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Q. Who are The National College?

We are a multi award-winning provider of video CPD bringing essential knowledge to busy school leaders, fast.

Q. What do The National College do?

We provide engaging CPD in a high-quality video format on the latest practice, policy and research, working with some of the leading experts in education.

Q. How do The National College deliver CPD?

All of our CPD is delivered through a high-quality video format, accessible through our state-of-the art Learning Hub.

Q. Who do The National College provide CPD for?

We provide CPD for everyone. We truly believe that CPD should be accessible to all, regardless of budget, and work to provide the essential knowledge that all schools require without the need for costly travel and hotel expenses, saving you both time and money.

Q. Who do The National College work with?

We work with some of the leading experts in education. From inspectors and government advisors to senior leaders and university professors, we ensure our CPD is produced to the highest standard.

Q. What CPD topics do The National College cover?

Our core topics are broken down into Ofsted, Safeguarding, Leadership, Mental Health, RSHE, Teaching and Research.

Q. How can I contact The National College?

If your query relates to support, you can contact us via email on If it’s account related, our email is For all other general queries, our email is Alternatively, you can call us on 0800 368 8097 or write to us at National Head Office, The National College, 80a Oswald Road, Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, DN15 7PA

Q. Can I work with The National College?

Of course. We are always looking to expand our panel of experts. If you feel you have the necessary expertise and breadth of experience, please get in touch with us.

Q. What memberships do the National College offer?

The National College offer 3 membership options for schools – Topic, Leader and School. Each one provides a different level of access to our webinars and our Learning Hub.

Q. What do I receive with a ‘Topic’ membership?

With a Topic membership, you will be able to: · Search, browse and stream all of our current and future webinars in your chosen topic area. · Quickly find all the CPD you have started, completed, wish to continue or watch again. · Download certificates every time you successfully complete your training. · Receive instant alerts on new webinars added to the library on your chose topic · Vote for new webinars you would like to see featured · Access the Learning Hub anywhere, anytime on any device

Q. What do I receive with a ‘Leader’ membership?

With a Leader membership, you will receive all that a Topic membership provides however you will have full access to our complete library of webinars. You will also be able to receive alerts on every new webinar added to the library, from any topic area.

Q. What do I receive with a ‘School’ membership?

A school membership provides school leaders with the ability to roll out CPD learning to everyone with an unlimited number of users able to access our Learning Hub. School leader will be able to monitor and track whole school learning, access reports and download staff certificates.

Q. How much will it cost me to become a member?

Our Topic membership is £250 per annum. Our Leader membership is £500 per annum and our School Membership starts from just £745 (dependent on school size). Our membership options represent significant value and savings for schools on time and money spent travelling or hosting costly training courses.

Q. How do I become a member of The National College?

Once you have chosen the membership that you feel is right is for you, all you have to do is register your details and provide your payment information in order to be able to access all of the webinars consistent with your choice.

Q. How do I log in to the platform?

After you have chosen your webinar and/or decided on a membership option, once we have received payment, you will receive an email with the login details which you can use to enjoy unrivalled video CPD.

Q. I’ve paid for a webinar, what do I do next?

You will receive an email from us confirming your login details which you must use to gain access to your webinar.

Q. How long does the training/webinars take?

Most of our webinars last between 45 minutes and 1 hour.

Q. How do I access my training record?

Once you have logged into the Learning Hub, you can access all your previous training record in the CPD Report area.

Q. Who will get access to the training?

This will be dependent on the level of membership chosen. An individual webinar will only be available to the individual who has purchased it. Similarly, both Topic and Leader memberships are only available to one user. A School membership provides full access to all webinars to an unlimited number of users.

Q. Where does the training take place?

All training takes places online, streamed via high-quality video CPD.

Q. On which devices can I access the training?

All of our training webinars have been produced and formatted so that they can be watched on any device, whether PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone

Q. How do you ensure the webinar topics are relevant to me and my school?

All of our webinar topics are produced in line with the latest policy, practice and research and voted for by YOU. This means our service is responsive, relevant and guaranteed to meet your needs.

Q. Is the training for all staff or the senior leadership team?

Our CPD is available to all staff. Some of our webinars will be more role specific than others and may not be relevant to certain positions however anybody can access our webinars if they feel they would benefit from watching.

Q. How do I find what I want?

You can easily browse, search and filter all of our webinars on our website as well as being able to sort by what new CPD we’ve recently added.

Q. How much does each webinar cost?

Each individual webinar costs £50 (exc. VAT).

Q. How do you choose which webinars to produce?

We have a team dedicated to researching and keeping abreast of the latest in educational news across our key topic areas as well as liaising closely with our panel of experts and constantly asking for your feedback on what matters to you the most.

Q. How many times can I watch the same webinar?

An unlimited amount of times. Once you have purchased that webinar, you can then view and return back to the webinar as many times as you want.

Q. Can I pause and return back to webinars at a later stage?

Yes. You can manage all your webinars through your Learning Hub and the My CPD area.

Q. What is a webinar?

A webinar is an online version of a seminar. The National College webinars can be streamed on any device, anywhere in the world as long as the device is connected to the internet.

Q. I’ve forgotten my password. How do I reset it?

Please go to and click ‘Forgot Your Password?’. Enter your email address to send the password reset link.

Q. How do I log in to the platform?

After you have chosen your webinar and/or decided on a membership option, once we have received payment, you will receive an email with the login details which you can use to enjoy unrivalled video CPD. To login moving forwards, please go to and enter your details.

Q. My webinar keeps buffering

Please first ensure that you are using a compatible browser (Google Chrome or Firefox) and that your device is running at a good speed, with a stable internet connection. If your device still continues to have buffering issues, please try on another device or browser to resolve the issue. Our webinars are available on any device, including Smartphones.

Q. My webinar won’t load

If you’ve clicked to start your webinar and received a blank screen with a cross in the top corner- please ensure that you are using a compatible browser (Google Chrome or Firefox) and that you do not have the website blocked. If this website is blocked, please have it unblocked by your school to watch our webinars.

Q. I can’t find a resource I’m meant to be accessing, or it’s saying this is ‘forbidden’.

Please email with your name, email address on the account, and the resource you’re having trouble with.

Q. My course won’t let me move onto the next unit

Please make sure that the video / course on the current unit has played all the way to the end, and then select the next module from the menu on the left hand side of the course.

Q. What information is captured/retained from users?

Data that is retained ensures functionality of the service such as Progress tracking (which and how much of a Webinar has been viewed for instance). These are all tied back to a User record, where we store the Users Name, Email address, Role within organisation and some other profile information such as key interests and subjects.

Q. How is information disposed of?

If a request to remove User data is received, users and their associated progress tracking information can be fully removed from the system, but that information would then be irrecoverable.

Q. Can information be downloaded or printed from the system? If so, in what circumstances would this happen?

As the system operates over a web interface & browser, any of your Users could print the pages that they are on. Reports can be downloaded at a School and Trust level to be used alongside the Schools other internal Management Information Systems. Data is only downloaded by NEG staff if they are providing assistance to a nominated contact within a School.

Q. How is your data stored securely?

Electronic data stored within our platform is stored within Amazon Web Services (AWS) with all the necessary data protection policies both at a network, system & human level implemented. Database storage is encrypted within AWS.

Q. How are computers and systems security patched and virus protected?

Internally all NEG endpoints are patch managed under our internal IT policies and our software platforms are kept up to date and deployed regularly.

Q. How do you ensure that unauthorised persons cannot access school data?

NEG staff are manually onboarded to the platform and are always mandated to have Two Factor Authentication enabled when accessing any of NEG’s online systems. Infrastructure and data engineer access is hardware multi factor protected. Penetration tests are carried out regularly on the platform, and all developers working on the platform have long standing industry experience of working on data-critical systems. All actions within the system are audited and we have robust request monitoring to ensure that the system is not nefariously targeted.

Q. What method of encryption is used for data being transferred to the system?

All traffic to and from the platform is encrypted using industry standard Secure Socket Layers (SSL).

Q. How are system backups & disaster recovery managed?

Point in time database restoration is available on a 14-day rolling window with full snapshot backups occurring daily. Database is replicated with failover instances available in other availability regions. Content is backed up across provider. Application is hosted across multiple availability zones, with auto healing infrastructure architecture.

Q. How do you ensure that school data is segregated, to prevent being merged with other organisations?

Hierarchically, data about a School and its users is contained within that schools record. This is handled at an application logic level. The only exception to this is Trusts (School Groups) where certain users with the requisite permissions can act as a manager of schools within their group for the purpose of reporting but this is controlled by strict ACLs.

Q. Where is system data stored?

Platform data is stored in the London region of Amazon Web Services.

Q. Can school data be copied and archived by unauthorised third parties, such as internet archives/robots?

No data that is only accessible once logged in, can be downloaded by any robots.

Q. Does the system have data validation in the fields, to ensure employees do not use the system for purposes other than the stated purpose?

Other than fields such as Name, email and job title/role, there are very few other ‘input’ fields that your staff can fill in, as the system is mostly delivering content.

Q. Can the system index all data for a unique data subject?

All personally identifiable data about a user is stored in one database table and all related items are data are attached from that part of the database (such as progress tracking entries). All records for a unique data subject can be provided upon request.

Q. How do you manage the risk of the system being taken offline maliciously, resulting in the service not being available or in the case of catastrophic failure?

The platform is hosted on auto scaling infrastructure which handles significant spikes in normal traffic usage patterns. Other information pertaining to our defences are in place but commercially sensitive.

Q. What is the identity verification process for users of the system?

School users identify with an email address & password or via Single Sign On with Microsoft 365 or Google. NEG Staff are authenticated with email address, password and two factor authentication.

Q. Has the system been fully tested/accredited to ensure that it cannot be compromised using technical tools?

All content changes have to be conducted via NEG staff who are authenticated with two factor and all code change deployments are peer reviewed by the development team before entering production.

Q. Do you monitor unusual activity and have integrity verification on system code?

We have robust hosting monitoring in place and have automated unit tests covering the codebase that are ran prior to any deployments.

Q. Are any components of the system installed on the school infrastructure, including the use of an app?

Nothing is required to be installed on school infrastructure, other than a relatively modern browser. NEG do have an iOS and Android app available, however these are not required to use the system. They have been fully checked by both the Apple and Google development teams and programmatically talk to the main platform over an API.

Q. What are the details of the bandwidth used by the system for BAU?

Bandwidth usage of browsing the platform will be no different to browsing normal internet sites. Bandwidth usage when viewing a Webinar or Course videos will entirely depend on the quality rate that is chosen by the user.

Q. How many data centers will (potentially) be used to store confidential data?


Q. Do you maintain 120 days of log retention?

Different logs are retained for different length of time; Infrastructure logs are retained for minimum of 30 days. Application audit logs are retained indefinitely.

Q. How can the users access their Data?

Via the Hub area.

Q. Do you use our data for analysis? If so, how?

Yes, we analyse which content is accessed across our platform to ensure we continue to curate and deliver relevant, useful content for our users.

Q. Do you have a whitelist that we should unblock in order to view your video content?

Please ensure that both our website and the following domains are unblocked to view our content, as this is where we host our videos and images:

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