an appropriately light touch,
Amanda Ellison - Jarrow School

Teaching Assistant

A very passionate speaker, giving an engaging Webinar with great ideas to use in a literacy lesson.
Rachel Clayton - Cottingley Village Primary School


More by this lady please
Sandie Quinton, Teacher - Summerhill Primary Academy

K Gleed

Incredble throughout. So engaging and crammed full of insightful ways to improve Literacy, in a way that I know will keep students engaged and enthusiastic. Best Webinar so far!
Karen Gleed, Support staff - Ormiston Sudbury Academy

A very interesting webinar

I really liked the webinar and took home the fact that the speaker stressed so much on-the more words we hear the better we write.
Syeda Siddiqua - Selly Oak Trust School

Informative and fascinating

Excellent strategies and ideas to encourage literacy through talking. Looking forward to implementing these.
Stephen Edwards, Teacher - Withernsea High School Humanities College


I thought the presenter was funny, very engaging and informative
Jackie Smith, teacher - West Hill School (SK15 1LX)

Interesting topic

Easily accessible and informative.
Manjit Koretaine - Nishkam Primary Wolverhampton

Roz Wilson is such an amazing presenter and offers practical advice in a humorous way.

Loved this presentation - so enrapturing and useful too.
Helen Lake, Teacher - Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Primary School

Amazing !!

Ros your were a delight to listen too. Its a shame you no longer teach as what an Amazing teacher I would say you were !!
Marie Liddy, Teacher - Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Primary School

Very useful!

Great ideas, more aimed at primary but definitely things we can use in secondary too. Thanks!
Rose TAYLOR, Teacher - Chew Valley School BS40 8QB


I really enjoyed this Webinar. Being new to Year 6 this year I wanted to find new ways to engage my learners who often struggle with writing. I think they are going to really enjoy the small games and activities shared in this webinar and I cannot wait to start using them. Thank you
Megan Hodgkins, teacher - Norwood Primary School

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